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Right, we’re here. What do you want? Records? We have them. Loads of them. Never ending amounts of the things. Big ones, small ones, multi-coloured ones. Anything you want… apart from the ones which have sold out like Death and Vanilla. You can’t have that one. But you can have all these.


Future Brit award winners?

  • Lake Ruth should appeal to fans of Broadcast. Not many left (Lake Ruth records... not fans of Broadcast - plenty of those still around).
  • Serial facepainter Fever Ray makes like Su Pollard and takes the plunge.
  • Palm play skewed avant rock and one of the best things this week.
  • Insecure Men. Imagine being so messed up you actually get kicked out of Fat White Family?
  • The Low Anthem. Their loveliest work yet.
  • Just think… if Go Kart Mozart wasn’t the guy from Felt.
  • Elephant9 shame Robin into misspelling Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
  • If you can't get enough of Colin Stetson then try Jason Sharp.
  • Molly Drake. As much as I love my mum her lost recordings wouldn’t be as good as this.
  • Mamuthones squash Talking Heads and Miles Davis and end up sounding like Can.
  • Frigs are the 15717th band to channel the sound of Women.
  • Lo-fi veterans Refrigerator still do what they do. Good on ‘em.
  • Pinkshinyultrablast have literally just got here.
  • Alela Diane. Cue ‘snow-covered cabin’ backstory.
  • Mint Field are a spindly shoegaze band from (yes) Mexico.
  • The Lovely Eggs had better buy their child some super strength earmuffs.
  • Thick Syrup document ‘Living in Leeds’. It’s not all rain and concrete y’know?

The overspill bit….

Lionlimb make whispery pop like Elliott Smith, Phobophobes are influenced by both Wall of Voodoo and the Magic Roundabout, Virginia Trance is a Psychic Ills chap channelling his inner Neil Young, Olden Yolk make lovely hazy Clientele influenced music, pastoral folk beauty comes from S. Carey, calamitous chord churn and yelpy vox come from Death Pedals, Tre Oui make lovely and shambolic indie pop, lushly wrapped indie exists as Totally Mild, and robust rock is here to stay from an ex Poppy & the Jezebel as Table Scraps.


Coming to a Butlins near you.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

His three kids are nicknamed ‘The Trilogy Tapes’.

  • The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café finally re-pressed (again) on Warp. Every man, woman and child should own a copy.
  • Hieroglyphic Being ‘The Red Notes’ album of techno/house mutant jazzers.
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘async’ gets remodelled by Arca, Fennesz, Oneohtrix Point Never, Alva Noto, Yves Tumor, Jóhann Jóhannsson etc.
  • Spellbinding piano led ambient from Taylor Deupree with modular and Moog synthesizers, tape machines and the occasional guitar. CD on SPEKK.
  • Jonny Nash / Lindsay Todd use the island of Bali as their instrument, mapping flora and fauna for an LP of ambient soothers.
  • Yoga inspired, hazy pink ambient from Terekke on Music From Memory.
  • Limited edition, snazzy Other Lands 12” on Firecracker in fetching screen-printed attire.
  • EP on -OUS of NHK yx Koyxen’s delightfully off-kilter approach to familiar techno tropes.
  • Eternal Chicago acid house classic alert: K. Alexi Shelby’s ‘All For Lee-Sah’ re-pressed on Derrick May’s Transmat. I proper love it, me.
  • Mannequin celebrate 10 years with ‘Waves of the Future’ 2LP incl. Silent Servant, Not Waving, Ron Morelli, Beau Wanzer, Illum Sphere, Willie Burns, Shawn O'Sullivan and An-i & Alessandro Adriani.
  • Icy, brutalist analogue synth action on Polytechnic Youth from MIDDEX.
  • Darren Nye lands on B12’s FireScope label for an EP of classic ‘Artificial Intelligence’ vibes.
  • U.S visions of Berlin school / kosmische > Splendid retrospective from Philadelphia / New Jersey synth explorers, The Nightcrawlers.
  • Cheeky Detroit scamp Omar-S in classic house music mode on FXHE with ‘Your Socially Awkward Criminal’ feat. Diviniti sounding not unlike Paris Grey.
  • Sub Rosa compile Otto Sidharta's 'Indonesian Electronic Music 1979-1992'.
  • T.J. Hustler ‘Metaphysical Synthesized Orchestra’ ultra-rare private press LP reissued.
  • Yann Novak meditates on our relationship with time. CD edition of 500 on Touch.
  • NYC’s Levon Vincent drops another already sold out at source Novel Sound 12” of hypnotizing club tackle.
  • Dust off those leather trousers and cop D.A.F.'s ‘Gold Und Liebe’ reissue.
  • EP of sounds for strobe lights and dry ice on L.I E S. from Tel Aviv duo TV.OUT.
  • San Francisco’s Matrixxman completes his Sector series on Dekmantel with an EP exploring varying shades of techno.
  • Trippy debut LP from duo Garland on Lullabies For Insomniacs.
  • MJ Lallo disco/boogie rarities reissued on Invisible City Editions sister label Seance Centre.
  • Yotam Avni and Alessandro Adriani nailers on Stroboscopic Artefacts.

