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Records eh? Who wants some? We have loads for sale, any shape as long as they are round. All kinds of… everything, Whatever you want. Buy now and we’ll ship in time for the long weekend (UK people). Also we are being really nice this week so everything is super, all is wonderful ….apart from Snow Patrol.


Newness ends...

  • Jenny Hval gets all jazz on our asses. Robin is off ‘sick’. Coincidence?
  • The Messthetics are what happens when you take some Fugazi members and add a jazz guy.
  • Snow Patrol redefine the word dull. Dull as a brush.
  • Agnes Obel gets to choose some Late Night Tales. Beware: she may not get the party started.
  • Kamaal Williams makes lovely jazzy stuff. No skronk.
  • Chvrches. I don’t know what to say other than they have a ‘v’ instead of a ‘u’.
  • Tracyanne & Danny. Camera Obscura lady collabs with a bloke called Danny.
  • Wooden Shjps get more relaxed despite flicking the ‘v’s.
  • Dulcimer battering folksters Memory Drawings drop a small mini one.
  • The Left Outsides are married and make sweet music together. Cute.
  • Post punkers Nexda made their drums themselves.
  • Hardcore sorts Vitamin X regain the thrash.
  • Sweatson Klank has the best name ever. We all want to be called Sweatson Klank.
  • Fonda 500 return in order to completely disregard genres.
  • Halo Maud makes delicious dream pop all the way from France.
  • Deeper are your next post Women guitar squeakers. They even have a song called ‘Pavement’.
  • Remember Sports used to be called Sports but now you are invited to remember them.
  • Wand also do a mini album thing. People love mini albums this week.
  • Jo Passed are like 10CC having digested the last 20 years of indie rock.
  • E are the post hardcore supergroup you wouldn’t want to google.
  • Limb expand from sludge doom into synths and kraut. How dare they?


A past gone mad….

  • Bark Psychosis’ brilliant 2004 album ‘Codename: Dustsucker’ gets an essential re-issue.
  • When A Certain Ratio start to get a bit lost.
  • Superb post punk re-issue from NZ’s Nocturnal Projections (Peter & Grame Jeffries/This Kind of Punishment etc).
  • The Heads release ‘Rkt’. I thought it meant ‘Racket’ but it means ‘Rocket’.
  • Posh re-issue of another burst of The Fall chaos.
  • Blouse are not Chris Morris’s Pulp parody.
  • Funk madness from The Stretchmarks (Blue Orchids/Nico band members)
  • Emotional Response continue their quest to release music by anyone who has ever breathed with this Robert Storey thing.
  • Orch-pop masterpiece from Jeremy Enigk re-done on Sub-pop
  • Julie Doiron gets her lyrical wonders re-done.

Ant’s Electronic Music Round-up:

Opal tapes ...or opal fruits?


Random noise bursts...

Other stuff


Remember it’s a Bank Holiday in the UK so please do not expect us to attend work on Monday. We’ll catch up with things on Tuesday though. Honestly.

Words: Clint and Ant.

Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Robin, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and ‘cats’.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Not a scratch on it!”

Here are our Feefo reviews. On the whole, they are ok.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Bark Psychosis

Codename: Dustsucker

9/10 from Clinton

I'm not sure what I was doing in 2004 that meant that I all but ignored this record by my one time favourites Bark Psychosis. I assume I was sick of dreamy shoegaze and post on »

Nocturnal Projections

Complete Studio Recordings

9/10 from Clinton

While the UK had Joy Division, PIL, the Sound and loads more long raincoated miseries to soundtrack the bleak early 80's, in Dunedin, NZ Nocturnal Projections were doing the on »

Kamaal Williams

The Return

8/10 from Clinton

As a fat forty something it's hard to get on board with the young people in the office's love of difficult jazz. At my time of life you need some smooth sounds and despite a on »

Jo Passed

Their Prime

8/10 from Clinton

The most surprising thing about the recent Arctic Monkeys album is the realisation that people still actually seem to make records with my personal ear in mind. I'm talking on »

Halo Maud

Je Suis Une Île

8/10 from Clinton

She was part of the French dream pop scene that spawned Melody's Echo Chamber so that should give you some idea of where this French songwriter is coming from. She mainly on »

Jeremy Enigk

The Return Of The Frog Queen

8/10 from Clinton

In the time between this record being made and subsequently reissued I'm sorry to tell you that Jeremy Enigk has lost his golden hair. Yup those locks that feature on the on »


It's Hard To Have Hope

8/10 from Robin

Not a second of ‘It’s Hard to Have Hope’ is wasted. Dropping the ball a sum total of zero times on their way to following up the intense and overwrought on »

The Messthetics

The Messthetics

8/10 from Robin

I completely lost myself listening to this. At some point all sense of sentience and free thinking abandoned me and my head became an Escher painting for the music of the on »



8/10 from Ant

What the actual fook… Sonic Cathedral has gone all out on a stonking lickle package for this record. If you’re a bit squeamish then you might wanna stop reading& on »



8/10 from Ant

Argentinian producer Ailín Grad makes something of a departure from her more frenetic tapes for Orange Milk, Memory No. 36 Recordings and outlines, with a delightful on »


Mating Surfaces

8/10 from Daoud

One conversation I seem to keep having is the ideal length of an album. And what those conversations usually boil down to is that an album should either be 3 hours or 30 on »


Luminosity Device

8/10 from Ant

Anthony Child reconciles the properties of his ambient/drone works under his own name and as the Transcendence Orchestra with the tougher elements of his productions as on »

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