Weekly Update Palm Honey, Lazy Day, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Paradise, FaltyDL, and more...

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Welcome one and all. Phil’s moving house this week -- we weren’t aware that he was actually a corporeal human being that existed outside of this office, but fair play to him. He’s alive. It’s been very stressful for him, so if you’d like to email words of praise in his direction I’m sure he’d appreciate it. I one hundred percent promise you Phil didn’t write that sentence. Let’s bullet point some records now.


Always on their phones.

  • Loathed and loved, Ariel Pink continues writing his avant-garde advert jingles.
  • Yeah You is a father/daughter noise duo. Wholesome and harsh!
  • Rostam is all alone! Cry react.
  • Anthroprophh are a loud band.
  • Both amazing and a fan of mushrooms, Teresa Winter’s new LP is out!
  • We finally reviewed the weirdings of Tongue.
  • Avant-bard Laura Cannell was in Suffolk. Nice!
  • Lower Slaughter: now a village and a band!
  • Koyo are an indie rock band from Leeds. Such a thing is simply unheard of.
  • Beyoncé! Enough said.
  • Two Deer Tick albums. Two!
  • Oooh Lee Ranaldo’s got an Electric Trim.
  • Here’s the new one from Idlewild frontman and Wombles wannabe Roddy.
  • More like Hire! -- Fire! have brought back their Lost Library series.
  • Laraaji says to get your sunrays in while you can.
  • Props to HWCT for punching an arm through a planet.
  • A new Foo Fighters album? It’s times like these again?

...and in the tough brutalist paragraph of woe this week are the apparently reclusive Auburn Lull (wouldn’t know -- never met ‘em), these Holy Oysters, the sympathetically named Lazy Day, the anguished Myrkur meanwhile the Cosmic Rough Riders now belong to Daniel Wylie. There’s also some sleepy surf happenings from L.A. Witch, incorrect psychedelia from Domboshawa and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the towering sounds of Big Brave.


They hate millennials.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

Put your feet up, Ant: it’s the kids’ turn to wash the dub-plates tonight.

  • Whopping 25-track ‘Trax Test’ compilation of post-punk/new-wave rarities ‘81-87, compiled by Not Waving on his Ecstatic label.
  • Lobster Sleep Sequence follow up that Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet record with an EP of mysterious, mystical ambient from Night Foundation.
  • Raw and emotional, hardware produced techno/house from Patricia. Etched!
  • Yasuaki Shimizu's ‘Music For Commercials’ remastered!
  • Burnt Friedman / Ectomorph / Juju & Jordash / Fatima Yamaha join Dekmantel’s ongoing 10 year party.
  • Electro/wave LP from Trenton Chase of Manie Sans Délire on his June label.
  • Coupla 12”s reissued from Los Angeles 808 freaker the Egyptian Lover.
  • More stuff from LA with Dreams and AshTreJinkins slammers on Apron.
  • FaltyDL gets remixed by The Cyclist, O'Flynn, Palms Trax and Kaidi Tatham.
  • Apocalyptic, gloomy electronics on Raster Noton from Belief Defect.
  • F ingers (Samuel Karmel, Carla dal Forno and Tarquin Manek) are Awkwardly Blissing Out on Blackest Ever Black.
  • Art of noises, futurist compilation La Musica Futurista Nell'italia E Nel Mondo reissued.
  • Lindstrøm remixed by Will Long of Celer.
  • Cracking techno album from New York duo Blondes on R&S.
  • More Daphni cuts from his Fabric mix CD land on 12” via his Jiaolong label.
  • First-time vinyl reissue of Gunner Møller Pedersen’s ultra-rare 1974 avant/ambient bubbler ‘Stoned’.
  • Jimi Bazzouka pilfers some soundtracks for his latest limited 12” of re-edits. Plus a 12” from Meditation Tunnel (Luke Jenning formerly of The Rapture), both on Crowdspacer.
  • Grant deep house EP, mashing up unofficial remixes with classic samples. Limited copies.
  • 7” of crisp, acidic electro from the mysterious E.F.A. on No ’Label’.
  • Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts # 5&6 repressed!


That’s it, then!

The Norman Super League is sponsored by Clint, Ant and Robin. As it stands in the table:

Kim 9
Benn 6
Jamie 6
Laurie 5
Ian 1
Nathon 1
Phil -6 (points deducted for going into administration)

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“Fast and bulbous”

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Meditation Tunnel
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Hotel Wrecking City Traders
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The Style Council
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