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This year’s top records:

It’s that time again: our Albums of the Year. Previous recent winners have included Sleaford Mods, Bracken, Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith... who will get the coveted accolade this time?

Head over to Twitter or Facebook to shout at us about how hierarchical lists are dead, proclaim us as morons for forgetting your favourite record, berate us for the temerity of decreeing the musical year as officially done-and-dusted whilst the calendar still reads 2017, yada yada.

Oh yeah...and 30% off this little lot until the clocks chimes midnight and advent officially begins. All from this year. 2017. There’s still a month to go, didn’t you know?

This Week’s Stuff:

Could it actually be any colder here at Norman Towers? I’m filing a lawsuit against Phil as we speak. The good news is your records will probably defrost in the mail, so you personally have nothing to worry about. Here we go:


It’s my first day.



  • Remember when we didn’t hate the Arcade Fire? At all?
  • There’s always a Loren Connors album. This one’s noisy, though.
  • Wilco. Can you take a band with a frontman called “Tweedy” seriously?
  • Olde industrial frolics from Lard.
  • Flying Saucer Attack made true on their name with some live noising.
  • So young, and yet so reissued: it’s the first Ultimate Painting LP.
  • The Penguin Cafe Orchestra: version one!
  • We got more of the vinyl edition of Neil Young’s ‘Harvest Moon’, re-pressed for Bleak Friday.
  • Stoner-rock longhairs Elder.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

Hell yeah I like M.E.S.H: My Eldest Son Henry*.

  • As usual, Prurient is angry for a very long time.
  • Zomby’s homage to, and re-imagining of Wiley’s Eskibeat sound, with gleaming futuristic sound palette, on Modern Love.
  • Dystopian music to play in the dark on Editions Mego from Shampoo Boy member Chra aka Christina Nemec.
  • Scowling JK Flesh rippers on Downwards.
  • Aquatic infused audio from Posh Isolation, KYO, Croatian Amor etc. folks Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin on Editions Mego.
  • Bestial dancefloor energy from Clark with a limited 12” and 10” part two from GAIKA, both on Warp.
  • Ambient and classical injected techno from Jules Venturini on Whities.
  • Synth module manufacturer Make Noise follow up that Alessandro Cortini record with a mini-LP of modular synth soundscapes from Hypoxia aka L.A’s Drumcell.
  • Neil Landstrumm re-imagines oldskool bleep ‘n’ bass on CPU.
  • LP of broken beat, jazz, house, and hip hop mutations from Henry Keen. Tip for fans of Theo Parrish, Rhythm Section etc. Edition of 500 copies.
  • Limited 12” from NYC’s Hank Jackson with his take on the classic Chain Reaction / Monolake sound. Edition of 200 copies.
  • Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald remixed by Carl Craig, then remixed by DJ Deep.
  • Vancouver’s Pender Street Steppers aka Jack J and Liam Butler back on Mood Hut.
  • Psychedelic ‘Invisible Family 2’ compilation EP on Glasgow’s Invisible, Inc.
  • Pure grotty, comatose filth, edition of 200 copies cassette + 7" on V I S from Fallbeil.
  • Old enough to remember the legendary Irdial Discs label? Well, Thee J Johanz has unleashed some golden era electronica tracks from his DAT archives.
  • ADULT. remixed by Silent Servant, Shannon F, Barry Adamson and Liars.
  • Theo Parrish's 1996 'The Baby Steps EP' reissued on his Sound Signature label.
  • Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3’ Krautrock and Kosmische action on Soul Jazz.
  • Twelvers; Tr One on Don't Be Afraid, The Orb + Fenin / Bus on Shitkatapult, Makaton nailers on Blueprint.

Good, isn’t he?

Small Ones

Small but annoyingly persistent. Like Phil!

Even More:

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  • Visit our graveyard...70% off hundreds of vinyl (and CD) corpses.

Phew! Tomorrow: get set for our Christmas Gift Guide. Our annual attempt to profit from people’s general confusion/desperation at this time of year.

Sleep well. Mull something.

Words: Robin, Clint and Ant. Work: Kim, Daoud, Jamie, Benn, Phil, Nath and Ian. Bye Laurie!

Customer Compliment of the Week: “A lovely concrete monstrosity.”

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* Eldest son not actually called Henry.
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Virginia Wing / XAM Duo

Tomorrow’s Gift

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Roger Eno

This Floating World

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Michael Begg | Mélenchon Brève

One True Vine

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Otto A Totland

The Lost

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Big Thief


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The Slowest Lift

The Slowest Lift

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Flying Saucer Attack

In Search Of Spaces

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Bad Daddies

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We Like We

Next To The Entire All

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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard


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