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Headline bleats….

Well, it’s summer, or thereabouts, and you know what that means: we need a thesaurus. Too many bands are releasing records of utter seasonal breeze and we’re running out of ways to call things “jangle pop”. For this reason I’m going to try my best not to say those words or anything resembling them. Not once, within this spread of indoor-typed words, shall I jangle. Enjoy the sun.


This week’s meandering paragraph shoutouts go to ethereal buds Demen, woozy romantics Eyedress, surplus relaxed crew Whitney and Gorillaz keyboardist Ennanga Vision. What does it all mean, you ask, to not be a bullet point in the Norman Records round-up? It means I’m an idiot.

Plus loads more we haven’t had time to speak at you on our New In pages.


Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

No, son’s friend’s dad, I don’t like the new Arcade Fire song.

  • New album from Robert Hood in pure, pristine, minimal techno mode on Dekmantel.
  • Also on Dekmantel; African house gear from Esa and classy deep house from Central.
  • Full range, diverse techno/electro from Gunnar Haslam on The Bunker New York.
  • Ikonika’s futuristic vision of grime, R&B, Hip-hop on Hyperdub.
  • Exotic minimalism from Banana on Leaving Records.
  • Filthy Orphan Swords EP originally on Desire now reissued on Aurora Borealis.
  • Who needs drugs when there’s IX Tab?
  • Loads of people pay tribute to Pauline Oliveros on Rural Colours.
  • Marco Shuttle album at the intersection of ambient and techno, on Donato Dozzy’s fine Spazio Disponibile imprint.
  • Kafuka beats on Project: Mooncircle. Check if you dig Flying Lotus, Teebs etc.
  • Giuseppe Ielasi is Inventing Masks.
  • Superb, deep, dark and mystical LP from Lutto Lento on Where To Now?
  • Roll The Dice return sounding like they’ve pinched Colin Stetson’s saxophone.
  • Franck Vigroux and Ben Miller join forces as Transistor for Entr’acte.
  • Great stuff from The Boats / Beppu / Tape Loop Orchestra chap Andrew Hargreaves in full avant-garde mode. 300 copies on green wax.
  • Scuffed, hazy, washed out ambient fuzzers from Microdeform.
  • Daywalker + CF 12” and Bookworms & Steve Summers 7” both on Brooklyn’s increasingly fabulous BANK Records.
  • Antinote Five Years Of Loving Notes compilation with exclusive cuts from DK, Tolouse Low Trax, Geena, Iueke, Domenique Dumont, Inoue Shirabe etc.
  • Limited repress of that excellent Japan Blues album everyone is after.
  • Reassuringly expensive, super limited, Japanese import EPs of sweet ambient from Kazuya Nagaya.

Plenty of 12”s for the party/club/lonely bedroom; Newworldaquarium on NWAQ, DJ Neewt on Yappin, hand-stamped Appleblim on Beatnik Boulevard, H2H / Villa H2H on Perlon incl. Villalobos remix, Monolake, Tin Man repress on Keys of Life, Pip Williams on CPU, Pinch on Cold Recordings, Rommek on Blueprint, Scalameriya banger on THEM, Carmen Villain incl. Gigi Masin mixes, Herva on All City, Ismael on Nous Disques, The Abstract Eye reissue on Rush Hour, Photek classic reissue, Manie Sans Délire 12” + 7” repress on June etc.


Just two of them this week; they’re getting a house share. Legend has it The Fireworks have been around since indie rock’s stone age and Yung are cute moshers making their own brand of Danish noise. Who’s the uptight one and who’s messy? Tune in next week to find out.

That’s it then, isn’t it? Your homework: climb a tree; wear sunglasses; enthuse.


Words: Robin, Ant, and a Clint sniff
Work: Kim, Lulu (a dog), Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and Ian (several cats, shaped into a human).

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“Everything was ok”.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Neural Regression

9/10 from Jamie

Yes! Oh yes! Finally, this woozy and fuzzy little beauty is now on CD, having previously only been available as a cassette release. And cassettes… who wants them, eh? on »

Robert Hood

Paradygm Shift

9/10 from Ant

After a coupla 12”s for Dekmantel premiering Robert Hood’s latest project ‘Paradygm Shift’, the album is now with us. Following the disco/house rooted on »



9/10 from Ant

USA/MEXICO is something of a supergroup that consists of Shit & Shine / Todd man Craig Clouse, Trance Syndicate label founder King Coffey of Butthole Surfers and on »

Richard Dawson


9/10 from Robin

“A dank and dreary song”. This is how Richard Dawson describes “Hob”, a tail-end track on new record ‘Peasant’, and he isn’t totally on »

Beach Fossils


9/10 from Clinton

Quite literally the summeriest album ever made. Of this years trilogy of summer jangle pop (Real Estate, Hoops and Beach Fossils) I'm starting suspect that the latter is the on »

The Last Sense To Leave Us

A Tribute To Pauline Oliveros

9/10 from Laurie

Keiron Phelan and Oliver Cherer, in association with pastoral huebearers Rural Colours, brought together a number of musicians including Isnaj Dui and Norman fave The Hardy on »

Andrew Hargreaves

Pose Plastique

8/10 from Jamie

This is the kind of stuff I get to review, you see. If it’s not emotive electronica or weeping melancholy made by classical muso types, it’s art. So ‘Pose on »


Age of Anxiety

8/10 from Clinton

Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become Dido. Don’t become on »

The Fireworks

Dream About You

8/10 from Clinton

Classic indie-pop from a bunch of folks who (and I hope they don't mind me saying this) were probably around when indie pop was first invented. One of them was in the Wedding on »

Ulrika Spacek

Modern English Decoration

8/10 from Robin

A band famously similar to Deerhunter, Ulricka Spacek made good on the time they were given in ‘The Album Paranoia’ to weave a record of retro-futurist guitar on »

Sweet Baboo

Wild Imagination

8/10 from Robin

There probably comes a time when Stephen Black is stressed, but for us, he has to pretend he’s not. Protecting us with his shield of breezing psychedelic pop, his work on »

Jackie-O Motherfucker

Flags of the Sacred Harp

8/10 from Robin

The mid-oughties: what were you doing? I was alive, I’m fairly sure it’s true, but I wasn’t listening to drone rock quite yet. Jackie-O Motherfucker were on »

Hey Colossus

The Guillotine

8/10 from Laurie

After filling 2015 with more gloom than it could possibly handle, Hey Colossus attempted to take a break which really didn’t last long cuz here they are, loud and proud, on »


Welcome To Nakanotroit

8/10 from Laurie

This artist hailing from Japan goes under two names, Aquarium and deepspace, the former for his ‘girl side’ and this one for his ‘boy side’. I’m on »



8/10 from Jamie

Fresh from Stockholm, it’s time for Demen to shine with loveable indie pranksters Kranky records. Nektyr is the debut album from Irma Orm, who hails from a city rated on »

Arve Henriksen

Towards Language

8/10 from Jamie

Wafting in from some distant planet on solar winds comes the latest cosmic jazz odyssey under the name of Arve Henriksen. ‘Towards Language’ has players credited on »

Ian Hawgood + Wil Bolton


8/10 from Jamie

Aah, this is just what I needed to hear before I pack up for the week: a lovely new full-length CD of tender instrumentals from the always reliable Ian Hawgood and Wil on »

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