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Weekly Update Forest Drive West, Yair Yona, Blanck Mass, Depeche Mode, Horsebeach / The Pheromoans, and more...

Thursday March 2nd 2017

Headline slabs…..

On the week the first signs of green shoots appear on the trees outside our concrete prison we are starting to feel our mouths creep into an upward direction and we don’t have to sit quite as close to the radiators. This first flush of spring has brought in a slew of new records to the table so if you are interested in music then you’ve come completely to the right place.

Let’s look through the cuboid window and see what has arrived….


Hot off the presses. Still warm!

  • The best band from Nottingham since Paper Lace... it’s Sleaford Mods.
  • French pop charmers Francois and the Atlas Mountains.
  • San Franciscan song penner Sarah Bethe Nelson. Her ‘e’ is confusing me.
  • Stephen EvEns. His capitalisation is inexplicable, his music whimsical and he’s called his album ‘Hello Chicken’.
  • Aussie soft poppers Sodastream slurp up another one.
  • Can singer Damo Suzuki is still at it but can he do the can-can? .
  • Feeling old alert: Now veteran nerd hop popper Why? is back in full focus with his 5th.
  • Eerily grandiose pop beards Grandaddy still sound like they are singing through a space suit.
  • Nippy kraut poppers Eat Lights Become Lights.
  • Bella Union sign the Pontefract Patsy Cline... i.e. Holly Macve. No songs about Greggs though.
  • Indie strummers the Wave Pictures pay tribute to Wilko Johnson.
  • Minus The Bear. Minus the Flair more like -- ha!
  • Ibibio Sound Machine. Well then, these are out but didn’t turn up. We should get them in a few days though.
  • Total sax control from young horn man Ben Vince.
  • Former Uncle Tupelo folks Son Volt still make country rock for people called Chuck or indeed Buck.
  • Methyl Ethel play music for when you find Metronomy too sad.
  • The Besnard Lakes are the Divine Wind...not the Divine Comedy.
  • Raucous LA sisters Bleached clean up their act with help from the bloke from Elton John.
  • Former Bullies are thankful that the misery caused by the end of long term relationship has provided them with enough new material for a new album.
  • Screen Wives tremble rock is the perfect nervy counterpart to Phil’s ramblings about who among us he’d most enjoy firing.
  • New Zealand singer Nadia Reid makes music to sooth any midweek coffee crisis.
  • Alexis Taylor - Hot Chip’s very own answer to Mr Prince Rogers Nelson - has others rework his piano for him.

Also out but without bullet points - better luck next time everyone!

Wired up lo-fi garage from Vaguess, Artefact mangle up some shouty punk and hardcore, pummelling hardcore punk from the Process, lion-maned bluegrass lady Alison Krauss and corkscrew haired psych pouters Temples, Venn do decent post-punk with severe New Order influences, Israeli guitar virtuoso Yair Yona….

...and here’s the ‘New In’ pages as there’s too much this week.


As cold and clammy as Phil’s face cloth....

  • Bossk play the sort of post rock you’ll be thankful for if you like Godspeed and A Silver Mount Zion.
  • Eyeless in Gaza were Warwickshire’s finest post-punkers and now have it all collected into a box set.
  • JUST ARRIVED! FKA Twigs debut 12” re-pressed.
  • BACK IN! We got more copies of Low’s ‘The Exit papers’ if anyone is at all interested.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

A generally mixed reception for his DJ set at the infants school end of term disco.

  • Colin Potter’s spangled 1980 cassette of primitive DIY electronics / krautrock/ post-punk ‘The Ghost Office’ gets vinylized.
  • Three belters on Penultimate press; two LP’s of church organ music from Áine O'Dwyer and a previously unissued recording by Fluxus madman Henning Christiansen.
  • Greek electro-dubber Jay Glass Dubs and Slowdiver Simon Scott have spools on The Tapeworm.
  • Electro/IDM full length compact disc (!) from Noumen on Central Processing Unit.
  • Kangding Ray in Stroboscopic Artefacts mode with a triptych on the 3 states of desire.
  • Immensely enjoyable ‘Oz Waves’ compilation on Efficient Space - showcasing upside down land’s ‘80s DIY synth-pop/post-punk underground.
  • Multi-faceted, cavernous modern techno from Sigha with his first album for Belgium’s esteemed Token label.
  • Donato Epiro LP on Loopy should appeal to fans of FIS, Subtext etc.
  • Ultra limited 12” of unfurling rhythms/ exercises in repetition from Yves De Mey.
  • Lusine gets all introspective on Ghostly.
  • Ultra glossy, shiny ambient from Visible Cloaks - like being sucked into an ‘80s Japanese TV commercial or something.
  • Horror techno growlers from Blanck Mass.
  • Marc Barreca and Michele Mercure both get reissues on Pete “Yellow” Swanson’s new Freedom To Spend label.
  • Tape of bonkers sample collage gear on Nashazphone from Porest aka Sublime Frequencies workhorse Mark Gergis.
  • Delayed, but well worth the wait - Jamal Moss ‘Ginger Snaps’ 12” of dancefloor slayers - previously on limited CDr’s.
  • Electronic jazzer from Tommaso Cappellato.
  • Ambient tranquilzer LP from Jonny Nash on Melody As Truth.
  • Finally an album of oriental tinged techno from Tzusing on L.I.E.S.
  • 80’s synth horror score type stuff from All Of Them Witches and BurningTapes.
  • Jolly stuff from Elko B. on Ekster that occasionally recalls old Warp folks Plone.
  • Lest we forget; Idealist on Echocord, Forest Drive West on Livity Sound, The Orb - ‘The Cow’ Remixes on Kompakt.


