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Weekly Update Bottin, Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi, Mount Kimbie, Angelo De Augustine, Sana Obruent, and more...

Weekly Awards:

ALBUM OF THE WEEK! Lovely wood-based bucolic compositions from The Green Kingdom.

RE-ISSUE OF THE WEEK! Everyone should buy the Blue Velvet soundtrack...please?


Ripe for plucking from the record tree.

  • Popular mopers The National splurge out in different directions.
  • Quirky veterans Sparks are the world’s best 70 something art rock group.
  • Grotesquely gentle Canadian Chad Van Gaalen.
  • Laraaji - gong but not forgotten.
  • Art-rock dismantlers Deerhoof invite their friends.
  • Danish kraut trio Papir. No relation to Jean-Pierre Papin.
  • You want polished and catchy indie pop? They Alvvays do the business.
  • Zola Jesus covers ‘Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosy’ on her new album. Actually she doesn’t.
  • Marvellous authentic 60’s orchestrated pop from El Goodo.
  • Alex Cameron. Seriously, why?
  • Woozy and hypnotic psych rock from Beaches. They are from Australia where there are lots of beaches.
  • This could be any Anna of the North. There’s lots of Anna’s round here.
  • For those who like Sufjan’s ‘Carrie & Lowell’ try Angelo De Augustine.

Loads more we don’t have time to tell you about on our New In page.

Cardinal Fuzz:

Huzzah! They get their own section of psych rock goodies.


Coming round for their victory lap.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

“Mister Locke, Prurient is far too noisy for the after school club”.


A fillet of Phil...

  • Finders Keepers unearth more library stuff from Emma De Angelis.
  • Two 7”s from folky country lass Margo Price.
  • Modern Studies met Lomond Campbell at the Edinburgh fringe and subsequently covered each other’s music and shoved it on a 7”.

That’s it! Please let us go home now.


This week in our favoured 4-4-2 formation:

Clint Ant Robin Nathon

Kim Laurie Ian Phil

Jamie Benn

Customer Compliment of the Week:

Our Feefo reviews in a cuboid.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Jóhann Jóhannsson

Arrival (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

9/10 from Benn

Arrival, in my humblest of opinions, is one hell of a movie. From the complex themes of terminal illness and romance, to the struggles that humanity would face; both political...read on »

Chad VanGaalen

Light Information

9/10 from Robin

Grotesquely gentle, Chad VanGaalen’s handcrafted records have always dealt with tensions of the self, arguing over aggressions and kindnesses in different musical hues. ...read on »

M500 & 3MB

Jazz Is The Teacher

9/10 from Ant

Any techno fiend worthy of their Transmat slippers can tell you that ‘Jazz Is The Teacher’ is a techno classic. Originally released on 12” back in 1993 on Me...read on »

The Green Kingdom

The North Wind and the Sun

9/10 from Clinton

Sometimes record company interference can be a good thing. Michael Cottone (aka the Green Kingdom) continuing on his own merry electronic way when one of those industry big wi...read on »


Unknown Rains

9/10 from Ant

Prurient albums don’t come around as often as they once did, presumably because he’s also busy with his Vatican Shadow, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement etc. proje...read on »


Randow (Original Soundtrack)

8/10 from Jamie

Blackjack Illuminist Records are opening the portal into the heart of darkness, once again. Don’t be fooled by the lovely illustration on the inside of the cd’s ca...read on »

Wil Bolton

Night Paths

8/10 from Jamie

Following a slew of lush and tranquil releases for the likes of Hibernate, Sound In Silence, Dronarivm and Home Normal, comes Wil Bolton’s latest missive from the depths...read on »

El Goodo

By Order Of The Moose

8/10 from Clinton

Actual good music.  It probably helps El Goodo that I played this album straight after the Alex Cameron horror show and so in an instant reminded me that despite everyth...read on »

Sana Obruent


8/10 from Clinton

Enormous.  Sana Obruent aka San Francisco's Paul Lopez makes music that is so far removed from his place of living that it is almost hard to reconcile. He must have very...read on »

Indian Wells

Where The World Ends

8/10 from Clinton

There weren't many things I enjoyed yesterday (I was even off my food) but I enjoyed this record. It's the third album from Southern Italy based producer Pietro Iannuzzi and i...read on »

Nosaj Thing


8/10 from Clinton

I don't know if it's the word 'nosaj' that is bothering me. Too close to the word 'nose' to accurately represent the chilling and atmospheric electronica produced by Jason Chu...read on »


Mountain Moves

8/10 from Robin

Lovely Deerhoof. Who could possibly be mad? Weird and kindly, their artfully dismantled rock music continues to expand at rapid and prolific speeds, with new album ‘Moun...read on »

Francesco Maria Narcisi & Giacomo Fidanza

The Accordion Sessions

8/10 from Robin

A collaboration of collection and assembly sees this record through to its twisted endpoint, with Francesco Maria Narcisi and Giacomo Fidanza working from their respective cor...read on »

The National

Sleep Well Beast

8/10 from Robin

Half awake, the National stumble into a new record. It might sound delicate, at points, and long may they rage -- but the dense sound and pounding heart of previous records ha...read on »

Angelo De Augustine

Swim Inside The Moon

8/10 from Clinton

Imagine Sufjan Stevens if he was a small burrowing woodland creature. This is kind of how I imagine Angelo Augustine. His songs are early Iron & Wine rustic with wooden gu...read on »

High Boys

Dead Zones

8/10 from Ant

High Boys are Skull Defekts members Jean-Louis Huhta (aka Dungeon Acid) and Joachim Nordwall. They recently had a 12” on Hoga Nord and are back with an EP on Nordwall&rs...read on »

Johan Zetterquist

Study For A Monument

8/10 from Ant

On ‘Study For A Monument’ Johan Zetterquist uses minimal tools; Gibson SG, amp and f/x to build and sculpt large structures, layering atonal shards of feedback and...read on »

Tera Melos

Trash Generator

8/10 from Benn

Math rock and the whole of the progressive metal scene has become something massive in the past, what? Twenty years? The complexity of the music equally paired with usually un...read on »

Featured albums

High Boys
Johan Zetterquist
Achim Maerz
Phill Niblock
Lomond Campbell / Modern Studies
Etapp Kyle
Sven Weisemann
Wil Bolton
Sana Obruent
Neil Young
Mt. Mountain
Mt. Mountain
Alex Cameron
Emma De Angelis
Lali Puna
Pinch & Mumdance
Jason van Wyk
Angelo De Augustine
The Underground Youth
Tim Mislock
Indian Wells
Shit & Shine
I Speak Machine
DMX Krew
El Goodo
Mount Kimbie
Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi
Bruno Spoerri
Bruno Spoerri & Reto Weber
Chad VanGaalen
Nosaj Thing
Angelo Badalamenti
Zola Jesus
Anna Of The North
The Green Kingdom
The National
Mt. Mountain
David Bowie
Mazzy Star