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Aggravating Ian….

Late from last week:-


Coming around again...

  • Imagine how excited you’d be about this David Bowie set if he hadn’t have died.
  • Modern Studies are nice in a world of awfulness.
  • Wonderful council estate indie poppers The Orchids release long compilation.
  • Hair nothing but the frizziest atop the krautrockers of German Oak.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

Ear defenders are essential if you are going round for tea.

  • Album of searing/glacial ultramarine electronics from Mr Ben Frosty on Mute - Recorded by Steve Albini. Initial pressing on blue coloured wax.
  • First time on vinyl for Coil’s ‘Another Brown World / Baby Food’ K-hole anthems.
  • John Hassell’s technicolour 1981 Fourth World ambient doozy ‘Dream Theory In Malaya’ remastered.
  • Brainwaltzera keeping Braindance alive, with an album of melancholy acid tinged electronica on Film.
  • Classic Ross 154 (Jochem Peteri / Newworldaquarium) 12" from 1993 on Eevo-Lute, now remastered on Kirk Degiorgio's ART label.
  • Introspective electronics and downtempo R&B/street-soul from Jabu on Blackest Ever Black.
  • A quartet of fine Opal Tapes from E-Saggila, Hainbach, Binary Digit, and Evitceles.
  • Novamute gets reactivated with a bangin’ update to classic early Hawtin/Probe/Plus 8 style techno from Nicolas Bougaieff.
  • Limited EP on Warp from Lorenzo Senni - ecstatic trance revisions to gurn your face right off.
  • Hundebiss chief Simone Trabucchi aka STILL does dancehall on PAN.
  • DMX Krew EP of acid house jackers and bleepers on Super Rhythm Trax.
  • 80’s VHS electro-boogie LP from Krikor Kouchian, and a limited Black Series 12” of old skool bleep/acid flavored cuts from TMO and Andy Butler, both on L.I.E.S.
  • Spanking new album of psychedelic/krautrock leaning gear from Andrew Weatherall.
  • Efficient German robo-bangers from Atom ™ and trippy jams from J.F. Burma on The Bunker New York.
  • Fitz Ambro$e 2014 Japanese CDr release ‘Doe Quarterz’ hippity-hops onto vinyl.
  • African percussion and 303s from Immaculate Rivombo on Invisible, Inc.
  • UK bass-driven music peddler Sully’s second album on Blackdowns Keysound label brings dark 2-step and spliced jungle, with assistance from grime MCs Jamakabi and Jendor.
  • Fragile, celestial meditation from James Murray.
  • Lakker reflect on world chaos and disorder.
  • Spencer Clark’s Pacific City Sound Visions label reissue the soundtrack to 1984 windsurfing documentary Tradewind in true bizzaro style.
  • Jamal Moss’ Mathematics label marks its 100th vinyl release with a limited 12” of timeless Chicago house - a homage to Fingers Inc.
  • Cute, limited 7” flexi from Celer.
  • People Like Us ‘Early Radio Works’ cassette of plunderphonics fun.
  • Lnrdcroy's classy, shimmering, cosmic electronica album ‘Much Less Normal’ back in print!
  • D.A.F. box set, practically reeking of sweat and leather.
  • Much needed represses of late 90’s Chicago house albums on Peacefrog from Glenn Underground and the enigmatic Gemini.
  • Dark ambient party spoilers on Consouling Sounds from IIVII and Treha Sektori.
  • Twelve inch action; Klein on Hyperdub, uon (aka Caveman LSD) on Motion Ward, Baba Stiltz & Samo DJ on Born Free, Young Marco / Suzanne Kraft / Tom Trago on Dekmantel, Cofaxx on Nous.


This week Third Man have the entire monopoly on 7”s. For enquiries please contact Jack.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



8/10 from Benn

See, I'm a massive fan of anything that goes 'dun dun dun da dun-da dun dun dun', so I think I was always going to like this record. Seismic is something that we listen to on »

Ruby My Dear


8/10 from Benn

It isn't very often that I'll want to write a review for something this techno heavy, but I actually couldn't resist - not only is the music actually really good, the album on »

The Clientele

Music for the Age of Miracles

8/10 from Clinton

Guess what I did last week? Broke out my warm autumn jumper. It was a lovely moment. It had a few extra frays around the edges, was a little tighter round the midriff on »

Snapped Ankles

Come Play The Trees

8/10 from Clinton

Occasionally I look up from my desk to peer at what musics might be playing in the office. If I can bear to tear myself away from my Suzanne Vega album I might even ask what on »

Krikor Kouchian

Pacific Alley

8/10 from Ant

Krikor Kouchian’s ‘Pacific Alley’ is kinda like a lost soundtrack to some 80’s VHS Miami or Los Angeles cop thriller. The palm trees, neon lights, on »



8/10 from Clinton

"What's it like?" Phil asks. "Will it get a stonking review? I need to know, now".  So I'm under some kind of pressure to tell you that this is good but we only have one on »



8/10 from Ant

‘I’ is a totally irresistible album of dancehall mutants from Hundebiss label chief Simone Trabucchi aka Dracula Lewis. If you’re familiar with his music or on »

Gabriel Saloman

Movement Building Vol.3

8/10 from Ant

Former Yellow Swan, Gabriel Saloman concludes his ‘Movement Building’ trilogy for Shelter Press, with the third volume on wax, and a handy 2CD set collecting all on »

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