Weekly Update The Streets, Erik K Skodvin & Rauelsson, The Damned, Moon Gangs, The Third Eye Foundation, and more...

This Week’s Stuff:

  • Please note the Chris Carter vinyl has sold out but you can pre-order the next pressing.

To anyone wondering when we're getting our new broadband put in we’re afraid that you have at least another week to wait. So sorry. One thing that has arrived after months of waiting is the Voyager Golden Record box set so you can buy it now if you want. We’ve also sold large amounts of Garbage box sets which must have everything to do with it comes with a free sheath...saves that awkward trip to the chemist for those of you into that sort of thing.

On with what we misleadingly call the ‘show’.


Loads of Easter bunnies...

  • Cabbage. Pronounced Cab-arge….like Farage.
  • Frankie Cosmos has a voice so high it’s akin to dog yelping at human foot on paw.
  • Dead Meadow make stoner rock that’s proud to be a slog.
  • Noise ‘n’ bass’s favourite grump Third Eye Foundation returns.
  • Amen Dunes. Phil’s friend’s favourite band.
  • Anthroprophh. The latest racket from Paul Allen (the Heads) and cohorts.
  • Formed from the ashes of Disappears. These are the FACS.
  • Trembling Bells get their jerkins in a folky twist.
  • David Bowie was about as popular as the Voidz in his day right?
  • Wet Tuna jam and jam and jam.
  • Bruxa Maria / Casual Nun for when you want your psychedelia to hate you back.
  • Moon Gangs is the keyboard one from Beak> being a folkloric synthlord - a mixologist of Popul Vuh and Tangerine Dream.
  • Laurence Pike is the one from PVT doing drumming and sampling. “Don’t tell him”...etc.
  • Hey Elbow have nothing to do with Guy Garvey and co. We repeat...nothing.
  • “Like Czarface? Like MF Doom? Well then, czech this out”. That’s Tom Bench for ya.


Haggard old rabbits...


Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Hoping for a Noyzelab memory stick to pop out of the Kinder Surprise.

  • Second Woman (Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv) advance the techno template on Tresor.
  • XOR Gate aka Gerald Donald (Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus, Arpanet etc.) ventures into the world of sound art.
  • Dystopian future techno where AI gets naughty from In Aeternam Vale.
  • Demented, unhinged, wacko electronics from Turbo Teeth. A big tip for folks who dig Shit & Shine.
  • Speak of the devil… Shit & Shine have a proper twisted one on Rocket. 300 copies.
  • Dabrye finally completes his album trilogy with a little help from Ghostface Killah, Danny Brown, Guilty Simpson etc.
  • Hanno Leichtmann tape on The Tapeworm. Sounds from installations - his homage to Pearl’s SY-1 Syncussion Drum Synth.
  • Dubby, minimal, ambient tinged techno from Västlänken on Höga Nord Rekords.
  • Second EP of obliterated, chopped mutant hip-hop-tronix from Hanz on Tri Angle.
  • Dedekind Cut refines his ambient into more graceful, serene terrain on Kranky.
  • 2LP of mystical, melodic Dubstep/Grime hybrids from Aquarius on Scrub A Dub.
  • Scopex 1998-2000 4x 12" set of highly desirable electro cuts on Tresor back in stock!
  • Japanese synth-pop from Studio Mule featuring Miyako Kouda of Dip In The Pool.
  • South American rhythms using African drums with nods to NYC post-punk/funk from Phil Kieran on Optimo Music.


We have a super-weekend ahead of us with two (count ‘em) extra days to enjoy the wind and cold. So we’ll be off tomorrow and back on Tuesday but without Phil as he’s enjoying his first holiday in 653366 days. Be nice to us!

Team Norman x

Clint, Robin and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and a fan of 90s music.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Robin

The truth of the matter is this is the record I’m gonna have on my shuffle all year, accompanying me whenever destiny decides it’s time for a little more home comf...read on »

Bruno Sanfilippo


9/10 from Jamie

'Unity' is the latest luxurious album from Argentinian-born Bruno Sanfilippo (now one of Barcelona's premier exponents of Minimalism). But hey, this isn't at all what I was ex...read on »

XOR Gate

Conic Sections

9/10 from Ant

XOR Gate is a new alias of Gerald Donald. If I have to tell you who this man is, then quite frankly, your existence thus far has been a monumental failure. If you’re loo...read on »

Moon Gangs

Earth Loop

8/10 from Robin

Moon Gangs is William Young’s project away from Beak> which is Geoff Barrow’s band away from Portishead, which is the end of the line all change please. Doing k...read on »

Bruxa Maria / Casual Nun


8/10 from Robin

As our most annoying and pun-adjacent description writer Fred MG notes, Hominid Sounds absolutely slays. The label’s noisy gruel should, by rights, be selling more recor...read on »

Cosmic Ground

Legacy / The Plague

8/10 from Robin

An absolutely classic conundrum, here: Deep Distance like to put out 12”s and Cosmic Ground love to make albums longer than the diameter of the sun. This tension led to ...read on »

Erik K Skodvin & Rauelsson

A Score for Darling

8/10 from Jamie

So here's 'A Score for Darling', which is -- spoiler -- a scored soundtrack to a film called Darling, an apparently emotionally raw tale about the life of a dancer. It's on th...read on »



8/10 from Jamie

Well, the signs were there but in my haste to complete my reviews I paid no heed: 'Disquiet' does not start quietly. It's the very antithesis of quiet, as it happens. Who knew...read on »

Dubkasm & Rider Shafique

Enter The Gates

8/10 from Clinton

We were listening to this in the office yesterday and immediately the whole place became more relaxed, more chilled and somehow the room became smokier. You should hear the ba...read on »

Second Woman

Instant / Apart

8/10 from Ant

Second Woman is the duo of Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv. They’ve released a couple of great albums and an EP on John Elliott’s Spe...read on »

Turbo Teeth

Yellow Equals One

8/10 from Ant

Turbo Teeth is a handle of Athens artist Giorgos Axiotis aka Wall To Wall Carpeting, Xeerow and member of Balinese Beast, Bruised Lee, Free Piece Of Tape, Holefold Diver and T...read on »

Flame 1 (Burial & The Bug)

Fog / Shrine

8/10 from Ant

If you’ve been living on another planet for the past month or so, it’s probably worth telling you that Flame 1 is a collaboration between Kevin Martin aka The Bug ...read on »

Acid Bowie

Acid Bowie

8/10 from Clinton

How to release a record in today's fast-paced faddish society is something we and a lot of the people we deal with struggle with to the point of hair being tien out of heads. ...read on »

Terry Vs Tori


8/10 from Clinton

Remarkably Box bedroom Rebels do it again? Where do they keep finding these gems?  The Spanish group Terri vs Tori play a lovely brand of indie pop that sounds something ...read on »

Charlie Morrow

Toot! Too

8/10 from Robin

No other label of the weird and wacky releases its music with quite the gusto Recital do. Administering each new LP and retrospective with leagues of information and a brand s...read on »

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Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
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XOR Gate
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