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It’s half past November, and we’re rolling gleefully into the year-end festivities. First, of course, we have to arbitrarily determine what our favourite record of the year is. Thanks for all of your suggestions, even those among you who think shouting “Elbow!” at us is a thing -- you’re going to the back of the class, but you’re doing it in style. Until the big reveal, you can rest assured we’ll be yelling some new albums at you, so let’s get going. And as the old saying goes: “Remember remember… that it’s currently November”.



  • Master of Puppets is back from the deeeeead.
  • Can’t wait to see Nine Inch Nails at Hullabalooza.
  • You can now officially collect that worst of Tame Impala albums.
  • Lovely Durutti are being kind to their friend.
  • Who here needs proof that Paul McCartney was the best Beatle boy?
  • Also, Queen are good.
  • Moon Duo reissue their double psychedelic cratering.
  • Lotsa Zappa reups -- come all ye weird and wacky.

Ant’s Electronic Round-up:

“Call Super? Buddy, it’s hard enough calling my kids downstairs for supper.”

  • First-time vinyl edition of Cosey Fanni Tutti’s often overlooked 1982 ambient album ‘Time To Tell’. Remastered and pressed onto clear wax.
  • A proper headwrecker from master of deranged tape mayhem Aaron Dilloway.
  • The Remote Viewer collate a bunch of unreleased tracks from exhumed minidiscs.
  • Limited ‘More Than Machine Remixes’ CDr on Runningonair incl. Ekoplekz, Olan Mill, Farmer Glitch, Howlround, Guy Birkin, Kemper Norton etc. Edition of 60 copies.
  • An ominous walk into the woods at night with Adriano Zanni. File under: Musick to play in the dark.
  • Limited techno/electro 12” from Steffi on Ostgut Ton. Featuring two cuts from her ‘World Of The Waking State’ album sessions.
  • That there Daphni fellow’s new album now in on vinyl.
  • Moscow’s amusingly monikered Buttechno lands on The Trilogy tapes for an EP of off-kilter techno and beyond.
  • ASC and Lemna killers on Horo.
  • Cavernous, ultra-deep techno minimalism from Unknown Path on Auxiliary.
  • Ace Stelzer/Murray tape of eroded sound and Ekin Fil synthy soundtrack tape, both from the ever great The Helen Scarsdale Agency.
  • Cassette audio document of Kate Carr’s trips up a mountain in extreme conditions.
  • Radio collage split LP fun from People like Us / Porest aka Mark Gergis.
  • Rare solo outing for Max Loderbauer with a super eerie EP on Marionette.
  • New kid on the block Thomas9000 inaugurates Premature Recordings.
  • Stunning, pure, dramatic deep house from Chez Damier.
  • EP of gloriously mental EBM flavoured madness from Torn Hawk.
  • Silent Servant, Kangding Ray and Cassegrain remixing Oscar Mulero bangers.
  • Mall Grab housin’ it up on a hand-stamped 12” EP with Damiano Von Erckert remix.
  • Hybrid, broken grooves and advanced sound design from Peter Van Hoesen.
  • Third and final installment of Kölsch’s autobiographical trilogy on Kompakt.
  • Grayson Gilmour LP of modern Library Music with bonus Paul Jebanasam remix.
  • Bonkers LP of playful squidgy gurgling from F. Ampism.
  • α Juno-2 and Fender Stratocaster droners from prolific Japanese artist Chihei Hatakeyama.
  • Delsin reissue techno/electro/acid gear from the Mysterious Lost Trax.
  • Mammoth rib cage rattlers from Pinch.
  • Peacefrog continue to repress treasured 90’s gear with that Apogee 12” aka Dan Curtin.
  • +++ Fingers Inc. / Robert Owens reissue on Alleviated, John Beltran album on De:Tuned, Dubfire w/ Dense & Pika / Adrian Sherwood Remixes and loads more cool stuff that sold out on pre-order so tough shit.

Christmas 7”s Special:

Like Tiny Tim but made of wax:

  • An avalanche of 7”s make their way yonder through Snowflakes Christmas Single Club, with Bis wish you a ruined Christmas; ditto Seafang, who are embracing the misery of the season. The Liminanas are content to just make the snow a little psych.
  • It’s business as usual elsewhere for slacker humbugs Mush and drum machined scrooges Sons of Raphael.


