Weekly Update Goldie X Skepta, Phantom Horse, Movie Brain, Cremation Lily, Robert Forster w/ Jherek Bischoff & String Quartet, and more...

This Week’s Stuff:

Absolute Final Deadline for UK Christmas shipping.

UK folks: You are in Last Chance Saloon now with regards to Christmas. Place your orders by 2pm today (21st December) to have any chance of getting them in time for the big day. And even then we can’t guarantee it.

Gift Vouchers:

If you’re too late and haven’t got a loved one anything then get them one of our Gift Vouchers. Even if they hate records they will love these. You can even print them off yourself. Leave it as late as possible! Challenge yourself!

Opening Hours:

We’re open until 4PM Friday 22nd December at which point we'll be off until Tuesday 2nd January. The site will still be operational even while we're not, but there won't be anyone around to pack orders, answer queries, etc. Phil has literally never had a holiday in his 47 years of life so he’s really looking forward to this break.

Now for the few bits and bats that have come our way this week.


Working the dreaded Christmas shift, bless them.

  • Finally got some copies of the Annabel (Lee) album in. You must buy this. Ok?
  • Mansun. Not Hanson.
  • Can’t wait for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s Royal Wedding.
  • Robert Forster is a Go-Between for all seasons.
  • Movie Brain provide dream pop for the shiver months.
  • Pulp meets the Smiths freaks Faerground Accidents
  • No idea who these Grantham Rockers are.
  • We got more of these much sought after Michael Head LPs. There’s a snag...there’s slight damage to the corners but really not all that bad.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Watching his kids faces light up when they open their Prurient box sets...

  • NON artist Mhysa has an album of fractured/futuristic electronica meets modern R&B on Halcyon Veil. Like Beyoncé meets Rabit and Chino Amobi.
  • DJ Lycox 21st Century, pop laced Kuduro on Lisbon’s Principe Discos Label.
  • Double cassette of forlorn ambient from Cremation Lily. Edition of 100 copies.
  • Hypnotic, Krautrock schooled, polyrhythmic and ancient synth action from Phantom Horse on Umor Rex.
  • Edition of 200 copies LP on Entr’acte from Michael Anacker’s Kallabris. Swinburne poetry/spoken word over backdrops of avant electronics and beats.
  • ++++ 12”s from Richard Fearless, Goldie x Skepta, Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code.


We’d like to wish all our customers a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thanks for your continued custom and support.

And, finally, a heartfelt goodbye to Laurie who has escaped our sad castle and will be earning a living by way of an Actual Proper Job. Thanks for the good times, little man.

Team Norman x

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant.

Work: Kim, Daoud, Jamie, Benn, Phil, Nathon, Laurie (Season Finale Edition) and Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
No One Rules More At Negotiating Record Expertise. Clearly Outstanding Record Delivery Skills.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Erskine Lynas

Lease of Youth

8/10 from Robin

Slightly off to the kilter of Local Action’s usual way of being is Erskine Lynas’ ‘Lease of Youth’, but it’s easy to see why the label ended up b...read on »

DJ Richard

Path Of Ruin

8/10 from Robin

House vampire DJ Richard returns with more of his spooky dance consultations, furthering my growing suspicion that long dusty library aisles would make good club spaces. From ...read on »

Lotte Kestner

Off White

8/10 from Robin

Once the extremely slow driving force behind glacial sadbuds Trespassers’ William, Anna-Lynne Williams has used her Lotte Kestner moniker as a vehicle for homemade cover...read on »

Alessandro Adriani


8/10 from Ant

Tougher than your Dad’s Viagra-fuelled boner, EBM nailers from Mannequin bossman Alessandro Adriani (Jealous God, Pinkman, Stroboscopic Artefacts etc.) This cranky hand-...read on »

Cremation Lily

The Processes and Instruments of Normal People; Trying and Failing, Falling and Water Running

8/10 from Ant

Cremation Liliy (Harbinger Sound, Opal Tapes, Alter etc.) aka Zen Zsigo makes a further departure from his harsher noise/power electronic roots with this double cassette of fo...read on »



8/10 from Ant

Mhysa’s ‘fantasii’ finally sees the light of day on vinyl, after kicking about on digital for about six months. Released on Rabit’s excellent Halcyon V...read on »

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Movie Brain
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Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band
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