Weekly Update The Western Caravan featuring Thirsty Dave Hansen, Various, Turtle, The Beatles, Vanligt Folk, and more...

This Week’s Stuff:

  • Time is running out. Let our Christmas Gift Guide do its job and sort out your Christmas worries. If not then may we suggest to you, um, a lovely gift voucher?
  • Christmas-ready box sets, more posh vinyl, books, accessories, etc. All here.

OVERSEAS FOLK: in the unlikely even you’re still shopping with us for Christmas gifts...good luck with that, you are cutting it *very* fine indeed, to put it mildly.

UK FOLK: if you haven’t placed your Christmas orders yet then we urge you to do so immediately, otherwise you might find yourself caught up in a throng of Saturday shoppers and hurled unceremoniously into the ladies gloves department of Fenwicks. It’s nasty out there. As is the weather: we’ve had to start burning Elbow records to keep warm.

Here are some other records that we saved from becoming cinders…..


  • Christmas-loving guitar twiddler Yellow 6 releases his latest seasonal opus.
  • Darren Almond plays all kinds of indian ethnic instruments to relax you. Marc’s lad, y’know?
  • Swans chanteuse Jarboe hooks up with Father (not John Misty) Murphy.
  • Blissful ambience from Winchester’s very own Good Weather For An Airstrike.
  • Heart wrenchingly, the new OMD song is about having a dog put to sleep. Cheer them up by getting their B Sides and Bonuses disc.
  • Two new things on Sound In Silence from Panoptique Electrical and Test Card.
  • Our esteemed colleagues at Rough Trade have released another of their Counter Culture comps.
  • Leeds llama/alpaca lovers Treeboy & Arc are produced by Sir Matthew Johnson of Twitter fame.
  • Big JamieXX/Jon Hopkins-style beats and widescreen electronica from Turtle.
  • Information that will probably see me sacked as a marketing guru…. the sold out Annabel (Lee) album is so good you should head over to their Bandcamp page to listen to it.


  • James...nothing wrong with ‘serviceable’.
  • Roy Harper. Now completely cleared of any wrongdoing.
  • May we present the Beatles. For fans of Guided By Voices/Oasis.
  • A marvellous BBC session by the clanking dark witch of doom Nico
  • Where to start with Fela Kuti? How about here?

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

His enjoyment of the new Merzbow album has been ruined by having to attend yet another Christmas Nativity.

  • Lush drone works on Editions Mego from The Transcendence Orchestra aka Surgeon and Daniel Bean. Highly recommended.
  • Batch of fine echospace [detroit] CDs from Radius, Phase90 and DC Trax (DeepChord) who also rebuild Fluxion on a 10”.
  • Snazzy 76pp book + 33 track ‘Movements’ CD set on Touch incl. Mika Vainio, Philip Jeck, Russell Haswell, Eleh, Jim O'Rourke, Oren Ambarchi, Chris Watson etc.
  • Biosphere’s2002 gem ‘Shenzhou’ remastered w/ bonus ‘'The Samphire Tower' album.
  • Claude Speeed and Ekoplekz augment their recent Planet Mu albums with some limited edition tapes.
  • Rrose cuts straight outta the Plastikman school.
  • Golden era 90’s electronics from RX-101. Check if you dig early μ-Ziq, Rephlex etc. Also on Suction, ‘Snow Robots Volume 4’ EP incl. Beau Wanzer, Morah, Civil Defence Programme, June, Digital Poodle, June, Celldöd, and Ceramic Hello!
  • Serene ambient reworks of DeepChord from The Chi Factory on Astral Industries.
  • Marcel Dettmann presents Rauch - his drone work for photos of post-World War II European monasteries.
  • Tasty ‘The Acceptable Presence Pt. 2’ compilation on Light Sounds Dark.
  • Cold Wave action on Dais from Martial Canterel aka half of Xeno & Oaklander.
  • Stomping 7” of comatose acid sleaze from Skull Defekt Jean-Louis Huhta as Dungeon Acid.
  • CP Smith 'DJ Tools Vol​.​1 - 808 Tracks' Ronseal 12" on CPU.
  • Kompakt’s Speicher series hits a ton with a celebratory ‘Speicher 100’ 2x12”.
  • UK producer Future Beat Alliance’s vision of Detroit techno collected on 3LP.
  • Pair of Street themed soundtrack tapes on Spun Out Of Control from Timothy Fife & Dave Ellesmere and Remote Viewing. 150 copies of each.
  • Vanligt Folk break the 11th Commandment - Thou shalt not sample Autechre.
  • Trippy stuff from Digital Release, who make “deep-psychic-technology sounds”.
  • Broken English Club / Claus Fuss techno/EBM nailers-on Khemia.
  • If you don't already own Aleem's 1984 electro-uber-classic 'Release Yourself' then now’s your chance to buy 100% street cred.
  • Laurel Halo’s ‘Hour Logic’ record from 2011 back in print.
  • Deep, dubby techno clobber from Brendon Moeller on Echocord Color.

Small Things:

Cheap stuff!

That’s your lot. We’re getting an early night in preparation for our Christmas do on Friday which will hopefully include an alcohol-fuelled burning of Croydon House.

: Clint and Ant. Work: Kim, Daoud, Jamie, Benn, Hats, Nathon, Laurie, and Mr Shoegaze.

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Customer Compliment of the Week:
“15 minutes brisk walk from Leeds station along the canal”.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Annabel (lee)

The Cleansing

9/10 from Clinton

Strangely, the first album by this duo came out on Ninja Tune but this one is on Youngbloods. I'm not sure what happened between but the 'Tune are missing a trick with this a ...read on »

Jung Body

Real Eternal Bliss

9/10 from Jamie

Jung Body wrote and recorded the 8 songs on this album -- all concerning the people in his life that he loved and lost -- during a 4-year period of constant turmoil, and somet...read on »


Running to the Red [merry6mas2017]

8/10 from Clinton

Screw the bloody John Lewis ad. Especially that those purveyors of unwelcome stodge Elbow are involved. No, the real advent of Christmas here at Norman Towers is the Yellow 6 ...read on »

Test Card


8/10 from Clinton

Test Card (I like the name, don't you?) is the name used by Canada based Brit Lee Nicholson who was once part of Preston's Formula One back in the 1990's. Here he turns his th...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

The title, the sleeve, the artist name are all things that might make you pass by this record without a cursory glance but you might be missing a treat. Glaswegian producer Jo...read on »

Panoptique Electrical

Quiet Ecology

8/10 from Jamie

Jason Sweeney has kindly dusted down that old piano in the corner of his living room to bring you these soothing excursions across the ivories. Sweeney has even drafted in Zo&...read on »

Darren Almond

All Things Pass

8/10 from Jamie

Darren Almond presents on this record, ‘All Things Pass’, a collection of audio recordings to accompany his video installation of the same name. Concerning transie...read on »


The Ends of Weather

8/10 from Ant

My affection for Rrose records is well documented on these pages so I’ll try not to go off on one like some sad fanboy and drool all over my keyboard. This is a good &ls...read on »

DC Trax (DeepChord)

The Octal Years

8/10 from Ant

I’m sure you folks must be getting sick of me by now… every other time you click on an echospace record, my big stupid Welsh head is there gushing everywhere &ldq...read on »

The Chi Factory

Red Lantern at the Kallikatsou

8/10 from Clinton

Easily confused, I can't quite get to the bottom of what these the Chi Factory recordings are. What it seems to be is a long term collaboration between original Chi Factory le...read on »

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