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Weekly Update Second Storey, Liars, ESG, Portico Quartet, Bardo Pond & Yo La Tengo, and more...


This dog….


Felice Brother Ian Felice goes it alone, First vinyl waxing for writer of songs Courtney Marie Andrews, Baby in Vain remind me of ‘90s soundchecks, Howie Reeve is like Richard Dawson without songs proper. Nadine Shah unleashes a second LP of PJ Harvey-esque angst and melancholic punk rockers Pinact.


This dog…..

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

Bringing a flavour of Berlin to Burley-in-Wharfedale.

  • Finally we get an album of superb darkside D&B/industrial/techno hybrids from from Bristol’s mighty Pessimist on Blackest Ever Black.
  • Lovable weirdos Hype Williams return with an album on Big Dada.
  • Warp reissue B12’s Artificial Intelligence classic ‘Electro-Soma’ alongside some archival gold from the same period.
  • We scored some copies of S U R V I V E’s 2012 album, originally on Mannequin - now on black/red wax via Holodeck. Plus we have some tape editions, plus tapes of their album on Relapse.
  • BJNilsen album on Editions Mego drawing on experiences and recordings from an alpine hiking trip.
  • Unseen Worlds reissue C-Schulz’s brilliantly bizarre 1991 album ‘10.Hose Horn’.
  • Merzbow ear flosser on Dirter. Mutant format; one side is CD, the other vinyl. Don’t blame us if it wrecks your posh Hi-Fi.
  • Khalil drags auto-tune pop/R&B into strange, beguiling places on Posh Isolation.
  • Dead-Cert unearth some incredible, zoned, trippy, nightmarish library music from Raskovich aka Giuliano Sorgini.
  • Album of bass-driven cuts from Second Storey on Houndstooth, incorporating Bass, electro, techno, ambient, etc.
  • Perception challenging, ‘Spectric Acid’ brain voodoo from Mouse on Mars’ Jan St. Werner. 300 numbered copies CD + booklet on Thrill Jockey.
  • Imagined ambient synth soundtrack gear from Maine.
  • Ace, slow, hypnotic, African drumming inspired techno from Harmonious Thelonious.
  • Dead Light get remixed by Andrea Belfi, The Sight Below and Luke Abbott.
  • Dark Entries keep ‘em coming with Lena Platonos remixed, plus a reissue of London post-punk quartet Shoc Corridor’s 1982 ‘A Blind Sign’ EP w/ bonus demo cut.
  • Cinematic kosmische, limited lathe cut 10" + 7" + CDr from David Kristian (50 numbered copies). Sula Bassana ‘Best Of’ double cassette compilation. Both on on KinetiK.

That’s yer Jewson lot. Remember we’ve got a delicious bank holiday to look forward to in the UK so we won’t be back until Tuesday. Bye.

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant.
Work: Kim,Laurie, Ian, Phil, Robin, Jamie and Benn.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“It’s a lot like Christmas”.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


The Extended Play of Cruelty

9/10 from Benn

Cabbage are a band that many people have heard about, but very few actually listen to. I must admit that up until recently I hadn't really heard any of their music either. Ala...read on »


Science & Technology

9/10 from Ant

Finders Keepers / Demdike Stare folks Dead-Cert label have rescued this dazzling 1972 LP from obscurity. Originally issued in 1972 as ‘Scienza E Tecnologia - N.1’ ...read on »

Giulio Fagiolini

Dietro a un vetro

8/10 from Jamie

Aaaah, this is nice. Say, “Aaah”, everyone, for Tokyo’s still bijou and perfectly formed, yet incrementally expanding neo-minimalist label Home Normal have g...read on »



8/10 from Jamie

[Fades in quietly] Thusly do the opening strains of Maine (Micheal Dupay) and his fifth [citation needed] album, V, icily reveal themselves. Yes, OK so it is their fifth *but*...read on »

Iron and Wine

Beast Epic

8/10 from Robin

He’s just doing his thing. Folksy guitars, a supplementary string section of one, the occasional piano chord and the odd thrum of a drum. ‘Beast Epic’ is Iro...read on »


Exile In The Outer Ring

8/10 from Robin

Having made some of the best indie pop detritus of the past decade but gone quite undeservedly under the radar, I’m going to be spending most of this week wondering why ...read on »



8/10 from Robin

I think Housewives would like you to know that they don’t care. Their press release, full of claims of their indifference in their audience’s reactions at their sh...read on »


Expect The Best

8/10 from Robin

Full disclosure: I thought this record was called ‘Expect the Beast’. As a diligent and dutiful employee, I have been doing so. Turns out what I’m supposed t...read on »

Hype Williams

Rainbow Edition

8/10 from Laurie

Who the hell is Hype Williams? This is a question not asked due to journalistic naivety, but a question that is possibly on the lips of Hype Williams fans everywhere. Notoriou...read on »

Luther Davis Group

You Can Be A Star (Daphni Edit)

8/10 from Clinton

Bit of a corker this one and thanks must go out to Daphni for bringing it to our attention. He's been playing it in his DJ set of late and it's obviously gone down so well tha...read on »


El Ala De Mi Homunculo

8/10 from Clinton

Every time I think of the Japanese artist Aritomo I think of the quite brilliant press release for his previous album La Flor De Mi Tulpa which contained the following phrase ...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

There's a Liars album for pretty much everyone in the world and every occasion. The band veers over so many styles of music that if you don't like one then you can be pretty s...read on »

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