Weekly Update Arturo Stàlteri, Paranerd, OMD, Lovely Bad Things, Loner Deluxe, and more...

Important Things.


Latest premieres ….

  • Scottish men Mogwai unleash their zillionth.
  • The world’s most crumpled man LCD Soundsystem does it again.
  • Veteran synth duo OMD are still talking about cheques (and synths).
  • The Wave Pictures also trade as Surfing Magazines. Geddit?
  • Angry terror-hoppers Dalek for president(s).
  • Moody but not mardy collaboration between Astrid and Rachel Grimes.
  • Mary Epworth makes a weird album of electronics and voice.
  • Saddle Creek folksters Mynabirds have called their album ‘Be Here Now’. This doesn’t compute.
  • File Hammock alongside recent works by Johann Johannson, Richter and A Winged Victory For The Sullen.
  • Ultimate Painting’s Jack Cooper somehow romanticises sea/vomit based place Blackpool.
  • Lovely Bad Things make an adorable album/racket on Burger.
  • The Doomed Bird Of Providence will tie you over until the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
  • Irish big beard Loner Deluxe gets out his instrument box.
  • Also from Ireland are psych kraut people Wild Rocket.
  • Madeline Kenney makes a dreamy mix of grungy pop and spectral bliss.
  • Dent May just realised he’s made Jellyfish’s third album.
  • Robert Soleto’s album sounds like Paul McCartney’s got himself trapped in a washing machine.


Tonight on Dave…...

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

Back to school checklist is written on the back of Dave Noyze’s latest tape.


Miniature poodles…..

  • Pop-punk indie straight out of the garage (mind the lawnmower!) by Wolf Girl
  • Jutland Songs are people from Eska and Danananakroyd doing the ‘90s.
  • Hand Habits ensure Saddle Creek have two records in one week. Phew!

Enough! Let us go home now. Please?


Lead vocals:: Clint and Ant with murmurings of Robin.
Keys: Kim, Laurie, Ian, Phil, Robin, Jamie and Benn.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“Alarmingly small head”.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Leigh Toro

Layers of Ash

9/10 from Jamie

Leigh Toro doesn’t release album-length works all that often, so this is a bit of a treat. Finding a cosy nestling place this time with Rural Colours -- in Halifax, on »

Tony Buck


9/10 from Ant

Tony Buck is the stickman from cult Australian experimental jazz trio The Necks. He’s a busy chap outside of The Necks, a frequent collaborator (John Butcher, Axel D& on »


Endangered Philosophies

8/10 from Clinton

When Dalek returned with 'Asphalt For Eden' I was concerned that they couldn't live up to the incendiary-hop of their earlier 'Gutter Tactics' but despite a slightly more on »


Every Country's Sun

8/10 from Clinton

Like a mostly instrumental version of Runrig that you could bring home to meet your ma, Mogwai have been pleasantly creating soundscapes for so many years now that each album on »



8/10 from Jamie

Mysterium opens with angelic choral voices enveloping the space around my ears. Tumbling, falling, rising. Swooning strings sweep in to echo and bolster still further the on »

Astrid & Rachel Grimes

Through The Sparkle

8/10 from Robin

I truly am in love with the email album -- that thing where two people invoke the power of CC and switch up one another’s .mp3s over a good bit of online correspondence on »


The Word As Law

8/10 from Robin

Extremely early crustings from Neurosis from back in the day when they in fact did not cut off the crusts from the bread that was their punk rock. ‘The Word as Law& on »

Opera Mort

Film Works

8/10 from Ant

Opéra Mort is the duo of Laurent Gérard (el-g) and Jo Tanz (Fusiller) who are also part of Reines D'Angleterre along with Ghédalia Tazartès. It& on »

Jack Cooper


8/10 from Clinton

Blackpool. I love/hate it. I have a particular fascination with the North West Coast of England's seaside resorts. See also: Lytham, Morecambe, Southport. There's something on »

Madeline Kenney

Night Night At The First Landing

8/10 from Clinton

Bloody hell I wasn't even going to give this a listen based on the sales notes but the opener 'Don't Forget' sets the tone for something that is way better than the words on »

Loner Deluxe

Songs I Taped Off The Radio

8/10 from Clinton

Sorry but we are idiots. Stupid, useless idiots. No, don't argue. If we were not then we wouldn't have put this album into the stock room without... you know...putting it on on »

Guenter Schlienz


8/10 from Clinton

I've never signed off an email with the word 'peace'. I usually write 'cheers'. But exploring the concept of 'cheers' wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting as what Guenter on »

The Doomed Bird of Providence

Burrowed Into The Soft Sky

8/10 from Robin

Stirringly political, The Doomed Bird of Providence’s work has long been focused on colonial histories of Australia, observing periods of oppression to indigenous life on »



8/10 from Ant

‘Qoosui’ is a remarkably gorgeous album from Haco, founding member of the legendary Japanese avant-pop group, After Dinner. Her angelic voice is sublime and just on »

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