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Weekly Update Teachers, Lanark Artefax, Lurka / Bruce, David Bowie, Komodo Kolektif, and more...

Headline bleats….

Records eh? Who likes them? Well if you do then good because we have loads. We realised exactly how many when we started shifting our stock around so that it makes some kind of alphabetical sense. Please consider buying one, it will make this task easier. Here are some below to get you started….

Fresh as a nut.

  • Kevin Morby. Now no need for Lou Reed at all.
  • Now shorn of hat, how will Ride fare in middle age?
  • Can ‘The Singles’ is a rollercoaster of brilliant/bad music.
  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma goes with the shoegaze.
  • Fleet Foxes make this year’s messiest/most inventive folk.
  • York ratbag Mark Wynn presents another batch of scratchy songs.
  • Sebadoh chap Jason Loewenstein shows these young upstarts a thing or two.
  • Modern Cosmology is Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier with some Brazilian chaps.
  • The Drums are now down to a one piece after the other one left to concentrate on his puppetry.
  • Wild Honey are from Spain and make Stereolab/High Llamas style exotica.
  • Brilliant Noo Yoik style new wave from Rips.
  • Unreleased rehearsals and general pissing about from Alex Chilton.
  • It’s the album you’ve all been waiting for. Tubular Bells done with brass as Tubular Brass.
  • Progressive/preposterous synth rock from Bamboo.
  • Thrilling Battles-esque avant rock from Palm.
  • Stripped down garage indie from Chain and the Gang.
  • Prog-tastic math rock from Yowie.
  • Smooth and cinematic songwriting from Miranda Lee Richards.
  • Motorik left field synth pop Karras from the Rakes and Maximo Park people.
  • Irritating youtube funders Royal Blood.
  • Vintage and mellow songwriting tour de force Michael Nau.

No Bullet Points:
Better luck next time.

Raging punk from Single Mothers, sentimental Death Cab-ish indie by Fiction Aisle, Pure Conjecture are Brakes and Electric Soft Parade folks still at it, preposterously-monikered Athens psych-pop from Lavender Holyfield, serious song weight from Abram Shook, The Peacers Neutral Milk Hotel style indie-folk, scraggy veterans Royal Trux, dead serious people Bamboo, cavern-voiced songstress Penelope Trappes, gloopy childish psych rockers Wet Hair and crying sunshine prog from the Ruby Suns.

Last of the summer wine...

  • Game Theory’s great swan song ‘2 Steps from the Middle Ages’ gets re-issued.
  • The Associates Billy Mackenzie’s bleak but beautiful posthumous ‘Beyond the Sun’ is vinylized.
  • Death and Vanilla get their hauntological soundtrack to ‘Vampyr’ re-badged.
  • Thrill Jockey present re-issues from grim folkers Arbouretum and Fahey-esque guitar twiddler Glenn Jones.
  • Terry Riley’s 1972 masterwork Persian Surgery Dervishes gets a first issue since the 1970's.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
“Dad…...Dave Noyze is hogging the Playstation”.

  • Album of dystopian, futuristic/industrial electronics from former Coil member Drew McDowall.
  • Ekoplekz back at it on Planet Mu with his signature, bubbling dubbed out, delay soaked wibblers.
  • Nostalgic neon electro from Com Truise on Ghostly.
  • Moderat’s live album now on vinyl in a fancy box set.
  • Blue Hour gets remixed by Pangaea, Mark Broom, Substance and VC-118A.
  • Perc’s third album of bleak, caustic industrial techno and beyond.
  • Jonas Reinhardt / Jürgen Müller split LP of nu-skool Kosmische.
  • Phillippe Hallais aka Low Jack goes weird shoegazing ambient of Modern Love.
  • Kamikaze Space Program / XXX / Charlton / Credit 00 / Persian
  • Don’t DJ lands on Japan’s EM label with two extended, hypnotic, percussive, tropical bubblers.
  • Smart Lanark Artefax braindancer on Whities.
  • Limited, mysterious Tribe of Colin 12” of throbbing techno - unverified rumour suggests it could be the work of John T. Gast.
  • Classic Dutch techno from Unit Moebius, with their 12” on Bunker from 1993 reissued.
  • Fine ambient/drone from Keith Berry with an epic 2CD set on Infraction.
  • Isle of Jura resurrect Holy Ghost Inc. tune from 1990, incl. two previously unreleased Dubs unearthed from the original DAT’s.
  • Mighty fine Sciahri techno weapons on Black Opal.
  • K30 / DJ NinOo / Puto Anderson 3x 7” box set on Principe Discos - first pressing with individually hand-painted sleeves.
  • Dopplereffekt’s ‘Cellular Automata’ LP vanished in a flash. Now available once more.
  • The Bug vs Earth heavyweight collab album finally in on wax.
  • Lurka / Bruce UK techno bombs remixed by Stenny, Asusu and Mosca.
  • Dramatic, late night, melodic electronica from Run Dust on In Paradisum.

In transit:

Do you like Guided By Voices artwork but can’t be arsed buying or listening to their records? Well you can now buy a book of all Robert Pollard’s artwork for their (and others) releases.

Several infants….

  • Ace baroque 60s jangle a la Love/ the Byrds from Green Seagull.
  • Rome is not a Town get their artwork done by Kim ‘n’ Thurstons daughter.
  • Brilliant jangly indie from the No-ones (feat R.E.M’s Peter Buck on super-jangly guitar).
  • David Bowie asks if you’ll ‘Be My Wife’. Tempted?
  • Superorganism are a super duper 8 piece as spun by Frank Ocean.

