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Headline slices…..

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our Record Store Day leftovers last weekend. We are tired now but glad to get rid of it all. Worth checking the list still as some titles have now become available again.Then there was that Radiohead ‘OK Computer’ re-issue farce. One blue vinyl copy per every 100,000 of their fans was always going to end in tears...and it did.

Hmmm. Thankfully we still have lots of records you can buy and there’s a bumper crop this week so read below and see if there’s something there you fancy.

Strong and stable....

  • Hoops jangle even more than Felt and Real Estate put together.
  • Slowdive. Now 40% more bearded.
  • The Mac DeMarco album has this week’s best sleeve endorsement.
  • Really aggressive big hairs At the Drive In return.
  • Ian William Craig does his acoustic album. Robin defends it with his life.
  • Smooth psychsters Moon Duo make psych safe for the under tens.
  • Nick Cave releases all the best bits of his music.
  • Old aged growlers Afghan Whigs splutter out a new one.
  • Sun Kil Moon/Jesu. Blah blah blah boring, wittering etc.
  • Pond are from Australia and make psych rock with their good pal the Tame Impala feller.
  • Mysterious and ghostly music concrete from Joni Void on Constellation.
  • Typically metallic new racket from Chrome.
  • Forest Swords shows something we most likely won’t see in the UK for a long while…’Compassion’.
  • Jessica Moss of A Silver Mt Zion brings her violin along.
  • Joan Shelley makes sincere and poignant folk with more than one Tweedy.
  • Really good guitar pop from Doug Tuttle who might just think he’s the Byrds.
  • Swap Babies are jazz people who decided to make….shoegaze.
  • Taiwan Housing Project is either a band or they’ve come to the wrong place.
  • Asgeir strikes a blow for the lesser-spotted dull artist community of Iceland.
  • The family business of Penguin Cafe have been taken over by the son who has dropped the ‘orchestra’ but keeps the aesthetic. Stunning contemporary classical.
  • Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy does an album of Merle Haggard covers.
  • Kasabian are multiple winners of this week’s worst sleeve art, worst music and worst title.


More folk/americana from the always prolific Wooden Wand, Nite Jewel is still soundtracking the future, Day Wave try to monetize shoegaze, colour splurged indie pop from Theme Park, and finally phenomenal-trousered singing boy Perfume Genius.

So much is out this week we’ll have forgotten some stuff so do give the New In page a glance.

A safe pair of hands.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
Sorry kids but your Dad has to store his Coil bootlegs somewhere.

  • Firstly, a coupla exciting pre-orders for fiends of all things COIL; forthcoming LP from Drew McDowall on Dais, plus Electric Sewer Age (Peter Christopherson and Danny Hyde) CD/LP reissue on Soleilmoon.
  • Vinyl reissues of three classic dark ambient works from Deathprod.
  • Creepy 4-track Surgeon EP on his own Dynamic Tension label. Last man on earth techno vibes.
  • Absolute gold dust retrospective compilation on Recollections GRM from Dutch artist Jaap Vink. Light years ahead of its time sci-fi ambient spanning 1968-1985.
  • Superb On-U Sound inspired, dubbed out, primitive electronics on Optimo Music from Glasgow’s Lo Kindre.
  • Split EP of mesmerizing, tranquil, modular synth bliss from Kilchhofer / Hainbach.
  • Frequency Vs Atkins 'Mind Merge' 2LP aka Orlando Voorn and Juan Atkins - rooted in classic Detroit techno yet sounding distinctively modern.
  • Jan Jelinek’s 2001 ~scape classic ‘Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records’ reissued on wax on his own Faitiche label, complete with 2 bonus tracks + download.
  • Black Merlin and Don’t DJ represses of cracking 12”s on Berceuse Heroique. Close that Discogs tab.
  • Rough ass, mucky, industrial strength slammers from EMG on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • Musical travelogue 2LP on Ominira taking in the sounds of five US cities from Move D & Thomas Meinecke.
  • Luke Abbott pops up on Gold Panda’s Notown label for an EP premiering his “techno and DJ-heavy project” Earlham Mystics.
  • Ominous, ghostly musique concrète/sample collage from Joni Void on Constellation.
  • Cosmic floor melters from the unstoppable Jamal Moss as The Sun God.
  • The Other People Place ft. Mystic Tribe AI 12” reissue of great electro-weepers from Drexciya’s James Stinson and DJ Stingray.
  • Croatian Amor - Imagine a late period Burial EP on Posh Isolation.
  • Lush, minimal ambient from Celer on Jason Lescalleet’s Glistening Examples label.
  • Much needed reissue of Unit Moebius - Bunker 004. Fine 90's acid jackers from the Hague dream team.
  • The Future Sound Of London's RSD release 'Archived : Environmental : Views' gets a CD release.
  • Symphonic versions of Carl Craig classics.
  • Bibio gets all raw ‘outsider house’ on your ass.
  • Cosmic/ Italo-disco inspired party cuts from Bal5000. Edition of 300 copies on the reliable Invisible, Inc.
  • Ace old-skool Chicago inspired acid/house on Super Rhythm Trax from Pendle Watkins.
  • Metasplice / _bruxist fans should check the new _moonraker EP of futuristic electronics straight outta the Philadelphia underground.
  • Sheffield’s John Shima lands on B12’s FireScope label for an EP of 90’s reminiscent Detroit school / Artificial Intelligence style warm techno.
  • Amusingly titled ‘The Highland Mob’ EP of Grime hybrids from Scottish producer Proc Fiskal on Hyperdub.
  • Lest we forget Ensemble Economique LP on Denovali, Psymun on Ghostly, Luke Vibert 2LP on Hypercolour, Flume EP on Transgressive, M.O.O.N. LP on Friends of Friends.

