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Sous-chef-in-chief Clint has kindly put the oil in the pan for this week’s update, so it’s time for me to fry up a new twist on an old classic: stirred update. This week’s news: we’ve had a sale. It was motivated by our love of sporadically apologising to people on the internet for not being as responsive as usual. Next week we’ll be less aloof, on that you can depend.


No non - bullet points this week. Too sleepy.


Ant’s Electronic Round-up

Trick or treating with Truss.

  • Edition of 99 copies The Rita ‘Toe Cleavage’ 7x tapes of harsh wall noise in wooden box.
  • Not Waving album of EBM/Acid/Rave/Pop on Ecstatic.
  • Peacefrog have repressed Moodymann’s ‘Forevernevermore’ 2LP. Classic Detroit house/disco/funk.
  • Pure rippers from Tzusing on Bedouin. Last handful of copies!
  • Tomoko Sauvage’s most pleasant hydrophone recordings of water filled ceramic bowls.
  • Crazy fluxus madness from Henning Christiansen.
  • NovaMute back in action with bangers from Planet Rouge boss Terence Fixmer.
  • bvdub’s epic ‘Heartless’ album finally arrived in stock.
  • Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement ambient-dub album ‘Ambient Black Magic’ on 2CD.
  • Limited GAIKA 10” on Warp feat. Miss Red on the mic.
  • Bunch of limited tapes on Umor Rex from Mikrovolt, Levels, TüTH and Maymind.
  • Objekt’s second white label 12” job comes back around.
  • Big Afro/tribal house tune caned by Four Tet and Ben UFO from Glasgow’s Denis Sulta on his Sulta Selects label.
  • Golden era Regis Live in NYC.
  • Ultra-chill melters from Vancouver’s Cloudface on Mood Hut.
  • Tunes from Radioactive Man’s recent album remixed by Dexorcist, Ben Pest, Pain Struck Stanley and BiggaBush.
  • Dark, cinematic IDM from Belief Defect on Raster Noton. Now on wax.
  • EP from Derry’s Autumns channelling Drexciya/UR into his post-punk techno sound.
  • Chi-town footworkers from Traxman on Teklife and DJ Tre on Hyperdub.
  • Pricey/posh audiophile pressing 12” from Jeff Mills.
  • Luke Slater as Planetary Assault Systems - top notch as ever!
  • Heartbreaking ambient tape from Talbot Fade.
  • Ambient/drone freaks check out Olan Mill or Otto Lindholm.
  • Cool/weird ambient pop/disrupted folk collage/sampling oddball LP from Bons.
  • Tres Demented aka Carl Craig’s ‘Brainfreeze’ reissued with Luciano Remix
  • Lest we forget this lot: AB2088 7” on CPU, CYNE album on Project: Mooncircle goes deluxe, rRoxymore 12” on Don’t Be Afraid, Gajek album on Monkeytown, Celestial Trax on PTP, Gel Set LP on 2MR, Rone on InFine, Harmonious Thelonious on The Trilogy Tapes, Toresch on Offen Music


Typing about them as quickly as they are playing, here are cuts from the Lovely Eggs and Van Allen Belt.


That’s it. And it’s all well and good, but next week’s the one you really wanna watch out for, because there’s a new Public House record coming out. What could it possibly be?

Words by Robin, Clint and Ant. Work by Kim, Laurie, Daoud, Ian, Jamie, Benn and Mr. Chatterbox. Web Bot: Nathon.

Customer Compliment of the Week: “Thanks for your kind attention.”

What? I wasn’t listening. Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Time Machines

10/10 from Ant

Originally issued back in 1998 on Coil’s own Eskaton label and credited to Time Machines, this stone cold classic album has now been credited to Coil and remastered and on »

Isnaj Dui


9/10 from Jamie

It’s the very welcome return of Isnaj Dui with a new full-length album for Halifax-based Rural Colours. Katie English is ceaselessly creative and has made a collection on »

Talbot Fade

My Voice Would Reach You

9/10 from Ant

The third album from Talbot Fade (Yamaneko, Local Action) is an intensely personal, cathartic sonic articulation of his emotions following the loss of his mother. Having read on »

Otto Lindholm


9/10 from Robin

Here lies some seasonal dark ambient, made just in time to usher in the blank dot of space that four in the afternoon has now become. Otto Lindholm’s practice involves on »

James Holden & The Animal Spirits

The Animal Spirits

9/10 from Laurie

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: this album is tied with Kara-Lis Coverdale’s Grafts as my record of the year. James Holden’s brand of frolicking electronic on »

Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band

Adios Senor Pussycat

8/10 from Clinton

I can't be the only one to be worried that Michael Head's newfound soberness and happiness (just look at that smile!) would somehow negatively impact his music. The singer on »

Richard Neale


8/10 from Jamie

Here’s something (gently) intense for you. Yes, Richard Neale's kind of intensity is the of the variety that creeps up on you, stealthily revealing its harmonic on »


The Dusk In Us

8/10 from Benn

I wrote the description for this record and I know I’m getting to write the review. Great stuff.  First things first. The album art is very good. And like a nice on »

Bruno Sanfilippo

Lost & Found

8/10 from Jamie

Bruno Sanfilippo has wowed a few of us here at the Towers in the past and he looks set to continue doing so with his latest collection of sun-dappled piano textures, on his on »

Tomoko Sauvage

Musique Hydromantique

8/10 from Ant

You’d be forgiven for mistaking Tomoko Sauvage’s magnificent sounds for that of a synthesizer or some form of electronic music. They are in fact hydrophone on »

The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor

Cerddoriaeth Ddefodol Gogledd Sir Benfro (Ritual Music of North Pembrokeshire)

8/10 from Ant

The story goes that six friends holidaying in a stone cottage in Pembrokeshire, Wales were housebound due to heavy rain, and presumably out of boredom, with no TV reception, on »



8/10 from Robin

Fun as heck. Named Perhaps and therefore only a band potentially, ostensibly and figuratively, these skronk saboteurs make the whole endless motorik thing super fun, crowding on »

Golden Teacher

No Luscious Life

8/10 from Robin

Glasgow’s beloved Golden Teacher released an anthology of EPs back in the day (like, recently back in the day), serving up stellar dictionary definitions of ‘ on »

Sally Dige

Holding On

8/10 from Robin

The lead comment on the Bandcamp page for this record reads ‘listened to it while slacking off at work, a time well spent’. Buddy… same. I feel like Sally on »

Mia Zabelka

Cellular Resonance

8/10 from Jamie

Violins! Electronics! Noise! Lydia Lunch… sorry, I mean Mia Zabelka brings all of these, and more. Icon of No Wave herself, La Lunch produced the album for that extra on »



8/10 from Laurie

Let’s be honest, the exclamation marks are a little unnecessary, but what really jumped out at me about this one is the mention of “off grid” electronic on »



8/10 from Laurie

Beamed in from the South Western tip of Lake Geneva is this lo-fi tape from machine music purveyor Levels. Apparently that’s all we’re gonna get regarding the on »


Phantom Brickworks

8/10 from Clinton

Perhaps we're all living in fear of being found out. In work, in life, in everything. Bibio has made a career out of showcasing a wide array of talents from the sepia slo-mo on »

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