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Record Store Day

OK, so. Record Store Day. Stuff you need to know. Check the site at 8AM (UK time) on Saturday 28th April when all the stock we've been able to get in will be made available for sale.

Usual rules apply:

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  • adding items to your cart does not reserve them for you, you have to checkout
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  • anyone who places multiple orders for the same items will have all their orders cancelled
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Almost inevitably our site will buckle under the pressure. It always does. Please be patient. The order confirmation you (should) receive after checking out is the best indication that your order has been successful but it is not a guarantee.

Now, on with this week’s stuff...


  • Okkervil River give out party bags of disappointment.
  • It’s Speedy Ortiz’s job to be repetitive. Their job. To be repetitive.
  • Sleep. High and heavy group reform because people still smoke weed.
  • Dylan Carlson is forever known as the man who….is in Earth.
  • Richard Hawley’s soundtrack for ‘Funny Cow’. Might go and see that.
  • Arms & Sleepers were post rock but now they have bits of electronics and hip-hop.
  • Cuts. More music this week inspired by something terrible.
  • Dorias Baracca. Of this week’s sad stories, theirs is one of the worst.
  • Eve Essex made a thing Robin liked. Pop songs and free jazz blended into one happy marriage.
  • Mastersystem are double brothers making Scottish noise-pop.
  • Soft Kill. Shimmering post punk band vie for this week’s most tragic backstory.
  • Forth Wanderers. No relation to Wolverhampton.
  • DMA’s. Liam Gallagher's favourite Australian band....apart from the Necks
  • Grouper. Brief but beautiful.


  • Tangerine Dream. 1972 style ambience. Lasting comfort and quality.
  • DAF. Simon Reynolds likes it and so should you.
  • Massive Attack. Sales point: It’s the one that features Guy Garvey.
  • Johann Johannsson. The late composer’s soundtrack for the film about the late clever guy.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

He kept bringing up Huerco S at parents’ evening.

  • Public information film reminiscent hauntology/nostalgia vibes on that there Concretism album.
  • Smart LP of polyrhythmic electronic voodoo from Eomac aka one half of Lakker on his own Eotrax label. Heavily percussive trax with a refreshingly unconventional approach to rhythm.
  • Class smudged house and hazy/glistening ambient on that olde Huerco S. ‘Untitled’ debut originally on Opal Tapes. Now re-pressed on wax.
  • Four Tet does a subtle re-work of a Bicep track. White label job on Ninja Tune.
  • A fine pair of ripping, rattling, disorientating, percussive dynamic techno/bass music mutant cuts from Szare on Mumdance & Logos Different Circles label.
  • Field recordings, electro-acoustic, musique concrète derived ambinet from Arovane & Porya Hatami on their ‘Organism’ album - now expanded with a disc of further developments.
  • Incredibly accomplished debut of soulful jazzy house outta Glasgow from String Theory on Rhythm Section International.
  • Limited edition Jack Goldstein Vs Dream Division (Polytechnic Youth) tape of live renditions of classic 80s synth scores from John Carpenter, Goblin etc.
  • Coupla tasty 12” re-presses on Fringe white from Batu / Lurka. Both hand-stamped limited editions of 300 copies.
  • Limited to 300 copies re-press of ASDA's 'Three Tracks' 10" on FuckPunk. aka Vessel and Chester Giles of Young Echo.
  • Compa bass in your dubstep face. Limited copies on Mala’s DEEP MEDi MUSIK.
  • Re-press of Ø's wonderful 'Kantamoinen' aka Mika Vainio doing a Brian Eno.
  • Greek dub techno wiz Fluxion gets all imaginary film score on our asses.
  • Boothroyd 12" on Fnord Communications incl. Happa, Bullion and Lone remixes.
  • Chicago dark ambient duo Wilt exchange sounds through the mail with noise fiends Skin Crime resulting in some immense pitch black sonics. Limited LP + CD on Urashima.
  • Plus albums from Move D & Benjamin Brunn, Recondite, Matt Karmil, Boy Harsher, Sugai Ken, D.A.F. and other assorted gubbins; A Hand EP on Details Sound, Furtherset tape on -OUS, House of Kenzo tape on Ascetic House etc.

