Weekly Update Cevdet Erek, Gila, Loren Connors, Oval, Floorplan (Robert Hood), and more...

Headline waffle...

If Phil had any hair left on his head then this would be the week that it would finally fall out. What a week we’ve had….but you’ll have to wait for our memoirs to hear the whole explosive story. For now please console yourselves with these records we have in stock - they are all super.

Like unwrapping a brand new spaniel...

  • Algiers are here to scratch your soulful, socially-conscious rock itch.
  • Kristin Hersh croaks out a new double album full of weird songs.
  • Rose McDowell is the raven haired one from Strawberry Switchblade.
  • Dubby psychedelica from the ever drifty Peaking Lights.
  • Wilco man Jeff Tweedy emerges from under a big hat.
  • Quality American country folk and beyond from the Deslondes.
  • King Gizzard. Blah blah...some joke about their millionth release this year.
  • Bent Knee blend jazz, post rock, epic and chamber pop. Why not?
  • Lovely folk/psych from Norway by Halasan Bazar.
  • New-agey tropical nu-kosmische sorts Seahawks get remixed.
  • Big Thief play emotional heartfelt indie rock.
  • Once he dealt drugs but now he It’s Hightown Pirates.
  • Ralegh Long presents his second batch of baroque pop.
  • The Strypes. My, aren’t they all grown up now?
  • If the words ‘Belgian shoegaze post punk’ get you excited then try Animal Youth.
  • Rome is not a Town….and neither is Ripon. So there.
  • Harp plucker extraordinaire Mary Lattimore teams up with keyboard player Elysse Thebner Miller.

Ageing collies….

  • Now that he’s dead they are really going to town on these Prince re-issues.
  • LCD Soundsystem got their back catalogue re-issued. Murphy not happy.
  • Early day avant garage splendour from the Monks.
  • Fra Lippo Lippi made chilling Joy Division-esque soundscapes. Bleak.
  • Like many of us did at the time, guitar wizard Loren Connors got romantic in ‘98.
  • Load of Third Man things.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
Turn the sub-bass down Dad, it will burst the paddling pool.

  • Laurel Halo’s latest album for Hyperdub is gleaming HD electronic pop beamed back from the future.
  • I used to think German nautical techno was all about U96 - Das Boot. Then I switched to Porter Ricks. First album in 17 years - on Tresor.
  • Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe soundtracks the African science fiction movie inside his mind with his modular synth system.
  • Thomas Koner & Jana Winderen 2014 live recording issued on Touch.
  • 12” EP of warm, dreamy techno and slippery beats from AEVA.
  • UK techno stalwart Oliver Ho lands on L.I.E.S. as Broken English Club with an album of EBM/Industrial grinders.
  • Robert Hood back in gospel house mode with a 12” as Floorplan incl. a remix from his daughter Lyric.
  • Dead-Cert compile some stunning, terrifying, black electro-acoustic pieces from Bruce Ditmas onto a 10” plate.
  • Joanne Pollock (half of Poemss alongside Venetian Snares) has an album of inventive, emotive electronic pop on Snares’ Timesig label.
  • Chicago’s Ron Trent goes dub heavy as Blak Punk Soundsystem.
  • Eraldo Bernocchi & Netherworld disc of icy, glacial ambient electronica.
  • Jasen Loveland inaugurates Interdimensional Transmissions ‘Acid Series’ with some ace 303 action, tweaked for those lost in the smoke and strobes moments.
  • Bristol’s Timedance bossman Batu, hooks Hessle Audio up with 4 cuts of his refreshing off-kilter vision of techno.
  • Widescreen sci-fi ambience from Wojciech Golczewski. Purple wax on Death Waltz Originals.
  • A Collection of Tele Music Remixes - Vol. I incl. Soulwax, Ron Morelli, Joakim, Zombie Zombie, Nico Motte, I-Cube, D.K, Tolouse Low Trax etc.
  • Bunch of ambient/drone artists from the Dronarivm roster remixing Pleq.
  • Floating ambient tranquilizer number two from Chihei Hatakeyama + Federico Durand.
  • Slowly unfolding, uplifting, ethereal ambient from James Murray on his Slowcraft label.
  • Super deluxe 2LP compilation, excavating lost works by Jean-Jacques Perrey.
  • Bérangère Maximin propels field recordings of everyday life into digital chimeras.
  • Finders Keepers reissue Maria Teresa Luciani’s 1972 LP of innovative electronic works ‘Sounds Of The City’.
  • Cevdet Erek beats the Davul drum, informed by the aesthetics of dark electronics and noise.
  • Rap inspired club music from Gila with some booming 808s.
  • Jor-El dub techno 12” business as usual on Echocord.
  • Conceptual art meets club/body music with 1115’s ‘Post-Europe’.
  • Notable represses from Leyland Kirby, Oval and Larry Heard.

