Weekly Update Patrick Cowley, Teleman, Idlewild, Frak, Jawbreaker, and more...

Like Guns and the Roses said…’November Rain’. We know exactly what they meant. Because it’s November, and it’s raining. But it’s not all bad because it’s Black Friday tomorrow. Instead of knocking a fiver off a hoover you have to punch someone’s face in for, we have a small bunch of exclusive titles that you will find here. They’ll go up at about 9.30am (UK time) tomorrow i.e. 24th November 2017.


Exciting new sounds…..

  • Complete with amazingly fluffy hair is Bjork.
  • English pop group Teleman politely hand-rear five new things.
  • Sufjan Stevens releases outtakes from his devastating ‘Carrie & Lowell’ album. But you can only get it on tape at the moment. Doubly devastating...
  • ...although you can get a new 12” from Sufjan which includes a download of a load of live stuff.
  • Weezer just won’t stop, will they?
  • Aye it’s posh, man. Geordies Lanterns on the Lake get backed by one of them poncey bloody orchestras.
  • Plastic Crimewave are weirdos playing wigged-out sound.
  • Historic fuzz, doom and SABBATH from Zong.
  • The OCS is in at last after last week’s false start...and it is good.
  • Psychedelic rock music from Trupa Trupa.
  • Steve Moore lures listeners to the edges of their seats with synths.
  • Knowing I’m about to be fired I can happily say that funny-browed celebrity brother Noel Gallagher’s new album is...actually ok.
  • Fresh out of Wakefield and slightly in debt to Sonic Youth are Drahla.
  • Emo stalwarts Brand New have matured nicely.
  • Monoganon make sweet electronic pop to crush masculinity with synths.
  • Adrian Lim-Klumpes plays gorgeous piano. No candelabra.


Many many many many many many dad records…..

  • Gravel gargler Tom Waits presents a series of re-issues.
  • Serviceable, celebrity-dating blues duo The Kills.
  • Short-trousered funkateers A Certain Ratio get their past re-vamped.
  • The Ramones really paved the way for the leather jacket/jeans combo.
  • Emo punks Jawbreaker delight record store clerks everywhere.
  • Olafur Arnalds is zippin' up his boots, goin' back to his roots.
  • The Loren Connors re-issue mountain is getting dangerously wobbly.
  • Re-issues from the ‘Scottish REM’ (my ill-chosen words) Idlewild.
  • The Small Faces...psych pop with a man talking gibberish in between.
  • ‘Laughing’ Len Cohen.
  • Jessica Curry’s ‘Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture’ is back out on vinyl so you’d better make samosa’f it. Hmmm, needs work.
  • It’s true. The Velvet Underground invented sunglasses.
  • Nine Inch Nails. An alt rock tour de force (it says here).

Ant’s Electronic Round-up

Legowelt is a kind of Lego, kids.

  • Coil’s ‘Time Machines’ CD finally drones into the present day. Wax has sold out on pre-order, although we do have some copies of their ‘A Cold Cell in Bangkok’ 12”.
  • Mark Van Hoen dusts off his old tapes from when he was a wee ankle biter.
  • 21st Century dancehall from Equiknoxx on DDS.
  • Claro Intelecto returns with an album of techno via IDM on Delsin.
  • Surgeon, Regis and Broken English Club provide brutal remix bangers of Talker’s ‘Battle Standards’ on shiny silver coloured vinyl.
  • Superb 2LP of Jay Glass Dubs tunes compiled by Not Waving.
  • Twisted acid house from Frak on Unknown To The Unknown.
  • OAKE, Mondkopf, Grebenstein, SNTS, These Hidden Hands and Headless Horseman bring the industrial/techno/gloom on the ‘Spheres’ LP.
  • Mannequin compile early UK industrial works from Nigel Ayers and Caroline K’s Nocturnal Emissions.
  • Jackin’ acid trax EP from DMX Krew. Edition of 300 numbered copies.
  • Tresor reissue near-mythical Scopex 12”s. Crucial for all electro fiends.
  • Klara Lewis and Biosphere remixing Carmen Villain.
  • Breezy, 80’s tinged, tropical sunset ambient/house vibes from D.K. on Antinote.
  • Legowelt’s new album features track title of the week ‘My Life In A Bush Of Spaceweed’.
  • Posh Rod Modell (Deepchord) CD + deluxe photobook set.
  • Felix Kubin LP on Editions Mego, inspired by early industrial and instructional films.
  • Svengalisghost 2015 live recording on L.I.E.S. capturing him in fine form.
  • Donato Dozzy & Peter Van Hoesen / Deniro / Matrixxman / Talismann plate on Dekmantel. Plus Joy Orbison contributes to the labels Selectors series.
  • Downtempo, jazzy / minimal dubby electro from Conga Square. First in a new series of 12”s on Palto Flats.
  • Lush ‘Sonambients: The Sound Sculpture of Harry Bertoia’ CD + DVD set.
  • Black magic dancefloor voodoo from Ninos du Brasil on The Bunker New York, backed with ace warehouse mix from Patrick Russell.
  • Best Available Technology excavates a bunch more of his tapes from the 90s.
  • Seba & Ulrich Schnauss collaborate on a drum & bass record = Drum & Schnauss.
  • Psychedelic techno synapse sizzlers on Ostgut Ton from LSD aka Luke Slater (Planetary Assault Systems), Steve Bicknell (Lost) and David Sumner (Function).
  • Third and final record in Dark Entries archival series of Patrick Cowley X-rated movie soundtracks.
  • If you’ve not checked out the Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna album yet, you’d better get your act together.
  • John T. Gast’s ‘Inna Babalon’ re-pressed on black wax.
  • Whole load of 12-inch action; Jules Venturini on Whities, Nuel on Kontra Musik, Limited DJ Swagger job, The It (aka Ron Trent and Harry Dennis), DJ Richard on Dial, Jun Kamoda on Black Acre, Judas (feat. Silent Servant remix), Ploy on Hemlock etc.

