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Headline slabs…..

*Latest bargain label promos….. This time a ‘home’ special*

...and did you check the Second Language promo from earlier in the week? You should.

Ok so you really need to look at the site at 8AM (GMT) on Saturday morning. There will hopefully be things on there some of you may be interested in. That’s all we’re saying. Until then please check out the last of our cheap promos (see above) and all these new things that have come in on the week we were rocked by the news that our Ian was ill again.

Thru wind, hail, snow, sun, rain, cloud…...

  • Thurston Moore is back with a good new batch...and in case you were wondering it is his real hair.
  • Ol’ horn blower Colin Stetson has to be the best saxophone honking Colin.
  • Always good to have Mew about but my word they are slick these days.
  • Singing lady Feist.
  • Man from Blur and his cartoon pals Gorillaz.
  • Slightly naughty jangle-poppers Palm Honey.
  • Kris Gietkowski for reasons best known to himself covers most of Egg’s debut LP.
  • Sophie Hutchings makes piano music so nice it should be illegal.
  • A squelching pool of nostalgic synth work from College.
  • Nice music for nice people by Tara Jane O’Neil.
  • Mark Lanegan just doesn’t make a fool of himself. Ever.
  • Yeah, just call yourselves Wall. That’ll do
  • Babe are described as a party band but they made us melancholic like the ‘80s.
  • Experimental twists of modern classical from Seabuckthorn.
  • Little Cubs are so damn arch they could take over when the Pet Shop Boys retire.
  • Post War Glamour Girls are neither from the postwar period nor glamorous nor girls (apart from one of them).
  • Oh my God he’s covered in yellow paint.
  • LA Police Department are not the actual LA Police Department who have never (to our knowledge) made a record.
  • BNQT are a supergroup with members of Midlake, Franz Ferdinand and Wings.
  • J. Dilla. It’s not new but it’s unheard music which means it’s new.
  • Finally it’s here. The Rifles unplugged album drops at last.

Psych rock special….
This week we’ve separated all the psych rock to make space for other genres….

...and here’s the ‘New In’ pages in case you want more.

Inspired by Record Store Day these have been re-unleashed.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
That GAS record sounds less impressive when piped through the baby monitor.

  • Pan Sonic fellow Ilpo Väisänen soundtracks the collapse of the world economy through brutalist electronic dub as I-LP-O In Dub.
  • Second ‘Colundi Sequence’ compilation of Aleksi Perälä brain dancing techno bleepers.
  • Go remortgage the house/offload a child on Ebay China - GAS vinyl landed this week.
  • Limited, darkside 12” sampler for Pessimist’s forthcoming album on Blackest Ever Black.
  • Bleak, ominous techno from Berlin’s SNTS on Horo.
  • Limited stamped/numbered, 4-track 12" EP from French eccentric deep house master Pépé Bradock.
  • To Andreas Gehm’ tribute to the late German acid wizard feat. Tzusing, KiNK, L/F/D/M, Umwelt, Basic Soul Unit, Marco Bernardi, Mark Forshaw, Rivet.
  • Atrax Morgue wooden box set with seven tapes of pure sonic necrophilia.
  • Glimmering technoid glitchers on Editions Mego from Telfon Tel Aviv and Belong people as Second Woman.
  • Pipe and slippers at the ready for more bvdub ambient drifters.
  • Two new slices from Sound in Silence by Moshimoss & Stabilo and Athene.
  • Blackened, futuristic sci-fi electronics and industrial inflected techno from Simbiosi on Cosmo Rhythmatic.
  • Pair of Barry Lynn (Boxcutter / The Host) ambient/kosmische tapes.
  • Super limited edition lathe cuts on KinetiK from Andrew Pekler, David Kristian and Dataman.
  • Gentle, warming electronica augmented with live instrumentation from Selffish on Serein.
  • Hardcore mutations mixtape from Low Jack as Carval Tarek.
  • Get yer pre-orders in for long lost tracks unearthed on DAT from The Other People Place / Drexciya legend James Stinson as Jack Peoples!

Will take up no more than ten minutes of your time.

That’s it from us. See you Saturday morning. Bright and early.


