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This Week’s Stuff:

  • Panic not about the festivities. Let our Christmas Gift Guide do its job. If not then…ahem....Gift Voucher?

No top 50 lists this week, sorry: we’re all judged out. Instead it’s back to the sad old drawing board and you’ll have to settle for our routine top one album of the week, plus a general list of other things we mused on. As the weeks wearily struggle towards the end of 2017, we’d just like you to know that we’re buying Phil a Christmas hat. He’s gonna hate it.


It’s the circle of...


Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Spring cleaning? I call it Deep House.

  • Colin Potter eventually figured out what to do with sounds he began working on over 20 years ago.
  • Mini LP from Visible Cloaks, depicting a surreal, utopian future..
  • Seance Centre bundle together Dutch sound artist Michel Banabila’s LSD inspired first LP from 1983 with a compilation of works spanning 20 years.
  • Surprise album of warped, deep techno emissions from Kassem Mosse.
  • Classy, intricate, cinematic album on PAN from M.E.S.H.
  • EXO3’ compilation 2LP on Ekster incl. Gigi Masin, Suzanne Kraft, Polysick, Hiele, Hantrax, Elko B. etc.
  • New 4-track EP of Detroit dub techno bliss from DeepChord, plus ‘Auratones’ wax back in stock.
  • Thought-provoking ambient from Minais B aka Villads Klint of Khalil (Posh Isolation). Edition of 250 copies, single-sided 12" in a printed PVC sleeve.
  • Post-punk/electro-wave EP on Mannequin from Led Er Est’s Sam de la Rosa.
  • Blawan’s stomping and grinding ‘Nutrition’ 2x12” on his Ternsec label repressed.
  • Dub drenched LP from Terekke and a diverse 12” ranging from tough to dreamy from Florian Kupfer, both on L.I.E.S.
  • Uplifting and feel good mash of styles from the impressive Damiano von Erckert.
  • Pure class, urgent, Detroit techno futurism from Terrence Dixon in his unique style.
  • Model 500 eternal classic ‘No UFOs’ 2x12” on Metroplex with Moodymann and Luciano remixes.
  • Scored some copies of George Harrison’s underrated 1968 ‘Electronic Sound’ LP of trippy Moog soundscapes.

And a few more before the school nativity gets cranked up……..

  • Heavyweight, dancefloor detonations from The Bug feat. Flowdan and Killa P + Irah.
  • Mystical techno from 6D22 aka Giorgio Luceri, incl. ominous remix by Heinrich Mueller (aka Gerald Donald of Drexicya / Dopplereffekt).
  • Limited yellow and white splatter vinyl 12" EP on FireScope Records from Steven Rutter who produces all the B12 stuff these days.
  • Greg Beato compiles a bunch of bangers produced under his El Tipo Mas Bonito En La Generacion De Los Feos alias.
  • Goner's wonderful 'Yogascum' tape on Hospital Productions now vinylized by Hallow Ground.
  • The Truss and Tessela brothers return to XL as Overmono with a touch of nostalgia for Welsh raves.
  • Pulverizing Merzbow power-tronix EP on Bedouin.
  • Superb sci-fi techno from DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa with colder than a witch’s tit remix from Shifted.
  • Prins Thomas boots off his new label with a full-range album veering from dark acid to disco.
  • Spanish techno fiend Oscar Mulero remixed by Donato Dozzy, Shlømo and Chevel.
  • Chill, “fourth world ambient” styles from Palta on Melody As Truth.
  • Psychedelic melters on Lullabies For Insomniacs from Tarotplane.
  • Hallucinatory dreamworlds CD from tape looper Stuart Chalmers. 50 copies with scavenged individual negative film.
  • Twelve inches / EPs; John FM on The Trilogy Tapes, Molinaro on Apron, Move D & Jordan GCZ on Off Minor, Neal Howard on Clone Classic Cuts, Colm K on All City, J.G. Biberkopf on Danse Noir, Lastminuteman on Wherethetimegoes, John Selway / Seltav on Future Times, Sabla on Disk, Nukubus on Laura Lies In etc.

Small Things:

  • And the winner of Christmas this week is… Girl Ray. That’s out on 7”.
  • Goat Girl tell us about the saliva that comes out your mouth when pulling crackers.
  • Excellent solo Deerhunterings from Moon Diagrams.
  • Dream Themes play TV Theme tunes. Guaranteed to clear the office Christmas party.
  • The runner-up for Peters of the week is Mike Peters; Mark Peters wins with an album on cassette.

Even More:

That’s your lot. It’s cold...why not wear a big cloak?


Robin, Clint and Ant. Work: Kim, Daoud, Jamie, Benn, Phil, Nath, Laurie, and Star Wars.
Customer Compliment of the Week: “My John album turned up quickly.”

Read our Feefo reviews while we try and locate “John”.

Last of the Summer Brine.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Cucumber Water

9/10 from Robin

Together at last: 12” wax and the music of local psychedelic fools (yes, fools) Engine! This band of giddy experimentalists pack a heck of a live show -- in part thanks on »

J.G. Biberkopf

Fountain Of Meaning

8/10 from Robin

I swear J. G. made super intense sound art the last time I was listening to him, but sure: go rend hearts. Having made two passionately visceral records of gushing digital on »

Mini Dresses

Mini Dresses

8/10 from Clinton

Let me just read that bit on our site again. LP on.....Warners? You mean the big company that made Bugs Bunny etc? Odd because Mini Dresses are a fey trio whose music and on »

The Soap Opera

Ready To Hatch

8/10 from Clinton

How sad we would all be if it weren't for indie pop. It's just so damn perky.  The Soap Opera are the latest to worship at the C86 altar but they also go back all the on »



8/10 from Jamie

Romy Xeno has made this here lushly beautiful album -- with producer Sam Dust -- as Xenoula. Romy has called her record ‘Xenoula’, in fact. It’s a delicate on »

Martina Lussi

Selected Ambient

8/10 from Jamie

Martina Lussi is a composer and sound sculptor who uses electroacoustic components in her performance and recording process. That all sounds a bit lofty and overly wordy: on »

Hank Jackson


8/10 from Ant

The inaugural release on anno, comes from NYC producer Hank Jackson who’s previously been spotted on Mister Saturday Night and Anthony Naples Proibito label. ‘ on »

DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa

F Planet

8/10 from Ant

New York producer DJ Spider and German producer Franklin De Costa have combined forces in the past for a pair of EPs on Killekill. They’ve reconvened for a plate on the on »


Northern Shores EP

8/10 from Clinton

It's easy to take an artist like Deepchord for granted. He churns out album after album, EP after EP of glorious dreamy techno and as a result you can find yourself ignoring on »


Plant Age

8/10 from Clinton

After a few EP releases on L.I.E.S Terekke finally drops the big one after 5 years of experimentation with beats and basic equipment. It's a slow moving burble of an album, on »

Damiano von Erckert

In Case You Don't Know What To Play

8/10 from Clinton

Damiano Von Erckert Has been fast getting reputation as a unique talent in the world of dance music. He wants to make people happy which, in 2017, is a very good thing to do. on »



8/10 from Ant

Good old Masami Akita relentlessly churns them out at a rate which means it’s easy to become overwhelmed, even intimidated by the endless output of this hugely prolific on »

Colin Potter

The Abominable Slowman

8/10 from Robin

Definitely Ant’s bag, this record, but apparently he “has to go give his daughter her packed lunch and then go to her nativity play”. Honestly he should on »

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