Warning: not liquorice.

That’s it. Enjoy the wind. See you next week.

Words: Clint (mainstream), Ant (electronics/weird), and Robin (dog).
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin, James, Benn, Nathon and Ian (May the 4th be with him).

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“So good they’re boring”.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Disco Inferno

In Debt

9/10 from Clinton

Ok this isn't going to be a fair review. Reviewing this album is somewhat like reviewing my own mother - it's been so familiar from such a young age that there's no way I'm on »

Jessica Moss

Pools Of Light

9/10 from Robin

Please rejoice as another member the Silver Mt Zion orchestra releases a solo record in the spirit of terror and joy. Violinist Jessica Moss brings her violins to debut & on »

Penguin Cafe

The Imperfect Sea

9/10 from Clinton

Right, this is a bloody lovely record and also a feel-nice story in that it's headed up by Arthur Jeffes the son of Simon Jeffes who ran the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra on »

Jaap Vink

Jaap Vink

9/10 from Ant

Absolute gold dust retrospective compilation from relatively unknown Dutch artist Jaap Vink who was a teacher in analogue studio techniques at at the Institute of Sonology in on »



8/10 from Clinton

I call it the sunny day trilogy. This album, the Real Estate one and the forthcoming Beach Fossils all seem to get played in the office on sunny days (rare) or usually by me on »

Doug Tuttle

Peace Potato

8/10 from Clinton

I played this three times in a row the other week. Partly because it's good, partly because I couldn't think of anything better to put on after it. It says something for Doug on »

Ian William Craig

Slow Vessels

8/10 from Robin

“Go on: defend this” were the words of my cattishly picky editor Clint upon listening to ‘Slow Vessels’ in office. Reworks make him squirm; acoustic on »

Joni Void


8/10 from Robin

I’ve had this record on my shuffle for a month, between a dozen other records of musical brickerbrack, and it officially makes no sense to me. ‘Selfless’ is on »

Joan Shelley

Joan Shelley

8/10 from Robin

Here’s a super gentle and super sincere folk record from Joan Shelley, who’s supported by a recurring cast of the Tweedy family in dad Jeff and son Spencer. on »

Andrew Wasylyk

Themes For Buildings And Spaces

8/10 from Jamie

Andrew Wasylyk is in fact the recording name of Dundee resident, writer, producer and all-round clever-trousers / multi-instrumentalist Andrew Mitchell. A nice informative on »

Frequency Vs Atkins

Mind Merge

8/10 from Ant

I think the first time Orlando Voorn and Juan Atkins collaborated was way back in 1992 for their track ‘Industrial Metal’ and the last time was a coupla years on »

Croatian Amor

Finding People

8/10 from Ant

Loke Rahbek returns as Croatian Amor with a 4-track EP, following last year's well received ‘Love Means Taking Action’ album on Posh Isolation / Alter. The on »


Convenience Trap

8/10 from Ant

Anthony Child is back on his own Dynamic Tension label with ‘Convenience Trap’ in four parts - utilizing techniques and taking inspiration from his live on »

Kilchhofer / Hainbach


8/10 from Ant

Mesmerising split EP of tranquil modular synth bliss-outs. Kilchhofer’s side of the record is reminiscent of everything from M. Geddes Gengras, Don’t DJ’s on »

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