That’s it. ‘Hi’ and ‘bye’ to our work experience lad Jamie who has now had his dreams of working in a record shop shattered forever.

Words: Clint, Robin and Ant.
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin, old Jamie, Laurie, young Jamie, Nathon and Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“They sent the record.”

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Game Theory

2 Steps From The Middle Ages

9/10 from Clinton

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Billy Mackenzie

Beyond The Sun

9/10 from Clinton

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Low Contrast EP

9/10 from Laurie

Apparently this Ismael folk has been making waves in the electro funk scene but I can’t really detect that here. I guess hailing from the US, this producer sees their de...read on »


Shadow Expert

9/10 from Clinton

'Walkie Talkie' the opening track on this 12" by this wildly promising New York band is the most refreshing thing since the wind last blew. The stunning inter-tangled gui...read on »

Terry Riley

Persian Surgery Dervishes

9/10 from Ant

We live in the age of the vinyl reissue. It can be overwhelming trying to process the amount of stuff being given a new lease of life via the trusty, age old format beloved to...read on »


Bitter Music

9/10 from Ant

On his third album ‘Bitter Music’, Ali wells has further expanded his sound palette beyond the tried and tested techno caboodle. And no, he’s not switched ov...read on »


Weather Diaries

9/10 from Ian

Well I never thought I’d be sitting here in 2017 writing about a new Ride album because to say that they have been my favourite band for a long long time is an understat...read on »


Winters Split

8/10 from Laurie

ELS is the solo project of Edward Simpson of Circuit Breaker fame delivering his first slice of magnetic joy, or more likely magnetic doom, on new (and possibly his) label Gat...read on »

Don't DJ

Hyperspace Is The Place / Hyperspace Is No Place

8/10 from Robin

Robbie Williams’ best friend, the guy who doesn’t want to DJ, slacks off with a 12” of swathey ambient dance music, focusing on subtly sweeping textures and ...read on »

Keith Berry


8/10 from Robin

The surely sleepy Keith Berry makes music while hibernating, creating the sort of brain-fogged beauty I can only imagine coming out of a pure and dreamless night. Having made ...read on »

Jason Loewenstein

Spooky Action

8/10 from Clinton

Jason Loewenstein was always the most tangled member of Sebadoh. Where Lou Barlow’s songs were always slick and tuneful, Loewenstein had a more angled agenda and this ca...read on »

Pega Monstro

Casa De Cima

8/10 from Clinton

It's a good job I don't care about lyrics as Portuguese sister duo Pega Monstro sing this whole thing in their native tongue. But what we lack in knowing what the songs are ab...read on »

Jonas Reinhardt / Jürgen Müller

The Encyclopedia of Civilizations Vol. 1: Egypt

8/10 from Jamie

In which Jonas Reinhardt and Jürgen Müller take it in turns to channel ancient Egyptian spirits through their synths, set to: maximum widescreen trippy Kosmische. Th...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Is this familiar because it's really good or because we've played it in the office at some point and it's infected my soul? Anyway let me tell you about the tracks I have avai...read on »

Wild Honey

Torres Blancas

8/10 from Clinton

Fey and furtive Spanish pop for the summer season from Guillermo Farré,  a Spanish musician who has links with Stereolab's Tim Gane and has drafted in (guess who?)...read on »



8/10 from Laurie

Hey look there’s another Ekoplekz record out. And for some reason I haven’t bought it already. Odd. Oh yeah, you’re supposed to work out whether you like it,...read on »


The Singles

8/10 from Clinton

I'm honoured. Phil has allowed me to play his copy of this useful round-up of the singles of rather good German band Can for review purposes. The caveat is that I must not tou...read on »

Young Fathers

Tape One / Tape Two

8/10 from Clinton

Original reviews from way back in time. Tape One Not heard much really good on Anticon for a long while but this really eats the proverbial biscuit. A hip hop troupe straigh...read on »

Lanark Artefax

Whities 011

8/10 from Ant

The word on internet street is that Aphex Twin is a fan of this record. It’s easy to hear why that’s possible - as he seems to dig stuff that’s been influenc...read on »

Roe Enney


8/10 from Ant

Roe Enney’s ‘Glare’ LP on Root Strata has been really hitting the spot for me this past week. If you’ve a penchant for the narcotic sounds of HTRK and ...read on »

The Ruby Suns

Sprite Fountain

8/10 from Robin

I’ll tell you exactly where I stand with this band, folks: the year was 2011 and I was trying to cop an illegal download of Sea Lion in my cramped first year bedroom. I ...read on »

Wet Hair

The Floating World

8/10 from Robin

What if They Might Be Giants dressed up as a weirdo psych rock band and had a nice time krautrocking their way to ecstasy? Okay, that would literally never happen and I should...read on »

Penelope Trappes

Penelope One

8/10 from Robin

Inspired by cavern-voiced Scott Walker down to the point of being titled in the style of his early records, Penelope Trappes has set out to make an ominous and vulnerable work...read on »

Joanne Pollock


8/10 from Robin

Nice, weird-sprinkled pop here via Joanne Pollock, who I’m thankful to for just fucking getting on with it and inducting her new album ‘Stranger’ with little...read on »

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