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Weekly Update Arca, Luc Ferrari, The Arms Of Someone New, Denis Mpunga & Paul K, Max Jury, and more...

Headline slices….

Our frayed and useless internet wires went down just as I was about to pen these immortal words so you are in lucky receipt of fewer rambles than usual. We can sense you clawing at your computers spitting out venomous bile at our lateness so without further ado….this week’s stuff.

They just threw a load of boxes in our faces….

  • Nice new Guided By Voices album. One of those ‘return to form’ things we think.
  • Bill Botting is a happy-looking guy who plays charming indie pop.
  • Speaking of happy - what about those Happyness eh?
  • A man coughs up a hairball over synth pop-lite...it’s Future Islands.
  • Japanese shoegaze makers Taffy.
  • He’s a relentless attention seeking bore and not even a real Father.
  • Soon-to-be-enormous (probably) Brit pop influenced tunesmiths the Big Moon.
  • Eerie Antipodean indie pop from Rat Columns.
  • Now that there’s no Dire straits it’s time for some Dire Wolves.
  • Scottish lady Pefkin does her Grouper-esque murmurings.
  • German kraut practitioners Kreidler.
  • We tried to fit more psych records in our stockroom but there wasn’t Mushroom.
  • All the folkies turn out for the new Karen Elson.
  • Timber Timbre wh’ appen?
  • Kindly jumpered folk lad James Yorkston again collaborates with Thorn and Khan for some lovely music.
  • Diet Cig swear you’ll enjoy their album.
  • Allred and Broderick - men singing together.
  • Krokofant are a gang of scandinavians trying to bring jazz fusion up to date.
  • Modern grunge studies from the very promising Aye Nako.
  • Wild Pink are a nice band just hanging out. Mostly mumbling.
  • A wonderful collection of ramshackle from fuzzy bedroom lot Younger Lovers.

No bulletpoints for this little lot….

The music industry is still quaking at the return of the Secret Goldfish, Fujiya & Miyaga make Hot Chip-ish pop but without the nerd guy, raw rock fury from Ecstatic Vision (no really), Andrew Combs his hair,

...and here’s the ‘New In’ pages as there’s too much this week as always.

We think they are all waiting for their Record Store Day pals.

  • Marc Almond wearing a funny hat.
  • To show our diversity we have both the re-issue of ‘A Return to Slavery’ by nasty industrial terrorists Ramleh and the soundtrack to zany Jim Carrey vehicle Ace Ventura.

Back In:
Much required returning things...

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
Someone left a memory stick full of Perc collaborations on the Playstation.

  • First album in ten years from one of my alltime faves, Dopplereffekt and yours truly ain’t even heard it yet. Blub/weep.
  • Clark finds his drum machines and switches back into techno mode, plus Gonjasufi also returns on Warp.
  • Björk apparently convinced Arca to open his gob and start singing.
  • Music From Memory dig up Denis Mpunga & Paul K tracks, combining elements of traditional African music with experimental electronics.
  • Jeff Mills with Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música pay tribute to Holst’s ‘The Planets’.
  • 'Unboxed Brain' 12" incl. The Future Sound of London, The Black Dog remix of Scanner and Future/Past and Mark Broom mixes of B12.
  • Droning electronics and metallic rhythms on ace new Dot Product LP on Osiris Music + a repress of their first s/t LP.
  • Chilled, downtempo ambient electronica from Kassem Mosse / Black Point on their split 12” on Out To Lunch.
  • No idea who’s behind this dubby, grooving Pretty Sneaky 12” but you should totally grab one.
  • Dreamlike ambient drenched hip-hop from Coby Sey (300 copies, mounted with picture frame and photograph) and Avalon Emerson repress in new artwork, both on Whities.
  • Another Unknown artist job on Auxiliary and Horo’s Grey Area label. Deep and moody polyrhythmic techno for fans of Donato Dozzy etc.
  • Trippy liquid techno grooves on the aforementioned Italian’s label from Crossing Avenue.
  • Gigi Masin / Vakula / Roman Flügel celebrate 10 years of Dekmantel who also realease the debut album from NYC’s Anthony Parasole.
  • Dark and menacing 2LP archival collection from the awesome Orphx, on Mannequin.
  • ‘Lunar Ruins’ and ‘Ancient Light’ represses from E.R.P. aka Convextion. The latter incl. a remix from The Exaltics.
  • ENA ‘Divided: Body’ 12” + ‘Divided: Mind’ counterpart CD of introspective ambience, on Horo.
  • Dark Entries reissue nourishment from Beranek, The Arms Of Someone New, Silvia and Night Moves.
  • Bülent Arel 'Electronic Music 1960-1973' archival compilation of early twiddling, plus previously unreleased Luc Ferrari job on Sub Rosa.
  • Unsettling sonic art from Ken Ikeda + David Toop on Home Normal.
  • Heavenly Music Corporation ambient melters vinyl reissue on Astral Industries is back in stock.
  • Ramleh's Broken Flag classic 'A Return To Slavery' reissued on Harbinger Sound. Backed with 'The Hand Of Glory' EP.
  • Bleak industrial droning soundscapes and spoken word from Vanishing feat. Gnod gentleman Paddy Shine.
  • ‘African Indigenous Rhythms’ for the party, courtesy of Ron Trent.
  • Design A Wave 12” on Major Problems - masterd by someone’s Dad?!?!
  • 12” EP from Opal Tapes artist Body Boys aka AHC / in hand-stamped sleeves.
  • Only 350 copies of this surreal, neo-noir Palmbomen II 12” on Beats In Space.
  • New Waterpark alias from Vancouver’s Khotin (1080p). Aquatic, breakbeat driven, club primed gear and early morning dubber.
  • Tape of Cybertronian landscapes / industrial sci-fi electro/techno from AB2088 on CPU sister label Computer Club.
  • +++ Kreidler LP on Bureau B, Planetary Assault Systems remix set on Mote Evolver, Basic Rhythm LP on Type, Smagghe & Cross LP on Offen Music, Dark Sky album on Monkeytown, Vicram 12” on Crowdspacer, New Jackson 12” on All City etc.

Makes Phil’s head look as big as Saturn.

  • Scottish rap lads Young Fathers release their tune for Trainspotting the reboot.
  • Max Jury does tender heartfelt covers. No relation to Ian.
  • Solo surrealism from Tav Falco. No Panther Burns this time.
  • Kraut rocking dancefloor from Baltic Fleet.

Next week!

Exclusives, cheap things, stuff. You’ll see.


Words: Clint, Ant (electronics) and Robin (sax).
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin, Jamie, Laurie, Nathon, a wasp and Ian.

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“Clean, Class, Cool... “

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