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Oh wait, what? The weekend ended? After four days? This simply won’t do. Back from a bank holiday blitz are we, and so is ‘the music industry’, with its ‘records’, and its ‘riffs’, and its ‘fills’. Whatever you’re in the market for, I hope you had a nice holiday and Easter and Passover and sofa slumber. It is time, now, for the mundanity of life. Here are some records.


As yet unheard by human ear...


Once more around the great big onion.

  • One of your all time classics by Love is Forever Changing. Now in big box.
  • Spacemen 3. What’s recurring? (2009 joke),
  • Yellow copies of that Insecure Men record.
  • Quack quack the latest Pere Ubu big box is in.


Fancy a small?

  • A new Jane Weaver 7” to accompany her tour apologising for Public Service Broadcasting.
  • Thurston Moore still with impeccable hair.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Full of Creme Egg and Kerridge 12”s…

  • Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991 compiled on the ‘Uneven Paths’ 2LP on Music From Memory.
  • Lucy Railton takes an unorthodox and uncompromising approach to cello combined with collaged location recordings, electronics and musique concrète.
  • Bristol crew Young Echo’s ace genre obliterating album re-pressed after it sold out in a day!
  • Tor Lundvall’s ambient takes us to ‘A Dark Place’. LP on Dais Records.
  • Densely textured, beaming, emotive analogue/digital ambient techno from 154 aka Jochem Peteri.
  • Jackin’ acid house from Posthuman on Chiwax.
  • New album of murky sci-fi techno/electro from legendary Italian producer The Mover
  • Stompin’, tracky Chicago flavored cuts from Marquis Hawkes. Limited hand-stamped copies.
  • Classic Detroit electro/techno from Aux 88 with their 1993 ‘Technology’ EP reissued.
  • Double pack of cuts produced for a Silicon Scally live set aka electro hero/warrior Carl Finlow.
  • Kwes. is back to making his own tunes on Warp.
  • The Vision aka Robert Hood classic 'Spectral Nomad' repressed on Metroplex plus M500 & 3MB 'Jazz Is The Teacher' back in stock. Both 100% crucial.
  • Coloured wax 2LP of celestial techno/electronica from B12 chap Steven Rutter.
  • Off-kilter Balearic beats, krautrock-inspired bumpers and dubby cosmic disco the ‘Various Lurkers’ 4-track 12" EP on Space Ritual incl. Kalidasa, Zmatsutsi, Tony Pineman & Tross.
  • Aguirre re-issue some potent Moog new age healing music from Randall McClellan.
  • Cardopusher back on Super Rhythm Trax with some acid squelchers and NYC flavoured house and freestyle cutz.
  • Melodic house/breakbeat action from Project Pablo on Technicolour.
  • Ricardo Villalobos remixes Afrobeat don Tony Allen on Dekmantel.

More stuff:


Tune in next week and find out about Phil’s once-in-a-lifetime, all-expenses-paid trip to Harrogate.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Hop Along

Bark Your Head Off, Dog

9/10 from Robin

We’re gonna call this one ‘Bark’ to avoid semantic complications. Heart-wrench royalty Frances Quinlan has been hammering her Hop Along band into the wall on »

David August


9/10 from Jamie

David August apparently took a year-long hiatus from making music, in order to unplug from the noise of the world and take time to reflect; but also to reconnect with his on »

Hoof Glove

Hoof Glove

8/10 from Ant

The don’t drone label wang a total curveball from their previous run of ambient/drone leaning tapes. They’ve gone in the polar opposite direction with this on »


Wherever You Go, I Will Follow

8/10 from Ant

Jochem Peteri aka Newworldaquarium revisits his 154 alias for the first time in donkeys for two lush, fuzzy, emotive tinglers. Well, actually it’s a single 22-minute on »

Wye Oak

The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs

8/10 from Robin

It’s either been a while or forever since I listened to Wye Oak, the loud and proud panorama of an indie rock band whose implementation of squeaky synths only rolls on »

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Sex & Food

8/10 from Robin

They’ve done it, then: Unknown Mortal Orchestra have found their gear and they’re staying in it for the rest of their existence. Having wowed and united our on »

C. Diab

Exit Rumination

8/10 from Robin

All enthusiasm for our work has been sucked out of the Norman offices by some sort of music-breathing warlock, as evidenced by the fact a new C. Diab record came in and on »



8/10 from Robin

Titans of idiocy Anthroprophh offer Paul Allen -- a serious psychedelic stalwart in the Heads -- the chance to make true on the most ludicrous of thoughts his brain is on »

Zinovia Arvanitidi


8/10 from Jamie

Now, here’s melody… Lots of melody. Those melodies for the most part emanate from the piano of composer-pianist Zinovia Arvanitidi, and her minimal on »

Byron Westbrook

Confluence Patterns

8/10 from Jamie

Somehow, only a few short months ago in fact, Byron Westbrook’s electro-sonic abstractions (on his LP ‘Body Consonance’) got out in the open and in the on »


Negative Houses

8/10 from Robin

Scattering the ashes of the moody Disappears contingent into a new band, FACS will of course use their dejected, mundane rock to quietly upset you. I’ll level with you: on »


Learned Ethics / Imposed Ethics

8/10 from Jamie

It’s time, readers, for the second of today’s influx of new and novel delights from ‘Hand-numbered-120-copies-on-cassette-only-please’ Umor Rex and as on »

Lucy Railton

Paradise 94

8/10 from Ant

Debut solo offering from cellist and sound artist Lucy Railton, whose work you may have heard before without realising it. She’s previously worked with Mica Levi as on »

The Amazing

In Transit

8/10 from Clinton

Being a glass half full kind of guy I'm going straight for the jugular in stating that the Amazing have made one of this years best albums and interrupted it with one of this on »

Daniel Avery

Song For Alpha

8/10 from Clinton

I know it's hard to believe because I work in a record shop but I have absolutely no idea who Daniel Avery is. Probably because his breakthrough record 'Drone Logic' was on »

Black Milk


8/10 from Daoud

Psychedelic rock is having something of a moment right now. Or maybe it never stopped having one. Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra are among the most popular bands in on »

Goat Girl

Goat Girl

8/10 from Clinton

Before listening to this album I couldn't get my head around who Goat Girl were and how they sounded and where to put them in the lazily compiled compartment in my head. on »

Young Echo

Young Echo

8/10 from Clinton

What is it about Bristol and collectives? Is it the constant availability of weed to smoke and walls to graffiti on that makes people want to be together? Many years on from on »

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