Tuesday Update Grouper, Sleep, Concretism, Bicep, Nocturnal Projections

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Well what about that Record Store Day, eh? Good was it? Hmph. If you didn’t get what you wanted then check our site on Saturday 28th at 8AM when we'll list up the scraps from the feast that the RSD in-crowd saw fit to cast down to our filthy floor.

On with this week’s stuff.


  • Okkervil River. Let’s see Robin try to defend this one.
  • Speedy Ortiz. Indie rockers with all kinds of vinyl splatter.
  • Chad Valley. The press release says Prefab Sprout so I’m listening.
  • Earth guy Dylan Carlson with first solo album.
  • The Messthetics are some of Fugazi.
  • Deadbeat started off by asking for messages of hope.
  • Bicep remixed by none other than Four Tet.
  • Black vinyl copies of Concretism’s ‘For Concrete and Country’ still about
  • Sleep. What a palaver our Jack made of this release. Well at least you can still get the CD.
  • Richard Hawley’s soundtrack for upcoming flick Funny Cow.



Heads up:

There should be another EXCLUSIVE tomorrow. But check the site for it, cos we'll only be getting 40 or so copies and that isn't worth us bothering you with an email about.

Otherwise see you again on Thursday.

Team Norman

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Nocturnal Projections
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