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Thursday May 11th

Headline squeaks….

Hello from us. How are you? We’re having what seems to be a flute day in the office. Flutes to the left of me, flutes to the right. Perhaps some of these records below have flutes. We can’t guarantee that but what we can guarantee is that they contain round records that will play on your music system. If not then shout at us like everybody else.

Defying our dreadful intercom….

  • Big Walnuts Yonder make fantastic avant rock with an all star cast (Mike Watt, Nels Cline etc).
  • Woods take the bleakness of the Trump era and make sunshine pop out of the despair.
  • Want to soundtrack your late night walk around a wet shopping precinct? Try Luxury Stranger.
  • Veteran indie poppers The Distractions make music perfect from my dad’s hernia recovery period.
  • Diagrams take the words of a 90 year old poet and make sweet folk with them.
  • Perfume Genius is late. Did he get tangled up in his weird trousers?
  • LA Takedown make nice instrumental yacht music but then slather Brian May influenced guitar over.
  • Noisy power pop from Girlpool who now have a…..wait for it….drummer.
  • For the under 9s there’s the Bob’s Burgers album.
  • Psychedelic folk from Galley Beggar. Sorry ladies and gents... they’re taken.
  • Ides of Gemini explore the vast open wastelands of post punk and goth.
  • Glass Vaults make ok electronica/indie. But they are from New Zealand which is dead romantic like.
  • Also from New Zealand (that was a fluke, honestly) are dark synth brigade Elan Vital.
  • Anna Calvi waxes the sounds from the night she rocked Meltdown with a choir and David Byrne.
  • Sweet jangling indie haze from Hazel English.
  • Lee Southall of the Coral moved to weird but beautiful enclave Hebden Bridge and folkified his sound.
  • Sinister post rock and industrial from Dreissk.
  • Wistful stuff from new piano man Steve Gibbs.

And Just Arrived so I haven’t had time to think up something witty/snarky...
Avant-metal grump Toby Driver, emo lot Gnarwolves, fuzz collab from Slowcoaches and Sauna Youth people Feature, vowel-hating queer punk duo PwrBttm, neat singer songwriter Will Stratton, lots of jamming to enjoy from Laurent De Schepper and his Trio and finally a half hour drone leak from Neanderthals.

A few old timers…...

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
With all his upcoming DJ bookings I do hope Golden Cabinet has a creche.

  • Norwegian ambient master Biosphere mini-album inspired by Archie Mayo’s 1936 ‘The Petrified Forest’ flick.
  • Gorgeous stuff from Kara-Lis Coverdale who proves one side of a record can be perfectly sufficient.
  • Opal Tapes freshly baked batch from Finn McNicholas, Gosheven, K. Reinshagen, R and cassette editions of Basic House albums.
  • Intricate noise from FIS and Rob Thorne utilizing traditional Māori instruments for a beast of an album on Subtext.
  • B12 Detroit school/ Artificial Intelligence/ IDM/ ambient techno gear - red vinyl 12” in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.
  • Deep, mystical, darker shades of ambient from Ancestral Voices aka Akkord’s Liam Blackburn. Limited white vinyl 3LP on Horo.
  • Charles Vaughan’s sonic love affair with pylons on Wayside and Woodland.
  • Electronica with wandering strings and eerie vocals from Ectopia.
  • Gloriously spannered album from CHXFX aka NOCHEXX.
  • Dense, hazy, foggy layered droning from Pausal on Dronarivm.
  • Bunch of Muslimgauze action - back in print.
  • Intimate and political experimental pop from Helado Negro, expanded on RVNG Intl.
  • Pythagoron™ 1977 oddity reissued - originally sold as a legal high!
  • Aphex Twin approved, anonymous artist Brainwaltzera 6-track brain-dancer EP.
  • Limited cassette from loop wizard Robert Turman.
  • n5MD drop albums from Dreissk and Miwon.
  • Monstrous darkside breakbeat and pummeling techno from Tackle.
  • Vatican Shadow 12” on Ostgut Ton. Tailor made for the wee hours on the dancefloor.
  • Frank Coe / Forrest J. Ackerman’s 1961 ‘Music For Robots’ reissue. Check if you dig Subotnick, Raymond Scott, Louis & Bebe Barron etc.
  • Meticulously crafted EP from v1984 on Kuedo’s Knives label.
  • Infrasonic frequencies and hushed vocals from Felicia Atkinson, recorded at EMS.
  • TOMAGA get the remix treatment from Shit & Shine and Cavern Of Antimatter.
  • Dedekind Cut’s ‘American Zen’ vinyl with two bonus cuts via Hospital Productions
  • Both of Theo Parrish’s ‘First Floor’ records repressed on Peacefrog.
  • Ron Trent’s Prescription anthology 6LP box set is finally back in.
  • + New Jackson album on All City, Pearson Sound 12” on his own label, Sami 12” on Future Times, Sam Gellaitry EP on XL Recordings, Rhythim Is Rhythim remixed on Transmant, Irazu with Regis remix, Lyss:is banger limited to 100 copies.

