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Thursday July 6th 2017

Headline shivers….

Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control some new releases have been delayed this week. We’ll get them in as soon as we can and apologise for any inconvenience/devastation this causes. Below is all the stuff we do have in so we hope this satisfies any vinyl craving you have.

Like a freshly born foal...

As old as the Kills….

Laurie’s Electronic Round-Up:
Finally come of age. No longer needs to call Perc ‘Uncle’.....

  • The coldest winds of coldwave blow a Police Des Moeurs LP from Montreal to Leeds.
  • Man and actually another man Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft offer their debut collab LP of sleep-inducing synths, piano and guitar.
  • Justin Cudmore continues his series of dusty acid tomes with a very fetching 12”.
  • Untold never give up on atmosphere and tension.
  • An ‘80s 7” grows into a 12” venus flytrap plant for DJ Bert & Eagle’s reissue of Belgian horror organ sounds.
  • The ever prolific Celer releases two chill albums on his own label, one of which fails to drown out phallic office chatter for poor Clint.
  • Kenji Kawai’s much sought-after OST to the classic Ghost In The Shell gets the vinyl reissue treatment.
  • Grayscale cement mixer noise and more office angst prompt Clint to enjoy Groom in Vineyards, who encode dark Boards of Canada tones onto a limited cassette.
  • New music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to accompany a National Portrait Gallery exhibition feat. improvised synths, imaginative sound design & a rework from Rupert Clervaux.
  • Roots in Heaven takes a break from mixing beats in Berlin to make an hour of analogue electronic abstractions.
  • Stefan Schneider + Sven Kacirek = Schneider Kacirek = combined influences of krauty synth and non-specific Kenyan sounds.
  • Other folks working together are Norwegians Bjorn Torske & Prins Thomas make silly faces and experimental house and disco. Just stop calling it ‘world music’.
  • Ekin Fil (not Aching Phil, but he would tell you otherwise) impress overlord Ant with their sixth full-length of ethereal drone-pop.
  • Classic deep house reissue of Glenn Underground’s ‘96 EP on Peacefrog for those of a smooth persuasion.
  • Ocean Floor is Bristol synth expert Aonghus Reidy travelling to space to beam back slowly unfurling chordal soundscapes on CD and cassette.
  • Wire writer and Japanese flute enthusiast Clive Bell toots and whistles his way to a Cuspeditions release on vinyl and CD.
  • Susan Matthews drones her way through brutalist architecture on a super limited CDr of atonal sounds and archival tones.
  • Electronic roundup regular Ant harks back to breathless pre-paternal rave sessions listening to this old Regis record which has now been reworked, expanded, remastered, the lot.
  • Bernard Herrmann actually did some electronic music for The Day the Earth Stood Still, feat. a bunch of theremins and some backwards tape tomfoolery on this limited 10”.

There you go. Was that nice?

Words: Clint and Laurie.
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin, old Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and Ian.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Gymnastics (Special Edition)

9/10 from Ant

Edition of 400 copies, 2017 edition of Regis’ utilitarian techno blueprint ‘Gymnastics’ from 1996. The title always seemed pretty apt, because 21 years ago on »

Ekin Fil

Ghosts Inside

9/10 from Ant

Devastatingly beautiful, introspective, ethereal avant dream/drone-pop from Istanbul’s Ekin Üzeltüzenci. ‘Ghosts Inside’ is the Turkish artist's on »

Radiophonic Workshop

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

9/10 from Laurie

Yup, believe it or not, the Workshop is still working, decades upon decades after its creation, but you already knew that seeing as they released Burials in Several Earths on »

Groom In Vineyards

Groom In Vineyards

8/10 from Clinton

Actually what would you imagine our office to be like? Bearded music lovers quietly discussing the latest releases speaking in hushed reverential tones? Or a screaming, on »



8/10 from Jamie

Ah, the ever prolific Will Long (born in the U.S., residing in beautiful Tokyo) who releases his latest album under his Celer alias, this time on his very own label, Two on »


A Walk With Love & Death

8/10 from Robin

The sticker fronting this new Melvins records promises good fortune and a newfound attractiveness to anyone who buys it, neither of which I believe can actually be guaranteed on »

Susan Matthews

Brutal Fractures

8/10 from Robin

This toy instrument drone sees Susan Matthews release on Andrew Paine’s Sonic Oyster label, taking a brief sabbatical from her postcard avant-garde label Siren Wire, on »

Broken Social Scene

Hug of Thunder

8/10 from Robin

There was never a more appropriate album title. Never once. Seven years out of the game, and several more out of relevance, you might have forgotten indie rock supergroup on »

Breakfast Muff


8/10 from Robin

Glaswegian growlers Breakfast Muff make a record of bare bones goodness and call it ‘Eurgh!’, which isn’t the only reason it reminds me of the Ergs!; their on »

This Is The Kit

Moonshine Freeze

8/10 from Robin

Sorta-folkie Kate Stables has been plugging away at This Is The Kit for a very long time now, so it’s kinda elating to see her dues paid with this big, bold release for on »

Jasmine Guffond


8/10 from Robin

Jasmine Guffound previously created a wonderful suite for Sonic Pieces called ‘Yellow Bell’, an album focused on the sonic forces centering our universe -- the & on »

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