Weekly Update Jamila Woods, Candles, DJ Manny, Marilyn Manson, Voigt & Voigt, and more...


Like Grizzly Bear or the Two Ronnies this week the update is written in two unique voices. Actually three but Ant’s is covered in Lakker’s static. Here you go then - you know the format by now. We sell records and stuff.

Followed into the building by leaves….

Back In:

  • More of those blue opaque Radiohead ‘OKNOTOKOK’ things.
  • For the guy who keeps on asking, the Slowdive LP is back in tomorrow!

Scraping the mould off…

  • Sprightly indie pop grandfathers The Orchids get a 30 year collection issued.
  • They are half gentlemen and not beasts... they are Half Japanese
  • Worthy singer songwriter Patrick Watson gets his old things re-issued.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
Taking old rave tapes to the harvest festival.

  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and her synthesizers explores both inner and outer space...
  • ...the good lady herself even pops up on Four Tet’s first full length in a coupla years.
  • The Caretaker’s fictional depiction of early onset dementia reaches the disturbing third stage.
  • Nine Inch Nail Alessandro Cortini scores his memories on ‘AVANTI’.
  • NHK yx Koyxen’s album on DFA gleams, sparkles and twinkles with elegant production.
  • Yair Elazar Glotman extracts new rhythms and harmonics from the minute details of piano, contrabass and percussion.
  • Album of ‘Weightless’ electronics from Vancouver’s City on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil label.
  • Fock Button Andrew Hung has an album of dreamy pop on Lex.
  • DJ Manny leg tanglers on Teklife.
  • Dub/noise/improv collective A Middle Sex on our own Public House.
  • Jazzers from Detroit’s Shigeto on Ghostly.
  • Pete Swanson and Jed Bindeman's Freedom To Spend label reissue Richard Horowitz’s 1981 electro-acoustic/ambient LP ‘Eros In Arabia’. Check if you dig Jon Hassell.
  • Lone mixes up Casino Versus Japan, Boards of Canada, John Beltran, Gnork etc. on his ‘DJ-Kicks’ selection.
  • Dark Entries reissue of proto-acid/techno/electro from Peter Weiss’ under-appreciated Hypnobeat.
  • Debut album of emotive melody and harsher beat shrapnel from Berlin’s Ziúr.
  • Sound art meets artificial intelligence on Yasunao Tone’s latest for Editions Mego.
  • New York’s Eric Maltz has an album out on pal Levon Vincent’s Novel Sound label, fusing NYC house heritage with the sound of Berlin where he dwells.
  • Chill D33J album on Anticon feat. Baths, Deradoorian, Shlohmo.
  • The Quietened Cosmologists compilation on A Year In The Country feat. Magpahi, Howlround, Vic Mars, Time Attendant, Listening Center, Polypores etc.
  • Bangers, slow grinders and acid from Perth Drug Legend aka Liam from Glasgow techno nutters Clouds.
  • More 12” gubbins from; Lord Of The Isles, Bryte x Gafacci on Ransom Note, E Davd on Natural Sciences, Voigt & Voigt on Kompakt, Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas on Smalltown Supersound.
  • Repress action: Lory D ‘Strange Days Vol.3’, Objekt ‘Objekt #4’.


  • Classic psych covers from Stay on Fruits de mer.
  • Ooh lovely...the Chemistry Set have made us a ‘Nice Cuppa Tea’. 10 sugars thanks.
  • Shambling localised indie from Display Homes.

Anyone want any pallets?

Our People:

Robin, Clint, Ant.

Phil, Nathon, Benn, Laurie, Kim, Jamie.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“very professional people”.

Our Feefo reviews are fibbing.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Orchids

Who Needs Tomorrow… A 30 Year Retrospective

9/10 from Clinton

I'm so sorry that I forgot about the Orchids. I used to like them a lot back in the day but never really gave them a second thought after they split. This all changed when I on »

A Middle Sex

Soul Sways West

9/10 from Ant

A little history. The sadly defunct A Middle Sex - Karl Sveinsson and Matthew Ashworth with Phil Sykes on drums originally replaced by Edwin Stevens - first came to our on »

Dmitry Evgrafov

Comprehension Of Light

9/10 from Jamie

Hey, friends and fellow fans of sad instrumental musics: it's time, once more, to be wowed; by modern-classical label and FatCat offshoot, 130701. Dmitry Evgrafov on »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

The Kid

9/10 from Laurie

The bearer of Norman Records’ Album of the Year 2016 returns just over a year later with a follow-up, and by the looks of it she’s more of a cosmic traveller than on »

Bell Witch

Mirror Reaper

9/10 from Robin

A rhythm section fit for a throne, Bell Witch’s doom metal has somehow outsized and overwhelmed everything else in its genre, a behemoth of drums and bass that somehow on »


March Of The Mysterious

8/10 from Jamie

It might have something to do with it being late on a Friday afternoon, but I’ll cut straight to the chase anyway: this new one by Kryshe is a sumptuously beautiful on »

Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson


8/10 from Clinton

There's just no predicting Dean Blunt and that's the way we assume he likes it. This collaboration with folk artist Joanne Robertson veers between her lovely sprawling folk on »


Walking Boss

8/10 from Benn

Oo, I always like to review records from bands that I have absolutely no previous knowledge of, so when Clint walked over with Walking Boss in his hands I was looking forward on »

Kamasi Washington

Harmony of Difference

8/10 from Jamie

It’s rare perhaps, but on occasion, we’re a little late with the reviews, and we’re all caught up with everything now (I think), but here he finally is! The on »

Stafraenn Hakon


8/10 from Jamie

See what happens when I get excited? So there I was, for both of my first two reviews of the day; waffling and going way over my word-count allocation. Music knows no on »

Lina Tullgren


8/10 from Robin

Time for another game of “Is This Song Actually Good Or Does It Just Have Twang In It?”. The answer is yes, “Perfect” is actually good -- I’ve on »

The Weather Station

The Weather Station

8/10 from Robin

Singer, songwriter and producer Tamara Lindeman uses her Weather Station alias to create countrified panoramas, taking on all duties for symphonies fitting of whatever area on »

Seamus Fogarty

The Curious Hand

8/10 from Robin

Irish folky Seamus Fogarty makes songs that sound as lovely and scratchy as the hand drawings that accompany them. With nimble, reductive acoustic origins, they tend to grow on »

Jamila Woods


8/10 from Robin

Having previously found her way into public consciousness through performances on tunes by the esteemed optimist Chance along with, uh, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, it’ on »

Melanie De Biasio


8/10 from Clinton

As much as I want to re-use my Nina Simone meets Bark Psychosis one stop comparison to describe the music of Melanie De Biasio this her third full length album moves away on »


A Goal is an Image

8/10 from Ant

‘A Goal is an Image’ is the first full, proper album on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil album and is well placed as a strong representation of the label's aesthetic. on »

Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic + The Hafler Trio

The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion

8/10 from Ant

This was originally released on CD way back in 2001 on Kitchen Motors / ÓMI as ‘Motorlab #3’ and has now been re-titled ‘The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion& on »

Off World


8/10 from Robin

Two years ago I was listening to the Off World room while moving house and let me tell you it was a bad combination. Sandro Perri’s electronic ensemble make music on »

Alessandro Cortini


8/10 from Ant

Nine Inch Nail Alessandro Cortini amps up the wistful, yearning, longing feelings found on previous albums on Hospital Productions and Important Records to grandiose new on »

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NHK yx Koyxen
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