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Thursday April 13th 2017

Headline slices…..

We’re still in the recovery position after our mega-sale and hopefully we have all your orders dispatched now. Thank you for your patience. As we approach that time of year again the general glut of releases seem to be slowing up but we still have plenty for you to browse through including new Actress and the Caretaker records and an EXCLUSIVE record on Public House by Dalham. For fans of Boards of Canada, Concretism and Ghost Box this one and if that’s not all we’ve got discounts on remaining Public House titles.

Hope all that sees you through the long weekend. We’ll be back on Tuesday so hope you don’t miss us too much.

Literally being dragged kicking and screaming up the steps….

  • Kindling do shoegaze very loudly. The drummer is like a battering ram.
  • CFM is the solo project of Charles Moothart, a pal of Ty Segall.
  • Psych rock with ‘dub riddims’ (it says here) from Rainbow Island.
  • Ska and the Clash influenced rock from the Vex who are stuck in Kent apparently.
  • The Splashh album concisely exemplifies everything wrong in modern music production I sniffily reckon.
  • Liverpool beat pop merchant Edgar Jones releases his first in five years.
  • Veteran noisy lads Part Chimp unleash their fourth on Rock Action.
  • A two hour live compendium of 24 of Gary Numan’s best tracks….but can it explain his hair?

...and here’s the ‘New In’ pages in case you want more.

Things so good they just couldn’t not be in print.

  • A welcome re-issue of the self titled Flying Saucer Attack LP.
  • Re-press of the marvellous the Twilight Sad album ‘Fourteen Hours and Fifteen Winters’.
  • This Modern Art re-issue is fabulous lost 80’s indie pop from the Sun Dial feller.
  • Underground metal legends Today is the Day get their classic ‘Temple of the Morning Star’ luxuriously re-issued.
  • Li’l Ugly Mane’s sure to be classic one day ‘Mista Thug Mane’ gets a long-awaited 5th anniversary re-press.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
He left his Trilogy Tapes hoodie in the Angry Birds activity park.

  • Actress was only playing dead. He returns on Ninja Tune with his fifth album.
  • The Caretaker’s six album project enters its second phase of dementia.
  • Fancy coloured vinyl reissues of seminal works from electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott.
  • Tod Dockstader classic reissued on États-Unis, plus Highlights Of Vortex ancient compilation back in print.
  • Nino Nardini’s experimental/musique concrète/sci-fi treasure reissued in glow-in-the-dark sleeve.
  • Miracle Steps compilation on Optimo Music. Gathering tracks that fit into Jon Hassell’s concept of Fourth World ambient incl. Jorge Reyes, Rapoon, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma etc.
  • Microtonal action ‘For Organ and Brass’ on Subtext from Ellen Arkbro.
  • Textured ambient techno on Further Records from Scuba Death aka Ricardo Donoso.
  • Francisco Lopez USB memory card - artist edition of 250 individually signed copies, with 5 hours 20 minutes of audio!
  • Scored some Flørist 12”s but they ain’t gonna hang about.
  • Joyous party ignitors on The Trilogy Tapes from Bass Clef.
  • Get your pre-order in for a repress of Objekt #1.

Next week!
More exclusives! Watch this space.

Have a great Easter weekend. Remember, while we might be relaxing our site never stops so feel free to buy records whenever you like.

Words: Clint, Ant (electronics) and Robin (sax).
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin, Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“It's almost boring how good their service is”

Feefo reviews for your Easter bonnet.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Twilight Sad

Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters

9/10 from Clinton

It's probably one of my favourite albums of all time but how to convey why in a short review is today's challenge. It's one of those albums that seeps. On first listen you on »



9/10 from Robin

You’ve got me out here at the review station reviewing electronic music? You idiots. You stupid idiots. It’s like when you see that one shit guy in the platoon of on »

Modern Art


8/10 from Clinton

This is truly ace. It's the early '80s project of Gary Ramon who went onto be better known for his long running psych/space rock project Sun Dial. Here he makes the kind of on »

Kassem Mosse / Black Point

Split Vol. 2

8/10 from Clinton

Finding out what is actually going on on some of these dance 12"s is the sort of unsolvable mystery that has surely worried better minds than mine. By a bit of detective work on »

The Caretaker

Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 2

8/10 from Robin

Leyland Kirby’s second album to be titled ‘Everything At the End of Time’ continues his project’s life-long investigation into dementia and memory. on »

Lo Five

When It’s Time To Let Go

8/10 from Jamie

Hey, I’ve already heard this CD on the office stereo and it was kinda nice. Lo Five is this guy (Neil Grant) who has made an album of hazy, summery landscape on »

Jean-Michel Blais & CFCF


8/10 from Jamie

Ah, this is the stuff. Jean-Michel Blais and Michael Silver / CFCF are providing the soothing soundtrack to my virtual Friday morning here at the towers. What a wondrous on »

Nino Nardini

Musique Pour Le Future

8/10 from Ant

Originally issued back in 1970 on the Neuilly label outta France, this little treasure has been pretty much unavailable since - save for a CDr edition on the saintly Creel on »

Ellen Arkbro

For Organ and Brass

8/10 from Robin

A short shout out for a very good record, here: Ellen Arkbro has made a wonderfully doomy and ancient-sounding drone record that will appeal to fans of blaring organs, big on »

Rolando Simmons

Yuo're Life

8/10 from Jamie

So, Rolando Simmons then. Swedish producer. Richard D James is a fan. Sounds like… hmmm, I dunno. Squelchy acid basslines, razor-sharp hi-hats and generally fluttering on »

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