Weekly Update The Darkside, Stupid Cosmonaut, Sun Kil Moon, MAGMA, Laksa, and more...

This Week’s Stuff:

  • The big hitters are coming. Check the latest Pre-orders for details.

Good news! We’re getting some industrial sized heaters. Therefore we will finally stop whining about how cold we are. Finally. In other news there’s loads of exciting pre-orders on the site. Yup the music industry is out of its slumber at last and you can now book your copies of records from the likes of Ride, The Breeders, Sun Kil Moon, Cavern of Anti Matter, Chris Carter, Songs Ohia. Some of these may even contain new music.

Ok, on with the show…..

Careful now...some new sounds have squeaked out.

  • Slo-mo acoustic rural flutterings from Visionary Hours.
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The favourite band of all leather jacket manufacturers.
  • It's a Shame.
  • Panda Bear has a day with his homies. Watch out they’ll put a cap in your ass.
  • First new album in 39 years from Deaf School. Vinyl delayed I think.
  • Gulp play pretty electronic pop. One of them is a Super Furry Animal.
  • Inventive hip-hop from Lando Chill.
  • Prettiest Eyes. Ah they shouldn’t have named their band after me.
  • Punk-industrial-krautrock-technoid lot RMFTM complete their trilogy.
  • New year, new us, same old psych rock from Mythic Sunship amongst others.
  • The Toylettes. Toy-lettes….toilets...geddit?
  • Typhoons try to make 2018’s most widescreen record.
  • Paul Messis makes he kind of power pop where the ‘g’s are left off the end of words.
  • Sekel were born gloomy for all our post punk pleasures.
  • Only the lushest synth-scapes will do for Stupid Cosmonaut.
  • Acid Pauli is the one from the Notwist doing a soundtrack.

As usual, bloody loads.

  • Chromatics ten year old ‘Nite’ comes on green or cherry red vinyl. Your choice.
  • Brilliant lo-fi post punk and primitive electronics from Solid Space.
  • The Durutti Column re-releases ‘The Guitar and Other Machines’. Never knowingly seen in the same room as Dot Cotton.
  • Big box set from Rugby’s third best band The Darkside.
  • Your old favourite band The Hives couldn’t get away with that album title in 2018.
  • 90’s pop people Butterfly Child get their classic unpronounceable album re-issued.
  • A retrospective of Magma live shows performed around the time superfan Steve Davis was busy getting his 136 against Alex Higgins.
  • Big box of Sabbath.
  • A re-issue of Jessica Curry’s ‘So Let Us Melt’. Never a dhal moment with this composer.
  • Just in is Serein’s re-press of the marvellous Brambles album ’Charcoal’. RIYL Hauschka etc.

Fewer music…

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

He wrote all this today and did the School run.

  • Jonas Reinhardt nu-kosmische vibrations on Deep Distance.
  • Russian bloodclaat jungle insomnia from tnc6 on Blackest Ever Black.
  • MALK (aka Mahatma X) distills beauty from chaos on an LP informed by cyberpunk and vaporwave.
  • Reduced, elegant, dubby house/techno from Persuasion (aka Stefan Jós) on Black Opal. Plus ‘The Harvest of a Quiet Eye’ 18-track double cassette on Opal tapes with eye popping art. Feat. Patricia, Rian Treanor, Basic House, Bass Clef, Sciahri etc.
  • Berceuse Heroique motherlode; Heap edits, Benoit B mini-LP, Zov Zov aka Oliver Ho (Broken English Club) and Tommy Gillard, Black Merlin ‘Archives’, Hodge EP, and SKRS (Seekerinternational) mutant reggae on sister label Ancient Monarchy.
  • Cybernetic-electro-robo-cyborg type gear from Atom™ & Lisokot on Raster Music. Wax is limited to 300 copies with dwelling remortgage price tag.
  • Sub heavy EP from Parris and Ekman acid filth, both on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • Tokyo artist Phew layers and manipulates her vocals on ‘Voice Hardcore’. CD at the mo’ with wax to follow…
  • DeepChord & Fluxion present Transformations. Lush dub techno collab.
  • Sonar Base’s sought after ‘Sonar Bases 4-10’ electro gem remastered on wax!
  • Awesome, exotic, mystical, cosmic synth archival release on Dead-Cert from Ami Shavit - like an ancient, Persian Tangerine Dream meets JD Emmanuel.
  • Limited edition 10"s on Bedouin sister label Bastakiya Tapes from Eomac, Laksa and Sully.
  • Gantz ‘Dying on Acid’ (LOL) EP on Mala’s Deep Medi Musik.
  • Melbourne duo Silver Linings return with an album of squelching modern electro-funk and slick soul.
  • Three Heldon LPs of classic, electronic proggy rock reissued on coloured wax.
  • Detroit’s Omar S invites us to ‘Tap Dat Ass’. 12” on his FXHE label.
  • Anonymous Delusional Eros’ compilation LP on the most excellent Nous Disques incl. Dreams, Gaunt, Sweat, D104, Ayln and Agxp.
  • Nyege Nyege Tapes survey the Tanzania Singeli scene via the Sisso Records studio. Whirlwind, rapid beats and speedy MCs. ‘Sounds of Sisso’ is a proper head spinner.
  • Italo disco don dada Fred Ventura’s ‘Lost House Trax 1988-1992’ on Mannequin.
  • Belgian techno stable Token celebrate 10 years in the game with ‘Momentum’ incl. Rødhåd & Sigha, Oscar Mulero & Inigo Kennedy, Kr!z & Ctrls, Antigone & Ø [Phase] etc.
  • Harbinger Sound compile ‘Low Tech’ 80’s industrial/primitive electronics/noise works from Kanker Kommando.
  • Raw beer fueled Jams from TBZ on Robert Bergman’s Brew label.
  • Aleksi Perälä’'s 'Simulation' 2LP on Clone Basement Series re-pressed.
  • Moodymann’s sought after 2001 ‘Telephone’ EP on Peacefrog re-pressed.
  • Loads more clobber from the likes of; SFV Acid, Pepe Bradock, Anthony Linell, Tuomo Väänänen etc.

As belts get tightened we can assist with these snips….


That’s yer lot.

Team Norman x

Words: Clint and Ant. Work: Kim, Jamie, Benn, Robin!, Phil, Nathon (the daddy), and Ian.

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