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Long week, long long week. Have the clocks changed or something? No time for chat so here’s this week’s excitement.


So damn unfamiliar….


Getting in before R***** S**** D** hits hard.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Promoter of the first ever all-ages Whitehouse show.

  • The Fear Ratio aka UK techno stalwarts Mark Broom and James Ruskin back on Skam with an EP of trax prepared for live their icy, crunching live sets.
  • Príncipe’s DJ Nigga Fox lands on Warp with a cranium splitting 6-track EP of mutant dancefloor strains.
  • Isle of Jura official reissue of 1982 Italo disco stone-cold eternal classic Q ‘The Voice of Q’. As caned by I-f and featured on his legendary ‘Mixed Up In The Hague Vol. 1’.
  • Tremendous, pioneering Acousmatique action with a pair of archival LPs from Francois Bayle and Christian Zanesi on Recollection GRM.
  • Vividly Psychotropic LP from Brett Naucke on Spectrum Spools. At once intense and serene.
  • Debut EP from young Detroit artist Q’D on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats label.
  • Deepchord & Fluxion present Transformations: Second EP on Vibrant Music from the Athens / Detroit dub techno alliance.
  • Schneider™ went and did one of them soundtracks.
  • Tantalizingly weird Tropa Macaca (Qbico, Silbreeze, The Trilogy Tapes) LP on DUNNO Recordings.
  • Peaking Lights fellow Aaron Coynes with a pair of totally irresistible dancefloor cuts as Image Club.
  • Dekmantel squeeze Bufiman / Betonkust & Palmbomen II / Space Dimension Controller / Lena Willikens all onto a 12” for ‘Dekmantel 10 Years 09’.
  • Epic one-note, glumbient drone behemoth from Slomo incl. reworks from Gnod, Andrew Liles, Teeth of the Sea, Simon Pyke, Higher Intelligence Agency etc.
  • Jagged, darkside electro from Black Meteoric Star aka Gavin Russom
  • Evocative, droning ambient soundscapes from Gray Acres on Sound in Silence.
  • Scored a few CD re-stocks of proper drone works from Eliane Radigue.
  • Twelve-inchers; Jayson Wynters on Don’t Be Afraid, Willie Graff & Darren Eboli on Music For Dreams, Solitary Dancer on Optimo Music, D.K. on Second Circle, Smerz on XL Recordings, Respuesta Alternativa reissue on Left Ear.


We’re out of here. Go away…..

…...no come back! Have a lovely weekend.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Eric Chenaux

Slowly Paradise

9/10 from Robin

This guy is obsessed with Eric Chenaux and stunned by just how far he’s gone this time. Having slowly developed a spangly, highly affected guitar sound through a litter ...read on »

Meadow House

This Should Not Be Happening

8/10 from Clinton

Well at least Phil is vindicated. His potential company-destroying decision to release Meadow House's 'Misadventures on the Scorn Cycle' late last year was met by a collective...read on »

Young Fathers

Cocoa Sugar

8/10 from Clinton

Once causing me to choke on a shreddie when seeing them being announced as Mercury Music Prize winners, Young Fathers are one of the very few winners of that mystical prize to...read on »

Nap Eyes

I'm Bad Now

8/10 from Robin

You know what, no. Don’t do that, Nap Eyes. This is fine. It is now, but it’s not bad. Try and reduce expectations to an all time low if you want, but I’ll e...read on »

The Fear Ratio

Live E.P

8/10 from Clinton

Culled from rehearsals from live shows so not actually live but near enough, this is a sweet four tracker from techno experts Mark Broom & James Ruskin.  Opener ...read on »

The Modern Institute

Another Exhibition

8/10 from Ant

Glasgow’s Modern Institute is the duo of Laurie Pitt and Richard McMaster - both members of loveable electro-disco-dub mutant peddlers Golden Teacher. They’re appe...read on »

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Jayson Wynters
Retep Folo
Respuesta Alternativa
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Tropa Macaca
The Velvet Underground
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The Fear Ratio
DJ Nigga Fox
Solitary Dancer
Willie Graff & Darren Eboli
Nap Eyes
Eric Chenaux
Bufiman / Betonkust & Palmbomen II / Space Dimension Controller / Lena Willikens
Black Meteoric Star
Meadow House
Whyte Horses
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Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper
Deepchord & Fluxion present Transformations
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Young Fathers
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