+++ Sign Libra LP on Antinote, Giuseppe Leonardi EP on Second Circle, Prins Emanuel repress on Music For Dreamz, Angophora LP on Ken Oath, Nathan Fake keeping it real on Ninja Tune, 30/70 'Elevate' LP re-pressed on Rhythm Section International etc.


Once again our Jack has the monopoly.

  • No-wave punks Pill live at Third Man.
  • Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee strips back at Third Man.


In case you were wondering…...

…..aaaaaand relax. See you next week.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Other People Place

Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café

10/10 from Ant

Finally re-pressed after its original release back in 2001, there’s gonna be a lot of very happy folks out there -- now that they don’t have to auction off a semi-...read on »

Taylor Deupree


9/10 from Jamie

Is this man’s surname supposed to rhyme with ‘whey’ or ‘wee’? I’ll find out one day: it’s Taylor Deupree! This gentle sound artist, e...read on »

K. Alexi Shelby

All For Lee-Sah

9/10 from Ant

Much needed reissue of this 1989 eternal acid/house/techno classic from Chicago legend K. Alexi (Risque III, Club M.C.M). Now back in print on Derrick May’s legendary, D...read on »

Jason Sharp

Stand Above The Streams

9/10 from Robin

Jason Sharp made one of my absolute favourite records of its year in ‘A Boat Upon its Blood’, an epic tone poem of great harshness and gentility that swayed like d...read on »

Keiji Haino & SUMAC

American Dollar Bill - Keep Facing Sideways, You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On

9/10 from Robin

Once again Keiji Haino, the noise maestro synonymous with every possible pathway into his genre, lends a helping hand to the young guns around him. Having collaborated with ju...read on »

Hieroglyphic Being

The Red Notes

9/10 from Robin

Jamal Moss’ loving tribute to the musicians who pushed jazz through crucial moments in its long, wide history -- particularly the legends of Blue Note, but anyone from T...read on »

Martin Newell

The Greatest Living Englishman

8/10 from Clinton

Seen pretty much everywhere as Martin Newell's best album (including his the Cleaners from Venus slabs of genius) but I'm inclined to disagree. It's not to say that this isn't...read on »


Tape Recorder

8/10 from Clinton

Tape Recorder is one of that albums that insidiously creeps up on you without really announcing its presence. Each time it has been played in the office I've got up off my cha...read on »

Death And Vanilla

The Tenant

8/10 from Jamie

In which Death and Vanilla’s core trio (Marleen Nilsson, Anders Hansson and Magnus Bodin) take time out from crafting evocative slices of ‘60s psych-pop pastiche t...read on »


Rock Island

8/10 from Robin

Jerky rhythm riders Palm navigate their songs as if they were F Zero levels -- from side to side they skirt, their guitars moving forward as if it were the same thing as windi...read on »


Fear On The Corner

8/10 from Robin

Slice and splice the Talking Heads’ avant-dance classic ‘Fear of Music’ with ‘On the Corner’ -- one of Miles Davis’ most daring fusion reco...read on »

The Blow

Brand New Abyss

8/10 from Robin

Bright and low-key; that’s how you do it. All synth-central indie pop should hereby be directed by Melissa Dyne and Khaela Marichich, whose songs offer sparkle-toned mel...read on »


Improvisational Loops

8/10 from Robin

Quite the change. Since L.I.E.S. haven’t done a Lobster Theremin and created their own sub-label for snoozing yet, house savant Terekke has had to take his ambient parti...read on »

Olden Yolk

Olden Yolk

8/10 from Clinton

Over he trots. Our very own office Golden Retriever Ian with more records to review. "You might like this" he says.  By gum he's right, It's lovely. Exactly my kind of th...read on »

Lake Ruth

Birds of America

8/10 from Clinton

I remember Lake Ruth from last time when I awarded their record 8 out of ten and mentioned Broadcast a lot then spoke to someone that said they'd heard that Norman's had been ...read on »

Jonny Nash / Lindsay Todd

Fauna Mapping

8/10 from Clinton

Hang on. I'm reading the press release which suggests that Jonny Nash (not the Hookworms guy) and Lindsay Todd have collected sound from insects and wildlife from the island b...read on »

The Nightcrawlers

The Biophonic Boombox Recordings

8/10 from Ant

Anthology Recordings shine a light on this little known group of Philadelphia / New Jersey synth explores that were active from the late 70s through the early 90s. It’s ...read on »


Preludes #1

8/10 from Robin

It is time for you to be vaguely unsettled. The elusive Garland produces their first ‘Preludes’ suite with light industrial know-how, offering drums that sound som...read on »

Screaming Females

All At Once

8/10 from Robin

Still alive and screaming, the Screaming Females usher in their latest record with more of the good stuff: scuzzy guitars routed into a kinda doomy riff and good co-conspired ...read on »

Tal National


8/10 from Robin

Their LP gorgeously housed in the year’s loveliest artwork, Niamey’s great rock band Tal National return for another bout of frenetic, pulsating tunes. If you hear...read on »

Fever Ray


8/10 from Robin

This record is punching me in the face and that’s all I really have to say about it. It’s a smash hit; it smashes things. Ex Knife Karin Dreijer’s second LP ...read on »

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