Weekly Update Ø [Phase], The Mountain Goats, Radioactive Man, Skepta, Eden Grey, and more...

Headline squeaks….

A week went past and these things happened - our printer broke, Phil booked a holiday in Norfolk and we got a new printer. Anything else? Oh yes all these records came in which are available to buy from our website. Have you seen it yet? I hope you have.

Let’s get going…….

Speckled with drizzle….

  • Aldous Harding welcomes you to her dark party. But which one is she?
  • Oh we’re loving Nick Hakim and his dreamy soulful pop.
  • C86 legends BMX Bandits are back sounding not a day over 8.
  • Here’s Jane Weaver being all cosmic and stuff.
  • Abstract guitar racket from Neurosis Steve Von Till as Harvestman.
  • A new album from psych rock legends Trad Gras Och Stenar.
  • Two new things on Cardinal Fuzz by Cobra Family Picnic and the Cult of Dom Keller.
  • Enormo Canadians Do Make Say Think do and make some of their inventive post rock.. we say (and think).
  • Why not buy a tape of Ghost Thoughts and their excellent K records inspired indie.
  • Dream Machine sound like Iron Butterfly or Black Sabbath or something.
  • The High Sunn feller is just 17 and has released 30 records so far. These kids eh?
  • Wordsmith the Mountain Goats chat about goths and Leeds and stuff.
  • Quirky art poppers Head of Light Entertainment are Teeside’s best export since Chris Rea.
  • New York juggernauts White Hills go on a bad trip.
  • Pagan post punk and spoken word eeriness from English Heretic.
  • Energetic pop punkers Wavves soundtrack that fly buzzing about.
  • The She Devils sound like the Bangles as re-imagined by Animal Collective.
  • Ex People write songs as well as sludge. We know!
  • Rhythmic psychedelic weirdos Guerilla Toss.
  • Gurgling but accessible squelch from Oxbow.
  • Man Forever is Kid Millions fooling around with some showbiz pals.
  • Argentinian folkster Juana Molina coos over softronica.
  • Deerhoof-ish quirk-rock from Tricot. So fast.
  • Zofff. Are not former Italian goalkeeper Dino Zoff. You can tell by the extra ‘f’.

Also out:

Snappy jams with sax from Pumarosa, Land of Talk return with showbiz pals in tow, more from Verve like 90s dreamers Is Bliss, hello Mrs La Farge - is your Pokey playing out?, Me and the Bees do indie pop Spanish style and finally loads of stuff on Jack’s Third Man. Can’t remember what. You’ll have to look.

Speckled with the past….

  • Cluster in concert. Tinkering with their equipment.
  • All the way from the ‘90s math/rock legends the Van Pelt.
  • All the way from the ‘90s indie rockers Helium.
  • All the way from the ‘90s flannel rockers Buffalo Tom.
  • Easy Star All Stars do reggae interpretation of Radiohead's OK Computer.
  • Loads of Elliott Smith vinyl re-issues including the really good ones.
  • Bizarre and comedic hip-hop from 2006’s Serengeti
  • That Mercury winning Skepta album is available on vinyl at last.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
Christophe de Babalon is the topic of conversation at the school gates.

  • Footwork Queen Jlin’s second leg tangling album on Planet Mu has the Gary, Indiana producer pushing her sound ever forward and features collaborations with William Basinski and Holly Herndon.
  • Electronic dub-pop from Coldcut x On-U Sound (Adrian Sherwood) on CD or spread over 8x 7”s in a posh box set. A lot of work flipping records over for stoned peoples.
  • Christoph De Babalon lands on V I S with an EP of ultra wicked darkside D&B.
  • Another batch of Muslimgauze reissue action from Staalplaat.
  • Pinkcourtesyphone / LINE chief Richard Chartier disc of intricate ambient/drone works on Ash International.
  • Speaking of which Pinkcourtesyphone has a tape on The Tapeworm, as do Rishaug Marhaug aka Norway noisters Alexander Rishaug and Lasse Marhaug.
  • Posh Isolation / Croatian Amor / Damien Dubrovnik all round busy man Loke Rahbek’s deep personal journey ‘City Of Women’ LP on Editions Mego.
  • On point EP from Madrid analogue electro don Alek Stark.
  • Aaron Dilloway’s demented ‘The Gag File’ LP on Dais finally arrived.
  • Truly menacing, epic, apocalyptic Serge Modular Synthesizer work from Eden Grey on Gamma Mine recorded at Elektronmusik Studion, Stockholm. 100 copies.
  • Smoked-out acid dub/stepping techno from Tilliander aka Mokia/TM404 on iDEAL Recordings.
  • Totally spannered, demented, brain flosser of a tape from Phil Julian. Limited to a measly 30 copies on Conditional.
  • Solid electro album from Radioactiveman aka one lone swordsman Keith Tenniswood.
  • Pulsating and stompin’ club tools on Blueprint from Los Angeles techno producer Truncate.
  • Denis Sulta’s 2015 club smash ‘I’m Only Real’ finally gets re-pressed on Numbers - now with new artwork.
  • DJ friendly 2x12” of slick chord-driven, deep jazzy house from K15 on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats label outta Detroit.
  • Crepuscular, dread filled sonics from Baldruin.
  • Improv jazz meets techno from Spiral Deluxe aka Jeff Mills, Gerald Mitchell, Kenji Hino and Yumiko Ohno on Axis.
  • 80s Freestyle and 90s Latin house vibes from Omar-S featuring Nite Jewel on FXHE.
  • Legendary German innovators Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius have their Cluster 'Konzerte 1972/1977' recordings out on Bureau B.
  • No nonsense peak-time, heads down techno pounders from Ø [Phase] on Token.
  • Lest we forget… Philippe Laurent EP on Peripheral Minimal, Neo Image 12” on Mood Hut, Ron Trent on Music and Power, Smagghe & Cross on Ransom Note, Michael Mayer ‘DJ-Kicks’, Metamatics ‘Neo Ouija’ LP reissue.