Words: Clint, Ant, and Robin.
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin squared, the birdman, Laurie, Nathon and sickboy.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“5 star rock n roll!”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


New Age Sewage

9/10 from Ant

The word on the street is that the first Robedoor LP in like four years has the L.A brothers music getting even darker. Like how is that technically possible? I’d have on »

Basic House

I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me

9/10 from Ant

I’m pretty sure this is like the eighth album by Opal Tapes lord Stephen Bishop aka Basic House. His second for Luke Younger’s aka Helm Alter imprint. If previous on »


He She Them Us

9/10 from Jamie

Just look at that sleeve photo. Bathers in the Med having a whale of a time. Or perhaps it’s the Baltic… in the height of Summer. I say that because Selffish -- on »

Aaron Dilloway

The Gag File

9/10 from Ant

One day I received a text message from friend and former Norman Records employee Brian who was at the time at the great Tusk Festival in the North of England. It read “ on »


Small Conversations

8/10 from Jamie

This, my friends, is the newest release from the lovely people of White Paddy Mountain (Chihei Hatakeyama) and their ridiculously cute and perfectly formed micro-label. It& on »

Little Cub

Still Life

8/10 from Clinton

It takes some confidence to call your EP 'Loveless' but that's just what Little Cub did on their 2016 debut. It wasn't, of course,  as good as the other 'Loveless' but on »



8/10 from Robin

Trembling folkie Seabuckthorn has basically been on an unstoppable roll since forever, so the schooled amongst you will know what to expect: a strummed, picked and lightly on »

The Cosmic Dead

Psych Is Dead

8/10 from Robin

To commemorate psych rock’s passing, as confirmed by the Cosmic Dead on the 24th of April 2017, I went and generated an online tombstone for it -- here it is, and God on »

Tilman Robinson

Deer Heart

8/10 from Robin

It sure was nice of Tilman Robinson to continue this album despite two columns of attention-seeking yellow paint descending on his face and distracting him from his craft. on »

Kevin Drumm

Gtr​/​Synth 2000

8/10 from Ant

This tape from Chicago noise maker extraordinaire originally appeared and vanished swiftly back in September 2016. Thankfully Bocian have done a second run in an edition of on »

Tara Jane O’Neil

Tara Jane O’Neil

8/10 from Robin

Ah, to be a singer-songwriter sitting on a table in the garden next to some plants. Tara Jane O’Neil looks extremely chill there, good for her, as I feel one deserves a on »

Kendrick Lamar


8/10 from Robin

Under no circumstances do you need Norman Records dot com to tell you that there’s a new Kendrick record, nor that we feel any way in particular about it. The rundown on »

Sophie Hutchings


8/10 from Robin

A piano is nice. Sometimes you can play it and it sounds like the whole room around it. Sometimes it sounds like a whole region of mountains and shrubbery and the like; I on »

Moshimoss & Stabilo


8/10 from Jamie

So, Clint has just handed me my Wednesday treat, which arrives today as a brace of new releases from the Athens-based Sound In Silence label. As you may have expected, on »



8/10 from Jamie

The second and last of today’s sparkling delights from hand-packaged-card-with-polaroid-design aesthetes Sound In Silence… is… another corker. That’ on »


Indastria EP

8/10 from Ant

Simbiosi appeared, seemingly out of nowhere back in 2015 with the cracking ‘Elements’ triple 12” set on Actress Werkdiscs label, and then the Italian duo on »

Thurston Moore

Rock n Roll Consciousness

8/10 from Clinton

Ok here's the thing. Why has he not aged? Does a life spent skewing screwdrivers into guitars somehow help reverse the ageing process? Or has the fact that he shed his on »


Epilogues for the End of the Sky

8/10 from Clinton

Here he is again. Just reading the comments on his Bandcamp people really love this guy but here at the towers we see his output as a bit more hit and miss. Some albums on »

The Janitors

Horn Ur Marken

8/10 from Laurie

From the dirge rock of 10000 Russos we now arrive at a much more sinister breed of psych from The Janitors. Ever suspiciously eyed up the janitor when you were at school? on »

I-LP-O In Dub

Capital Dub, Chapter 1

8/10 from Ant

If you haven't already clocked it, I-LP-O in Dub is Pan Sonic / Angel fellow Ilpo Väisänen. He premiered this alias in 2015 with his 'Communist Dub' album for on »

Milo's Plane

Individual Development Plan

8/10 from Robin

Noise rock as decrepit as our fucking internet, Milo’s Planes stop and start and riff and raff, until the only word you wanna use to describe them is “angular& on »

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