A few tiddlers...

  • Horsebeach and Pheremoans split a 7” on O Genesis (label of the man with the hair).
  • White Kite are no relation at all to White Stripes and dop... [Editor’s note: Clint forgot what he was writing here.]
  • Camera Obscura 7” re-presses. Just in time to pretend you bought the originals to your pals at Indietracks.

CD Single:

It is the hot new format for 2017.

  • Depeche Mode unleash their song asking why everyone is not rising up away from their phones and making a revolution.

We’d better go away now.



Words: Clint, Ant and a lock of Robin’s hair.
Work: Phil, Kim, Robin’s remains, Jamie, Laurie (nu-Ian), Nathon and Ian (now ‘with mummy’).

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“not dissimilar to my bedroom antics...quick and easy”.

Our Feefo reviews are like a candle in the bin.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Sam A McLoughlin

The Dawn Trance

9/10 from Jamie

Straight outta Todmorden via Halifax (post-textile industry West Yorkshire represent!), the eternally lovely people at Rural Colours are here to remind us about their ability ...read on »

Ben Vince


9/10 from Robin

It is nice to be in a room with a saxophone. Do not lie to me, team; it is great. Ben Vince likes it so much that he’s seemingly spent a whole semester alone with his re...read on »

Colin Potter

The Ghost Office

9/10 from Ant

Deep Distance follow up their vinyl issue of ‘The Scythe’ with a first time vinyl pressing of UK underground warrior Colin Potter’s debut album ‘The Gh...read on »

Sleaford Mods

English Tapas

8/10 from Clinton

Being the miserable sods that we are here at the towers, with every new Sleaford Mods album the only office concern seems to be when will their bubble burst? Well it's not goi...read on »

Antoni Maiovvi

Interior / Exterior

8/10 from Jamie

Synths… Huge, mountainous synths towering from central Europe circa 1983 and casting a long, long shadow to soundtrack the VHS films of your dreams. That’s what A...read on »


Screamers, Bangers & Cosmic Synths

8/10 from Jamie

Triassic Tusk are a little label run from twin outposts: the Highlands of Scotland and Fife. They’ve been putting on the Moon Hop nights in Edinburgh for the past year a...read on »

Roberto Musci

Tower of Silence

8/10 from Jamie

Milanese composer and multi-instrumentalist Roberto Musci must’ve become very restless by his late teens because in 1974, still aged only 18, he left his native Italy fo...read on »

Eat Lights Become Lights

Nature Reserve

8/10 from Robin

Fast kraut! It’s my favourite; I like it when the repetition is running laps around you. Eat Lights Become Lights take the piecemeal bits from your favourite old-school ...read on »

Nadia Reid


8/10 from Robin

Nadia Reid’s last record, the excessively titled ‘Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs’, was a record of estranged subtleties, shifting between the conten...read on »

Blanck Mass

World Eater

8/10 from Robin

The furious werewolf electronics of fuck button Benjamin Power are here to eat you again. The man behind the triumphantly grotesque ‘Dumb Flesh’ has here crafted a...read on »

Six Organs of Admittance

Burning The Threshold

8/10 from Robin

Is this Ben Chasney’s nicest record? Nice is the watchword: it might not be his best, nor his most representative, but Chasney has here made something close to a traditi...read on »

Poppy Nogood

Mood Paintings

8/10 from Jamie

I’m actually really glad Clint chose this CD -- the latest in a clutch / slew / influx of releases from ambient-post-rock-neoclassicists Preserved Sound -- for me to rev...read on »



8/10 from Jamie

There’s techno in this Texan’s bones. No not mine silly, Jeff McIlwain aka Lusine is the skeletal makeup I’m referring to. I’m from another Deep South ...read on »

Tess Said So

Scramble + Fate

8/10 from Jamie

More Preserved Sounds! Yes readers, we have yet more lovingly hand-cobbled musics from the perennially card-enclosed limited edition label, this time coming from a pianist and...read on »

Nico Niquo

In A Silent Way

8/10 from Laurie

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a vaporwave cover of that Miles Davis album. I know, the album art is more a vapey version of Bitches Brew, but still, wow. H...read on »

Screen Wives


8/10 from Robin

This record of tremble rock is the perfect nervy counterpart to Phil’s ramblings about who among us he’d most enjoy firing. Screen Wives do the equations and come ...read on »

Holly Macve

Golden Eagle

8/10 from Robin

Total and quintessential Americana written by a musician from Yorkshire? Dishonest! Sad! Apologise! With her gloriously countrified acoustic pieces and her Southern croon, Hol...read on »



8/10 from Robin

On this here record, Bossk have not only proved they can count to two -- they have also made a very good record. A post-metal band that slither their tunes into place with the...read on »

Pissed Jeans

Why Love Now

8/10 from Robin

Look, I’d love to write something of dazzling insight about this album, but all I can think about is how much I want Tom Waits to front a noise rock band. That rasping, ...read on »

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