Time for some smalls.

  • You can’t kid a Kolly Kibber. Peter Doherty’s latest waste of vinyl.
  • No wave repeato-brutality of Housewives and the hip-hopped tropical pop-noise of Massicot.
  • New pressing of that Strawberry Switchblade 7” you lapped up.

There you go. Brits - do register to vote. Any Normans customers found to not be voting will be pulped.

Words: Clint, Ant, and Robin.
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin, Jim, Nathon and Ian. We have no idea where Laurie went. Do you?

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“Flabbergasting selection”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Sandy (Alex G)


9/10 from Clinton

Reading the early reviews of this record by prolific lo-fi guy Alex G has given me another example of how I feel totally isolated by the opinions of 99% of the worlds populati...read on »

The Mountain Goats


9/10 from Robin

My favourite Mountain Goats records at this point are the books John Darnielle has been writing on the side. As a novelist, Darnielle is everything he is in song: his paragrap...read on »

Christoph De Babalon

Grim Zenith EP

9/10 from Ant

I’ve been absolutely rinsing the digital promo of this record and just keep coming back to it. We don’t hear so much from Christoph De Babalon (Digital Hardcore, T...read on »

Do Make Say Think

Stubborn Persistent Illusions

9/10 from Robin

Barnyard post-rockers awaken from their decade-long hibernation and realise that the world is kinda not so much what it was. People don’t get free passes for making the ...read on »

Perfume Genius

No Shape

8/10 from Robin

With widescreen on the mind, Mike Hadreas drops the year’s heaviest record yet, metal and noise and all your transgressions be damned. This record of immaculately detail...read on »

Ghost Thoughts

Purple Period

8/10 from Clinton

Y'know. Not all indie-pop is good. Some of it is faux naive twee nonsense but what that does mean is that when it's good it shines out like a beacon on a manure heap. That bea...read on »

Jane Weaver

Modern Kosmology

8/10 from Clinton

In which Jane Weaver does everything she should do to make a popular album in 2017. Let's run through the checklist. Neu like metronomic drumming? Check. Wibbly wobbly sy...read on »


Speed of Life

8/10 from Clinton

I don't know what the press release is on about. It reads like some kind of self help manual. Fine  - but I simply want to know what this is. Producer K15 seems keen to h...read on »



8/10 from Ant

Here we have a tasty 6-track LP from Andreas Tilliander on iDEAL Recordings. The very thought of music taking a dubwise approach to acid conjures nightmarish visions of dreadf...read on »



8/10 from Ant

We all know that drugs are pretty useful for getting high, right? But what about sound? It’s certainly possible to reach altered states through sound. Records, unlike dr...read on »

Eden Grey


8/10 from Ant

Fledgling cassette/ digital imprint Gamma Mine hit their second release, hot on the heels of NYZ’s ‘DRNH’ tape. This one is from Eden Grey with her soundtrac...read on »

Nick Hakim

Green Twins

8/10 from Clinton

Right, I've only got a few songs to go on but this is sounding gorgeous. Opener 'Green Twins' sounds like what I'd hoped the Thundercat album might sound more like. Aching, ha...read on »

Phil Julian


8/10 from Ant

30 copies seems like a criminally low edition for this tape. Yet having heard it, it might just be possible that only 30 rare human minds have the capacity to appreciate / tol...read on »


Thin Black Duke

8/10 from Robin

Energy: it is good. If you’re making the weirdest shit and believing it makes good, tense logical sense, then I’m probably going to forget to argue with you about ...read on »

Sophie Cooper & Julian Bradley

The Blow Volume 3

8/10 from Robin

Yorkshire, being weird, produces all the finest sonic weird, and so it comes to pass that people like Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley will make a weird album together. Cooper...read on »



8/10 from Robin

Holy hell, Tricot, I simply can’t move this fast. The whole time I’ve been listening to the furiously mathy, jubilantly emo ‘3’, I feel like I’ve...read on »


Music For Megaliths

8/10 from Robin

I believe Steve Von Till has been condemned to walk the rest of his life being described as “that guy from Neurosis” while making good on several tonnes of other m...read on »

Aldous Harding


8/10 from Clinton

Bloody hell she's quiet. So the opening 'Blend' is nice, then. Her voice literally pours into my ears as if someone was pouring a honey concoction into them. That voice makes ...read on »


Black Origami

8/10 from Ant

Gary, Indiana’s undisputed queen of footwork is back with her second album, following her widely praised, critically acclaimed debut back in 2015. An album which topped ...read on »

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