Small Ones

Will no-one think of the little ones?

  • This week’s Christmas indie-pop comes from Martha.
  • Someone found some recordings of Jason Molina playing Black Sabbath.
  • Sports do a split with Plush ...not that Plush.
  • Peter King gets straight on with funky business.
  • Electro acoustic ambient on...yes 7” from Sontag Shogun and Moskitoo.


  • Christmas is coming soon. People want gifts. Why not Gift Voucher them?
  • Reductions graveyard ….70% off!

Next week: Our Albums of the Year, our Christmas Gift Guide, and more...all in one week. Pass the gin, we’re going to need it.

Clint and Ant.

Kim, Daoud, James, Benn, Phil, Nathon, the little one and Ian. Robin is in his kennel.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Right bobby dazzlers!”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Adrian Lim-Klumpes

Yield (Preludes & Fugues for Piano)

9/10 from Jamie

Adrian Lim-Klumpes has previously plied his piano-man trade in the bands Triosk (for the Leaf label) and most recently in Tangents, working the keys in a loose, jazzy way. Her...read on »


Scopex 1998-2000

9/10 from Ant

The collective prayers of fellow electro fiends have finally been answered as Tresor celebrate their 300th release with this almighty four 12-inch set to coincide with the 20t...read on »

Jay Glass Dubs


9/10 from Ant

An absolutely glorious double vinyl set of Jay Glass Dubs (Dimitris Papadatos) tracks compiled by Alessio Natalizia (Not Waving), featuring a whole bunch of dubs previous...read on »

Denis Sulta

Our World (With A Boy On Its Shoulders)

8/10 from Clinton

We may get a bit annoyed at Four Tet's twitter page but in real life he still has the reputation of being something of a tastemaker, spinning rare and unheard tunes in his DJ ...read on »

Loren Connors

Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell!

8/10 from Jamie

It’s Loren Connors, it’s a remastered version on 180g vinyl -- limited to 500 copies -- only previously available on CD; it’s the 20th anniversary of one of ...read on »


More Than Machine Remixes

8/10 from Jamie

Here we have a ‘90s experiment rediscovered and brought bang up-to-date, with the help of a few reworks from producer friends, many familiar names and a few less so. Mor...read on »



8/10 from Benn

Apparently, this record was written with the intention of crushing toxic masculinity. Which I guess is a good enough reason as any to write a record of this nature - rather in...read on »

Black Zone Myth Chant

Feng Shen

8/10 from Ant

Maxime Primault (aka High Wolf, Annapurna Illusion, Enfer Boreal, Kunlun etc.) returns to Philippe Hallais’ (aka Low Jack) Editions Gravats label as Black Zone Myth Chan...read on »


Colón Man

8/10 from Ant

Jamaica’s Equiknoxx return to Demdike Stare’s DDS label for the follow up to their ‘Bird Sound Power’ compilation. That particular record really booste...read on »

Ninos du Brasil

Animais Soar O Alarme

8/10 from Ant

The Italian duo of Nico Vascellari and Nicolò Fortuni aka Ninos du Brasil (Hospital Productions, DFA) unleash their huge mutant tribal/ritual/carnival/techno sound on T...read on »

Sufjan Stevens

The Greatest Gift

8/10 from Clinton

Oh lord, dear lord. If you are still drying your eyes from last years Carrie & Lowell record, then prepare to get them all wet with this companion record which comprises o...read on »

Mark Van Hoen

Electronic Music (1982 - 1987)

8/10 from Clinton

Mark Van Hoen is the guy that went on to create such things as Seefeel and Locust but here we have an excellent collection of his home recordings from the 1980's when he was n...read on »


Memory Of A Cut Off Head

8/10 from Clinton

Full disclosure: I don't really like Thee Oh Sees. I've heard they are a brilliant live band but their records hurt my ears and are too garagey and rocking and full of guitar ...read on »

Cosey Fanni Tutti

Time To Tell

8/10 from Ant

This first-time vinyl edition of Cosey’s 1982 cassette ‘Time To Tell’ has been given the deluxe reissue treatment it deserves; remastered and edited from the...read on »

Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna

Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna

8/10 from Ant

Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, Maurizio) follows in the footsteps of former musical partner Mark Ernestus and his Ndagga Rhythm Force project, out into ...read on »

Featured albums

Jules Venturini
Jay Glass Dubs
The Velvet Underground
Jun Kamoda
Seba & Ulrich Schnauss
Adrian Lim-Klumpes
Best Available Technology
Donato Dozzy & Peter Van Hoesen / Deniro / Matrixxman / Talismann
Conga Square
Carmen Villain
Plastic Crimewave Syndicate
Ninos du Brasil
Nine Inch Nails
Sufjan Stevens
Lanterns On The Lake
DJ Richard
Sufjan Stevens
Nocturnal Emissions
Jason Molina
Mark Van Hoen
Various / Joy Orbison
Claro Intelecto
Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna
DJ Swagger
Sontag Shogun & Moskitoo
Harry Bertoia
Peter King
Steve Moore
The It
DMX Krew
Rod Modell
SPORTS / Plush
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Trupa Trupa
Felix Kubin
Patrick Cowley
Brand New
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John T. Gast
Jessica Curry
Small Faces
The Kills