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Headline shards…..

In case you missed the news earlier in the week just a reminder that we aren’t taking part in Record Store Day this year. Thanks for all your kind words and support on the matter. Though we are hoping to stock a few ‘leftovers’ when everything goes online on April 29th, we will have no idea until much nearer the time what that will be or what form it will take so please don’t ask us any questions as you will drive Phil more barmy than he already is. Thanks for your understanding. We will reward you with a series of exclusives and promos through April. More news on this once we’ve figured it out.

Onto records we can sell you and there’s a bunch of really good ones in this week, the charms of which you can read about below. Better than Aqua? Possibly.


New music made by new people so you don’t have to listen to old music by old people.

  • Super cheap Harbinger Sound compilation ready to ruin your ears.
  • Spaghetti-loving noise pop legends Jesus and Mary Chain.
  • That ‘un from Stereolab Laetitia Sadier and her Source Ensemble.
  • Fat White Family and Eccentronic Research Council friends The Moonlandingz.
  • Second in command indie rock mainstay Spiral Stairs returns.
  • Punk-scorched noise pop from Stewart ‘Bloody’ Anderson as The English Teeth.
  • Emma Gatrill. Safe to say she is for fans of Joanna Newsom.
  • Great tape of intimate folk by A Lilac Decline on Rusted Rail.
  • We welcome H.Burns and their melancholy synth opus.
  • Blown Out give Laurie a taste of Robin’s psych life.
  • New one from long time office favourite Shannon Wright.
  • “Like ‘Future Days’ era Can conducted by Steve Reich”.... is what we said about the Album of the week from Daniel Brandt.
  • Devo-inspired party starters Century Palm.
  • Kid Koala drafted in Emiliana Torrini and wrote nicely about the Mars space mission.
  • Shoegazers with a wonderful taste in drawing rooms Secret Shine.
  • Kings of scuzz Feral Ohms.
  • Jon Spencer’s Boss Hog are back for another shout.
  • Snakehole also show us all that it’s ok to shout loudly.
  • Blueprint Blue enjoy giving you some classic era influenced songwriting as produced by Ultimate Paintings dude.
  • In a surprise move Sonic Jesus have turned into White Lies.
  • The Dove and the Wolf. Never the twain shall meet (hopefully). Feathers everywhere.
  • Tuneful indie rock from Leeds very own Deadwall.
  • Me and that Man is not the title of my forthcoming book about working with Phil.
  • Shoegazy rock from Tear on perma tweeter Tim Burgess’ O Genesis imprint.
  • Robin tried to tear open the Pallbearer album with his bare hands but it wouldn’t let him in.
  • Thoughtful and droll indie pop from Samantha Crain. Breezy.
  • Folk indie so distorted you’d think Congleton was involved from catchy starlet Hannah Lou Clark.

No bulletpoints for you boys and girls…

This Kelly Moran album of prepared piano sounds great, Devon Sproule returns from living in a lighthouse, Pontiak get heavy and spacey, really scary lady Diamanda Galas is really scary, slow sludgy folk rockers Arbouretum return, The Cairo Gang are sounding very much like Big Star from what we heard and inally there’s a new one from plump the Hold Steady storyteller Craig Finn.

...and here’s the ‘New In’ pages as there’s too much this week as always.


Old music brought back to life...sometimes for money.

  • Pink Floyd have no separated their enormous box set into bit size pieces.
  • Immerse yourself in the sound of post punk Amsterdam with the De Koer compilation.
  • Much needed reissue of Japanese percussionist Midori Takada’s first album.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

STOP PRESS: He’s running the Opal Tapes stall at the next Wharfedale Baby and Children’s market.

  • Superb, fresh, beat science and futuristic sound design from Gondwana on Opal Tapes aka Andrea Taeggi of Lumisokea.
  • Meatbingo / Phono Ghosts chap Neil Scrivin gets his 2007 ‘Twenty Years On Ben Nevis’ fuzzer out on tape.
  • Belgian/Congolese producer and part on NON collective Niksi has a scorching 12” limited to a measly 100 copies!
  • Limited DJ Sotofett 4-track EP on Borft, bringin’ the ‘tropical house, raj raj and mysteriousness…’
  • Dolphin of the Future Lieven Martens Moana attempts to see through the eyes of Robert Louis Stevenson. LP + 12-page book on Pacific City Sound Visions.
  • Eva Geist and Laura ODL explore sonic waves as As Longitude - a little reminiscent of Legowelt perhaps.
  • The Bug vs Earth heavyweight dub/drone full album collab on Ninja Tune. CD at the mo’ - wax to follow...
  • Pair of Tempelhof / Gigi Masin long players back on the scene.
  • Top notch electroacoustic, imaginary soundscapes from Luc Ferrari - reissued on Recollections GRM.
  • Dark/ futuristic techno/electro/EBM/wave on Mannequin’s Death of the Machines’ series from JASSS.
  • Awesome black, futuristic/cinematic, industrial ambient from Alberich / Lussuria on Hospital Productions.
  • Tranquil emissions from cave dweller The Chi Factory on Astral Industries.
  • Rainy ambient 2LP from Suso Saiz on Music From Memory.
  • Crackers LP from Native Instrument on Shelter Press, choc full of squawking, tweeting etc. like going to the zoo on acid.
  • Mumdance & Logos get techno’d by Perc & Truss.
  • I can’t type out Teengirl Fantasy without feeling like some kind of degenerate perv.
  • Dillon Wendel aka Beatrice Dillon and Kassem Mosse get their drone on.
  • Paradon't aka Don't DJ and Paraklang offer 'their vision of an alien club excess’. Limited 12” job.
  • Scuzzy basement horror jazz offs from Wolf Eyes. Initial copies with bonus CD / zine.
  • SWAN Norman Westberg blurry droning ambient on Room40.
  • What has that lad Sun Araw been smoking? Check his “meta-physical romantic comedy of self about the roping and directing of cattle. A jackfruit rodeo in 14 parts.” Umm-kay.
  • Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson's Live At L' Etrange Festival 2004 - The Art Of Mirrors (Homage To Derek Jarman) now on CD!
  • Bunch of gear on Posh Isolation from Internazionale, KYO, and Love Means Taking Action Remixes.
  • Other albums worth mentioning are Spatial, Conrad Schnitzler / Pole, Katharina Grosse & Stefan Schneider, Body Four.


