Tuesday Update Bark Psychosis, Gnod, The Advisory Circle, Jenny Hval

Top news

  • We give up. 50% off all Record Store Day leftovers.
  • All the best and biggest upcoming Pre-orders.
  • CHEAP! Krayon Records (Oren Ambarchi, Vibracathedral Orchestra etc).
  • Our EXCLUSIVE Gnod record is here. Definitely arrived this time.

We’re trapped in a hot concrete box all day. Can someone please bring us an ice cream?


  • More library synth inspired music from the 70s and 80s from The Advisory Circle.
  • Snow Patrol return with enough indie plodcore to soundtrack an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Accomplished techno chap Surgeon does excellent sequencing.
  • Agnes Obel has been allowed to do one of those Late Night Tales things.
  • Brilliant soft shoe jazz fusion from Kamaal Williams.
  • Wee Scottish pop trio Chvrches.
  • Tracyanne & Danny. Camera Obscura lassie hooked up with a bloke called Danny.
  • Wooden Shjips give us a respite from insanity. Thanks.
  • Former West Brom starlet Actress is now collaborating with London Contemporary Orchestra rather than Alan Buckley.
  • Prefuse 73 needs to do something good to make up for ‘Lady Parts’.
  • Ben Vince plays sax for the young people.
  • Dulcimer charmers Memory Drawings unleash a limited tour CD thingy.
  • Misty folk duo The Left Outsides on Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube.
  • Purely for Robin’s benefit Jenny Hval adds in sax and other avant jazz players.
  • Two 7”s to choose from this week. You could get Prince ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ or the new Liam Gallagher single. Which one?


  • Brilliant, almost forgotten Bark Psychosis album.
  • A Certain Ratio. Their hopeless years.
  • Nocturnal Projections brilliant Joy Division/PIL influenced post punk gets collected.
  • The Heads collect some EPs as ‘Rckt’. I thought it meant ‘Racket’ but it means ‘Rocket’.
  • Sackings, fallings out, master tapes held to ransom. It’s The Fall’s 19th album re-issued.
  • Steve Reich waits patiently to be paid.


There we go. If no melting occurs we’ll be back on Thursday.

Team Norman x

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Agnes Obel
The Advisory Circle
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The Left Outsides
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Jenny Hval
Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra
Wooden Shjips
Prefuse 73
Kamaal Williams
Nocturnal Projections
Tracyanne & Danny
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