Weekly Update The Oscillation, Hot Snakes, Vanessa Amara, Dopplereffekt, Space Afrika, and more...

This Week’s Stuff:

Actual Big Week alert with lots of records to buy and lots of rain forecast over the weekend so you can sit at home in the warm and listen to them. Get in!


These ones have never been released before….

Everything New In so far.


From the good old days…

  • Those two re-issues of Cocteau Twins ‘Treasure’ and ‘Head Over Heels’ are here.
  • Cindy Lee.
  • Classic sounding psych pop from Jacco Gardner back in at last.
  • Slo mo songwriter Chris Weisman is like a warped McCartney.
  • Brilliantly monikered indie sole practitioner Pat Fish and his The Jazz Butcher.
  • This Keane album sold 222,297 units on initial release (UK only).
  • A lovely sun dappled album of proto Yacht rock from Batteaux.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Blasting out Dopplereffekt on the 33A to Otley.

  • Delicious batch of tapes from Mexico City’s Umor Rex; Kohl, LogarDecay and Byron Westbrook. All with download codes and housed in neat recycled stock boxes.
  • Biosphere gets his microphones dirty down on the farm.
  • Fragile piano trails float over gently whirring backdrops and electro-acoustic canvases on duo Vanessa Amara’s new one on Posh Isolation.
  • Space Afrika make silvery, dubwise, spaced out ambient - best consumed while horizontal.
  • Celer / Oh Yoko fellow Will Long back in deep house mode with ‘Long Trax 2’ on CD or spread across 3 separately available 12”s on Smalltown Supersound.
  • Turntable botherer Philip Jeck has his Vinyl Coda III-IV recordings from around the turn of the millenium double vinylized on GOD.
  • Minimal Wave compiled ‘The Bedroom Tapes’ LP feat. new wave, experimental electronic, early industrial body music, minimal synth from around the World (1980-1991).
  • The mysterious Secret State re-imagines Detroit electro on Central Processing Unit.
  • Second editions follow that Kevin Drumm tape with Eva-Maria Houben's ‘Breath For Organ’ CD. Fans of Francisco López should peep this one for sure.
  • Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima’s insane ‘Streets of Rage 3’ video game soundtrack on Data Discs will have your brain melt out of your ears.
  • One Way Static compile Berlin-School rarities 1968-1971 from embryonic Tangerine Dream/Ash Ra Tempel dude Klaus Schulze.
  • Sparse rhythms and crystalline metallic electronics from Berlin's Electric Indigo on Monolake's imbalance computer music label.
  • Joyously demented tape on Container’s new Plastic Bags label from Wilted Woman.
  • New York industrial/no wave electro duo Wetware’s LP on Dais twitches anxiously.
  • Glasgow’s The Modern Institute is members Golden Teacher and they make utilitarian post-punk type, man-machine electro on Diagonal.
  • Zk capture the nervous energy of Bangkok after dark with echoes of Coil, occult electronics, musique concrete etc. on Hallow Ground.
  • "Post-rave power ambient poems" from Broshuda on Haunter.
  • Villa Åbo aka Börft boss and Frak man Jan Svensson has a tape from a couple of years ago pressed onto wax by Dark Entries, plus a reissue from NYC’s Intense Molecular Activity.
  • Re-press action; Shinichi Atobe’s ‘Butterfly Effect’ 2LP on DDS, Dopplereffekt classic 'Gesamtkunstwerk', ‘Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil’, 1978-1992’ on Music From Memory.
  • Plus 12”s from Kellen 303 on Keysound, Space Dimension Controller on Dekmantel, Night Christ w/ Illum Sphere Remix on All City, Antemeridian EP on The Bunker New York...

7” discs:

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We had a sale last Monday but next Monday please get prepared for another kind of sale. Hint: they are smaller.

Team Norman x

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and Looking Back With Love.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Yo La Tengo

There’s A Riot Going On

10/10 from Robin

My favourite genre of completely useless televised news is the “What’s your secret?” bulletin, where they find an elderly couple who’ve been married on »

Mount Eerie

Now Only

9/10 from Robin

A year after releasing the quiet, sparse and distraught ‘A Crow Looked At Me’, Phil Elverum offers another record of listless and plain-spoken songs grieving for on »


Werecats Powers Of The Crossroads At Midnight

9/10 from Ant

Skullflower follow ‘The Black Iron That Has Fell From The Stars, To Dwell Within (Bear It Or Be It)’ with the second offering in their audio trilogy concerning on »

Dungen & Woods

Myths 003

8/10 from Robin

Who’s idea was this? I don’t know whether I’d like to shake or wring their hand. Carelessly meshing together all and any definitions of psych rock, the on »

Caroline Says

There's No Fool Like An Old Fool

8/10 from Robin

Having previously made an incredible record ruminating on the floods of inertia she felt moving back in with her parents, Caroline Sallee’s music continues to beguile on »

Rare Form

Six Months in Hiding

8/10 from Robin

Lush and slush, this evil record from some version of hell will swallow you up like an avalanche and I doubt very much you’ll live the tale. Packed with heaving on »



8/10 from Robin

Every Wharf Cat release day is a miniature Christmas unto itself. This week they’re throwing down a gauntlet and/or record by Bichkraft, a chirpy racket-making on »

Hot Snakes

Jericho Sirens

8/10 from Robin

They’re back! Hot Snakes are back! Have they been surfing for fourteen straight years of hiatus? To be confirmed. Are they scheming with Downtown Boys to turn Sub Pop on »

Space Afrika

Somewhere Decent To Live

8/10 from Ant

Manchester-based duo Space Afrika aka Josh Reidy and Joshua Inyang follow their tape and EP for Where To Now? with an album on their co-run, fledging label sferic. on »

Young Jesus

Young Jesus

8/10 from Clinton

If you like early Modest Mouse or American Football or Built to Spill then come this way. Young Jesus have *that* sound as if the band have recorded in a snow piled on »

James Plotkin

The Joy Of Disease Demos + Remixes

8/10 from Ant

James Plotkin has delved into his archives and exhumed a bunch of previously unreleased, home-recorded, instrumental demos for his 1996 album ‘The Joy Of Disease’, on »

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