A dash of smalls.….

That’s yer lot for now. We’re off to make our hair into an amazing yellow ball.

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant.
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin, old Jamie, Laurie, Tim, Nathon and Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“Perfect human beings”.

Howl at the Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Porter Ricks

Anguilla Electrica

9/10 from Ant

I used to think nautical German techno was all about U96 - Das Boot. Then I switched to Porter Ricks. I’ve waited seventeen years for this record, and so to celebrate, on »

Bruce Ditmas

Visioni Sconvolgenti

9/10 from Ant

Andy Votel, Sean Canty (Demdike Stare) and Doug Shipton’s superbly curated Dead-Cert label have compiled six incredible selected archive pieces from avant electronic on »


Dramatic Sunset

9/10 from Laurie

Debut release right here from AEVA, a project from animator Dan Jacobs who is involved with the likes of Glad Hand and Makeness, on a brand new London-based label, so much on »

Love Theme

Love Theme

9/10 from Robin

By the end of his tenure as experimental outfit Dirty Beaches, you could tell Alex Zhang Hungtai knew his way around drone. Having piloted the project as a lo-fi rockabilly on »

Ex Eye

Ex Eye

9/10 from Robin

Some records just decide they’re going to blow you away, and ‘Ex Eye’ is chief among them. Predisposed to its magnitude via an indelicate combination of on »

Laurel Halo


9/10 from Robin

This record is an absolute gift. It’s the kind of record you make when you’re one of the greats and can make every one of your releases sound like a fantastic on »


The Road: Part 1

8/10 from Clinton

Haunting. James Lavelle releases his 5th album under his UNKLE moniker and as usual it's star studded with members of Primal Scream, Queens of the Stone Age and the Duke on »

Chihei Hatakeyama + Federico Durand


8/10 from Jamie

The second recorded collaborative project between Chihei Hatakeyama and Federico Durand, Sora translates literally from Japanese as ‘Sky’. As you may have come to on »



8/10 from Jamie

There are vibrations in the ether, beyond even those darkly ominous clouds in the sky. I sense these things. Also, I hear we’re due a storm but if you ask me it’s on »

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

Two Orb Reel

8/10 from Ant

Deep, minimal analogue oscillations from Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens) on his imaginary score to the African science fiction movie in his mind. It’s a beautifully on »

Fra Lippo Lippi

In Silence

8/10 from Clinton

I had no idea that Rune Kristoffersen guitarist from gloomy Norwegian post punkers went on to run Rune Grammofon. Well there you go. The music of his former bears absolutely on »

Sewer Election


8/10 from Ant

Imagine Alan Lomax travelled in a time machine and visited the era of the peak of the bubonic plague in Europe sometime during the 1300’s. He buried his tapes in a time on »

Run Dust

Leisure Village

8/10 from Laurie

Seemingly born from a primordial 90s chillout sludge, NYC’s Run Dust emerges in full vaporlike form with his modern take on that synth-string-and-beat sound of yore. He& on »

Loren Connors


8/10 from Robin

Lovely Loren continues to stop time, because someone has to. His records of ambient blues aimlessness have been wowing experimental crowds with a fever-pitch of reissues, and on »

Phillippe Hallais

An American Hero

8/10 from Ant

Low Jack returns to Manchester’s Modern Love label after his 2016 album ‘Lighthouse Stories’. On this occasion, the Honduran born, Paris based artist on »

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Ralegh Long
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