  • Your regular Cheaps. Now with added new ones. Also: Home Normal bargains.
  • Christmas is coming soon. People want gifts. Why not Gift Voucher them?

Cold out there. Take a sweater. Take a coat. Take a scarf.


Words: Robin, Clint and Ant. Work: Kim, Daoud, James, Benn, Phil, Nathon and Ian. Birthday: Laurie.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “The best record store which has the same name as my dad.”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Paul and Linda McCartney


10/10 from Robin

They’re really paying me to do this. To just write a bunch of nonsense words, nary a review, about Paul and Linda McCartney’s ‘Ram’. The truth is that on »

James Green

Donkey Jukebox

9/10 from Jamie

So, James Green makes admittedly beautiful donkey artwork and you can peruse images of his linocuts and screenprints on the interwebs -- but it’s principally his music on »



9/10 from Benn

I love a good reunion. Quicksand are a band from the 90's that drew inspiration from the classic grungy/hardcore bands of the time and became one of those that you'd on »

Aaron Dilloway


9/10 from Ant

The ever amazing Copenhagen based label Cejero score another ace with this brilliantly demented long player from the master of deranged tape mayhem Aaron Dilloway. I have on »



9/10 from Ant

Sweet Christmas, this tape from Brendan Murray and Howard Stelzer is doing some weird shit to me… the first fifteen-minute track has vaporised me and left my component on »

Leo Anibaldi


9/10 from Ant

In a career spanning some twenty-six years, Italian techno legend Leo Anibaldi has released tons of 12”s but only made three albums. His second, ‘Muta’ was on »


Experimental Batch 26

8/10 from Clinton

This was a Record Store Day 2014 item that appeared just a little too late for us to tell anyone about but now is out again on lovely vinyl.. Its an album of lovely folk on »

The Remote Viewer

Us. In Happier Times

8/10 from Clinton

It's been eleven years since the last the Remote Viewer album the rather lovely 'Let Your Heart Draw A Map'. This 'new' effort is actually a collection of unreleased material on »

F. Ampism

The Unstruck Sound Centre

8/10 from Jamie

‘Wee electronic gurps’: that’s how our Tom has described this and F. Ampism’s ‘rich abilities in the field of sound-tweak’. Job done, on »

Ekin Fil


8/10 from Jamie

The latest limited-edition (150 copies) cassette tape from Helen Scarsdale Agency is this exquisitely ominous and doom-laden synth mini-opus from Istanbul’s Ekin Fil. on »

Kate Carr

From A Wind Turbine To Vultures (And Back)

8/10 from Jamie

Kate Carr continues her work exploring and mapping geographies to their relationships with people, through the medium of sound. The sounds, on ‘From A Wind Turbine To on »

Paul McCartney

McCartney II

8/10 from Clinton

The silliest album ever made. Ten years separate McCartney I and II but it might as well be a lifetime. Where McCartney I was a continuation of the lo-ish fi homespun on »

The Breathing Effect

The Fisherman Abides

8/10 from Clinton

Oh I do like a bit of jazzy post rock. reminds me know...Chicago. The place AND the band. The Breathing Effect are from Los Angeles and one of them has a beard. This on »

The Liminanas with Pascal Comelade

The Curse Of Santa Claus / Silent Night

8/10 from Clinton

It's that time of year when indie people of all persuasions and abilities release festive singles. Gone are the days when this was the area of expertise of Wham!/Elton John on »

Mall Grab

I'll Be In Paris on Sunday

8/10 from Clinton

Ok first up that's not a song title, it's a text. Sadly I'm not about in Paris on Sunday but I'm here in Leeds on a rainy Sunday if you are about?  23 Year old on »

Max Loderbauer


8/10 from Clinton

Really unusual and often quite scary electronics here from Max Loderbauer. Then opening 'Corner' sounds like someone has left a drum machine on whilst an increasing amount of on »

Adriano Zanni


8/10 from Ant

Multi-disciplinary artist Adriano Zanni (Punck) returns to Boring Machines with his first music in some time -- his previous release on the label was a photographic box. On & on »

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