Weekly Update Brigid Mae Power, Leonardo Martelli, Various, Franz Ferdinand, Russell Haswell, and more...

This Week’s Stuff:

Not much to say, really, about the month of February. It’s a dull one. Can I just make up a horoscope for the Aquarians out there? Thursday really isn’t your day, but an unexpected opportunity at work will lead to a turn of events in your life that will change the dynamic of your closest friendship forever. Look after yourself and make sure not to go through the motions -- for if you do, they may go through you.

Also, I can predict that the following records came in this week.


And I’m feeling… good.


[Brandon Flowers voice] When you… were young.

  • An absolute classic, but a filthy lie too: it’s D. I. Go Pop.
  • Sandy Denny... featuring unicorns? Sure.
  • In my opinion the Jam should’ve been called the Jam Jars.
  • This Kind of Punishment. They probably play in NZ’s starting 11.
  • What a tangled web we have Unwound.
  • Not a re-issue as such, but we’ve sourced some copies of Mark E Smith’s collab with Mouse on Mars as Von Sudenfed.
  • Also back in are vinyl copies of the rather essential The Greatest Gift mixtape by Sufjan Stevens.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

His son supports Bradford City; he supports Labradford.

  • COIL fiends wet dream with previously unissued ‘Astral Disaster Sessions Un/finished Musics’ LP.
  • Edward Ka-Spel, Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter and Quentin Rollet go at it in a sort of Legendary Pink Nurse With Wound gangbang.
  • Factory Floor boot off their own label with a couple tracks wrenched from their score to Fritz Lang's seminal celluloid ‘Metropolis’.
  • Simon Haydo gets the maximum from the minimum with his vision of off-kilter techno composed using a solitary Korg MS-20.
  • Russell Haswell’s spangled take on Chicago house, some techno squidgers and a rhythmic noise frazzler on his mini-album on Diagonal.
  • Precision engineered, minimal techno master builder Robert Hood’s third Paradygm Shift 12” on Dekmantel.
  • Cold Waves of Color Volume 5 compl LP inc. Void, The Lord, Modern Art, Lives of Angels, Echophase etc. Edition of 500 copies with zine.
  • Rrose & Lucy hook up again - welcome to the technodrone.
  • Isle of Jura reissue Ingleton Falls 'Champagne In Mozambique' on wax. Coulda been a 90s chill out room classic had it not been an ultra-limited cassette.
  • Got a bunch of Collin Gorman Weiland and Beau Wanzer records on Jealous God in while ya’ll hoovered up the SS MD / Pye Corner Audio one.
  • Lush, emotive stuff on Antinote from Italian producer Leonardo Martelli.
  • Two delightful mind melters on Sun Araw’s Sun Ark imprint from Galaxy Express 555 and Samuli Tanner. Both are cordially recommended.
  • Population One aka Terrance Dixon remixes cuts from his 1995 Hippnotic Culture album. The remix of ‘Rush Hour’ is breathtaking!
  • flica takes a more lo-fi and minimal approach to his romantic ambient work.
  • 5CD box set on Pica Disc / End of the Alphabet from NZ’s finest tinkerer Omit, collecting those ultra-rare CDRs you can’t get for sexual favours nor money.
  • Helm gets remixed by Parris, Low Jack, Laurel Halo, Beneath and Sky H1 plus proper ominous, anxious gear from Nick Klein, both on Alter.
  • Abrasive head flossers from racket poppas The New Blockaders. 150 copies moosh.
  • +++ Eblen Macari reissue on Seance Centre, Dead Fader LP on Parachute, Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt album on Growing Bin, John Tejada album on Kompakt, Man Power EP on DGTL, Limited EP from The Golden Filter on Optimo Music, Suba 2LP on Offen Music, Phew album on Mesh-Key +++


Next week: Please get set for a new EXCLUSIVE title on Public House. Oh yes. They are still going.

Until then bait your breath.

Team Norman x

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Daoud, Phil, Nathon and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “A zest of wit“.

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The Jam
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