Will nobody think of the little ones?

  • Heavy Fins Circle.
  • Really good warped indie rock from Drahla on the reconstituted A Turntable Friend.
  • Heart gladdening indie-pop from Glasgow’s Spinning Coin.
  • Jangling big rock from Weird Milk.

That’s it. Stay safe out there y’all.


Update vomited out by Clint with professional help from Ant (electronics) and Robin (sax).
Work sweated out by Fabulous Phil, Kim, a longhair, Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and one man wikipedia Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“Wonderful doodles”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Kid Koala featuring Emiliana Torrini

Music To Draw To: Satellite

9/10 from Jamie

Here's a record that brought us all to a collective hush when Ian stuck it on the office stereo, from two artists I've long admired. Kid Koala has brightened many of my days on »

Daniel Brandt

Eternal Something

9/10 from Clinton

Actual good album alert. German composer Daniel Brandt had an idea  - a totally ridiculous one  - that he was going to make an album using only cymbals. Luckily he on »

Alberich / Lussuria


9/10 from Ant

Great to have what was originally a cassette on Hospital Productions, limited to 70 copies more widely available - now on vinyl around a year after it’s initial release on »



9/10 from Ant

‘Miccaotli’ is the second release from Andrea Taeggi under his Gondwana alias. The first of which ‘Aum’ appeared on Opal Tapes in 2015. You may recall on »

The Bug vs Earth

Concrete Desert

9/10 from Laurie

Those who were tantalised by that recent collab 12” from these two are about to start drooling little doom-dub pools onto the floor, cuz they’re back with a full on »

The Saxophones

If You're On The Water

8/10 from Robin

Here’s a horribly sad record that commits the musical misdemeanor of implying the use of an instrument that rarely actually gets used. Much like how the Drums aren& on »

Spiral Stairs

Doris and The Daggers

8/10 from Robin

Perennial second-in-commands of indie rock bands rejoice! The king of all runner-ups Scott Kannberg is here on his own, returning to his Spiral Stairs project with plenty of on »

Samantha Crain

You Had Me At Goodbye

8/10 from Robin

Samantha Crain is fucking funny now. I mean, it’s tragic, but she sings about her dog dying with a wink on “Antiseptic Greeting”, the opener to ‘You on »


Interludes Of Insanity

8/10 from Robin

Shouting in your everyday existence will not get you very far, and if ever I have to excuse myself from doing so to my boss I just say I’m practicing for my noise rock on »

Teengirl Fantasy


8/10 from Laurie

Well I just reviewed some dirgey psych rock miscellany so never before have I been more excited to listen to a Planet Mu release. Home again. Gotta say though, probably on »

Spinning Coin

Raining On Hope Street

8/10 from Clinton

If anyone is going to be a Glasgow band who can live up to past greats such as the Pastels or Teenage Fanclub it's going to be Spinning Coin. Their first 7" was super sweet on »


Fictional Decision

8/10 from Clinton

On the reactivated A Turntable Friend records outta Germany, Drahla are a Leeds/Wakefield based three piece who play a thrilling brand of noisy indie that stands aside on »



8/10 from Jamie

OK, so all I knew beforehand about this release -- on the ever-reliable Kranky label -- was that Anjou are two of ambient post-rockers Labradford. For their second LP, Robert on »

A Lilac Decline

The Mountain Rages

8/10 from Clinton

Decline. I like the word ‘decline’. Always have always will. Like lilacs too so I’m probably ok with this lovely tape release on Rusted Rail. Straight from on »

The English Teeth

The English Teeth

8/10 from Clinton

Stewart 'bloody' Anderson. Indefatigable front man of Boyracer, co-owner of the excellent Emotional Response records, sidesman in about a million other bands, cowboy, ranch on »


Es Complicado

8/10 from Ant

I’ve been enjoying Mannequin’s ‘Death of the Machines’ 12” series recently. Goods so far have come from Alessandro Adriani, December, Fallbeil on »

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