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Weekly Update Joe Goddard, The Spookfish, Basic House, Call Super / Shanti Celeste, Go Hiyama, and more...

Headline slabs…..

Upcoming is the day when many of you go a queueing so good luck with that - just please don’t turn up at our failing concrete hellhole this Saturday morning because there’ll be no-one here. Do go and support your local shop though if there’s something you want - it’s not their fault there’s a Toto record out. We’d be begging for your custom too if we hadn’t been fired.

Anyway there’s still lots of good stuff out so please browse below to find out more.

Battling against Record Store Day….

...and here’s the ‘New In’ pages in case you want more.

There’ll be plenty more of these out over the weekend if you can be arsed.

  • Old day punks X Ray Spex get their classic ‘Germfree Adolescents’ re-waxed on ‘Radioactive Green’ vinyl.
  • Spoken word LP from Jack Kerouac as he speaks alongside Steve Allen’s piano tinkles.
  • Naughty poet Allen Ginsberg speaks about his past on a record.
  • And finally a lost classic album by Vincent Ahehehinnou of Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
Still searching out that elusive Anglesey underground techno scene.

  • Black Dice man Eric Copeland is back on L.I.E.S. for an album of squidgy psychedelic electro-wonkers.
  • Inventive technoid action from Tokyo’s Go Hiyama.
  • First in 20 years from Wolfgang Voigt's seminal GAS project. Vinyl to follow..
  • Ultra weird tape from sad_rav. Like Wanda Group, Machinefabriek and Jason Lescallett all makin’ whoopee.
  • Forgot to mention this WaqWaq Kingdom LP on Jahtari the other week - Andrea Belfi, Kiki Hitomi and DJ Scotch Egg!
  • Opal Tapes king man Basic House has a new LP on Alter - tiz a cracker -- review to follow.
  • Biosphere on teenie weenie 7”. Sad but true.
  • Brian Bennett’s sought after/rare 1978 cosmic disco odyssey ‘Voyage’ has been remastered from the original tapes. 180g wax on Isle Of Jura.
  • Volume III of Tolouse Low Trax 'Decades' series aka Kreidler's Detlef Weinrich. All of these are pretty great.
  • CHXFX clear 7” lathe cut - 50 copies... going... going…
  • Dekmantel are churning them out at the minute - Amsterdam’s Awanto 3 brings plenty of party vibes on 2LP and Call Super /Shanti Celeste split a 12”.

On their way any day now…..

Don’t lick them. They are not lollipops.

  • Sweet 80’s style indie from The Last of the Lovely Days. Warning: contains flutes.
  • ‘60s inspired dream pop from LA based lucky people Pinky Pinky.
  • Popular-with-gullible-London-scenesters lot Shame have really dished it out to Theresa May.
  • Damaged Bug/Black Pus. John Dwyer’s electronic lot team up with Lightning Bolt feller.

That’s it from us.

Advice: If you get up at 3am on Saturday morning for Record Store Day then wear a big coat….and don’t come to our office.

Words: Clint, Ant, and Robin.
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin halved, Jamie, canny little jumper boy, Nathon and over in cat corner... Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
'Even though they're based in Yorkshire, they're good'

Elect our Feefo reviews.

*ok not quite exclusive but not everyone has them.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Ant

Glasgow post-punk / noise rock trio VOM have been active since 2009 but haven’t exactly been churning records out. Way back, we scored copies of their split with Gummy S...read on »

Go Hiyama

I Am Goodbye

9/10 from Laurie

Here it is, my purchase of the week, the hilariously-titled I Am Goodbye by Japanese electronicker Go Hiyama. Really, there isn’t much point in this review, cuz I alread...read on »

Justin Walter

Unseen Forces

9/10 from Robin

He plays the wind synth. What in the hell is a wind synth, you ask? Well, as far as I know, it’s an instrument beloved by Sun Ra’s masterful friend Marshal Allen. ...read on »

Scuba Death

The Worm At The Core

9/10 from Robin

Further Records make everything around you look ominously blue in different degrees of dark on this utterly compelling record from Scuba Death. This is a dub techno offering t...read on »

Colin Stetson

All This I Do For Glory

9/10 from Robin

Nothing showy, this time: just a roar. Through his now well-travelled career, saxophonist Colin Stetson has weaved just about every narrative you could ask him to.  He ha...read on »


Ghost Ship Cargo

8/10 from Jamie

Ghosts… Ships… Eeriness. Oneechan Nanashi’s debut album as Oceaneer contains all these things. Although I’m possibly not as prone, as I once would ha...read on »

Valgeir Sigurðsson


8/10 from Jamie

Valgeir Sigurðsson -- Icelandic producer / composer / engineer / programmer / Bedroom Community label boss -- has made a work of darkly brooding, intensely atmospheric and...read on »

Sana Obruent


8/10 from Clinton

I'm scared.  The new album by Sana Obruent is a soundtrack to the terrifying true story of some skiers who went missing in the Ural mountains in 1959 never to return. Th...read on »


Add Red

8/10 from Ant

The second cassette release on fledgling label don’t drone alone comes from sad_rave who realises Michael Pisaro’s ‘Add Red’ score in somewhat unexpect...read on »

Sun Araw

The Saddle of The Increate

8/10 from Laurie

Sun. The Sun, The Sunnster, Sun is back! With a brand new album on Sun Ark! Here is your favourite nonsense conjurer, in full swing, fiddling with his machines like a drunkard...read on »

The Physics House Band

Mercury Fountain

8/10 from Robin

“Do you wanna be a rock band or not?” - me, to the Physics House Band, who are not listening. This record of compelling psychedelic amusements has me, a first time...read on »


Mandela Effect

8/10 from Robin

I’ll spare your tired fingers that Wikipedia search and tell you that the Mandela Effect describes the phenomenon of remembering something that was never there to be rem...read on »


Typical Girls Volume 2

8/10 from Clinton

Not content with one volume highlighting bands fronted by women, Emotional Response have unleashed another batch of mainly unknown artists throughout the world -- all of which...read on »

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