Should fit through a large letterbox…

That’s it. See you next week.


Words: Clint (mainstay), Ant (weird music), and Robin (dog).
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin, James, Nathon and about to have a wild night out with Kate Rusby it’s Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“Never fail to satisfy”

…..but enough about Phil’s lovemaking.

Nationalise our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Ian

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Bob’s Burgers

The Bob’s Burgers Music Album

9/10 from Robin

Look: forget everything I ever said about music up until this point. Forget any high-minded bullshit about miserable ambient music. This is the only non-worthless album we on »

Kara-Lis Coverdale

Grafts (Expanded Reissue)

9/10 from Robin

Kara-Lis Coverdale is so fucking good. That’s literally all I had worth saying after soaking up this twenty-two minute fuzz rainbow from Boomkat Editions, one side of on »

FIS and Rob Thorne

Clear Stones

9/10 from Robin

Herein do New Zealand super-pairing Fis & Rob Thorne join forces for a record of super-microscopic noise. Fis’ universe-rattling sound design has previously wowed on »

The Home Current

The Home Current

8/10 from Clinton

An exclusive for you! This is the latest release by bloopy Dane Martin Jensen aka the Home Current and Static Caravan have gone way above the call of duty by not only on »

Ragnar Grippe


8/10 from Ant

I was still hanging out in Bardo, waiting for my parent's cells to come together and give me a body when this came out on the legendary Shandar imprint back in 1977. Shandar on »

Charles Vaughan

Pylon Reveries

8/10 from Clinton

When we were kids and on family holidays me and my brother would photograph pylons resulting in aghast grandparents. "We've taken you bairns all the way to Castle Douglas and on »

Vatican Shadow

Rubbish Of The Floodwaters

8/10 from Ant

Dominick Fernow lands on Berghain in house label Ostgut Ton as Vatican Shadow with a 3-track 12”. This isn’t his first appearance on the label - he previously on »


Aescoba EP

8/10 from Clinton

Right you lot. You'll like this. If we were Boomkat we'd say something like 'mysterious producer' could it be so and so that you know from something else. Maybe it is? Maybe on »

No Balls

More Is More

8/10 from Ant

Looking for a record to tear you a new asshole? You just hit the jackpot baby! 8mm Records follow up the sonic assault of the recent Orchestra Of Constant Distress LP with an on »

Big Walnuts Yonder

Big Walnuts Yonder

8/10 from Clinton

Records Make You Laugh Out Loud Episode 1  This is as comical as watching an animal tumble off a worktop. It's a collaboration between Mike Watt (Minutemen), Nels Cline on »


Lift Music

8/10 from Jamie

This is ‘Lift Music’. This is Chris Tate’s (D_rradio) second album as Score. It’s very nice. So nice, in fact, that it trumps any music I’ve on »



8/10 from Jamie

Well, what a beauty. Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton present their fifth full-length with ‘Avifaunal’ -- their first for Moscow’s palace of indie //drone, on »


Transcranial Targets

8/10 from Jamie

Well, our Ian called it so blame him if you must -- David Henson named his project CHXFX, thinking of a ridiculous moniker and removing all the vowels, you know, for ‘ on »

Forest Swords


8/10 from Jamie

As portrayed on the photographic illustration on the cover, that’s probably the best way to meditate; lying on the ground, sun-baked but stony-hard (the ground, I mean), on »

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

8/10 from Clinton

Remember when there was all those Chicago bands. You know the sort that would always have Doug Scharin on drums? I'm thinking of Rex and that lot. Well Spencer Radcliffe and on »

Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus


8/10 from Clinton

Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus are one of the 0.00001% who aren't bothered about promoting themselves. You won't find these moaning on twitter about their train journey on »


Banishing Ritual

8/10 from Robin

It’s a supergroup alert, my friends: form an orderly queue at the emergency meet point and be impressed by the fuzz collab. This trio involves Heather Perkins of noise on »

Ancestral Voices


8/10 from Ant

Liam Blackburn (Akkord) returns with his second album as Ancestral Voices - following 2015’s ‘Night Of Visions’ on Samurai Horo. Where that album was the on »

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