Other stuff


That’s it. We’ll endeavour to get those things ready for you over t’weekend. Ready? Get alarms set. We’ll email you.

Team Norman

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and the Cat Expert.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Grid Of Points

9/10 from Jamie

Grouper -- or ‘Ghostly’ Liz Harris, as I sometimes call her (although this sentence is the first time I’ve done that, in writing anyway) -- is back with anot...read on »

Eve Essex

Here Appear

9/10 from Robin

Sit up for this one. Eve Essex is a multi-instrumentalist who seems to be pushing pop songs and free jazz into one happy marriage. You may remember the name, as I did, from it...read on »

Emma Tricca

St. Peter

9/10 from Jamie

A new album of Emma Tricca's songwriting, slightly vulnerable, careworn singing and romantic folk-rock stylings was always going to be an attractive proposition. However, I wa...read on »

Huerco S.


9/10 from Ant

I won’t rabbit on about this one too much, cuz you probably know the score with this record by now - I reckon this is probably the fourth pressing. It was originally a c...read on »


A Different Definition of Love

8/10 from Jamie

I’m not sure who coined the amalgam phrase ‘sadbient’ but in this case, with the ever-prolific bvdub aka Brock Van Wey, it’s an apposite one. San Fran&...read on »

A Winter Light

A Winter Light

8/10 from Jamie

A Winter Light. In Spring. Well, the clouds haven’t even tried to disperse over Holbeck today so I’ll go along with it… This appears to be folk. It *is* fol...read on »

Arms and Sleepers

Find The Right Place

8/10 from Daoud

Arms and Sleepers have made 26 releases in 11 years, and they’ve made the most of that by constantly growing and changing. ‘Find The Right Place’ is a mixtur...read on »

Speedy Ortiz

Twerp Verse

8/10 from Robin

It’s really quite nice that Sting and Shaggy are friends isn’t it? Just real nice. Also Speedy Ortiz have a new record out, but I can’t think of a charming l...read on »

Forth Wanderers

Forth Wanderers

8/10 from Robin

Strong indeed. Forth Wanderers write their music as piecemal parts and then put it all together, but you wouldn’t know listening to this record: it doesn’t feel bu...read on »

Soft Kill


8/10 from Robin

In the vein of neighbouring metal label Iron Lung Records, the wonderful Profound Lore throw their customary curveball with another Soft Kill record, a shimmering post-punk ba...read on »

Haley Heynderickx

I Need to Start a Garden

8/10 from Robin

I remember a time in my younger years where all I wanted to do was listen to the Tallest Man On Earth’s early records and say things like, “see, he’s Bob Dyl...read on »

Laura Veirs

The Lookout

8/10 from Clinton

I just knew I'd like the new Laura Veirs record. Yet it took me weeks to get around to listening to it and I'm wondering if the reason it took me so long is because Laura Veir...read on »


Kodiak / Translocated

8/10 from Ant

A fine pair of ripping, rattling, dynamic techno cuts from Szare (aka / Idle Hands, Horizontal Ground etc.) on Mumdance & Logos label. Executed with a sharp,...read on »


For Concrete and Country

8/10 from Clinton

We've just been listening to the most Boards of Canada record ever. I mean, when does something go beyond pastiche and into identity theft? Luckily putting the Concretism reco...read on »

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ElpH vs Coil
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Skin Crime X Wilt
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Richard Hawley & Ollie Trevers
Soft Kill
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Jack Goldstein Vs Dream Division
A Hand
String Theory
Sugai Ken
Dylan Carlson
Dorias Baracca
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Move D & Benjamin Brunn
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