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Weekly Update Children Of Alice, Dear Reader, Mattias Gustafsson, Peter Silberman, Ahmed Malek & Flako, and more...

Headline Spurts.

On the day Phil forgot his hat with the worst storm of the year about to break, we have battened down the hatches and tied the vinyl to what remains of our concrete shell. It’s times like these we are happy to work in something designed to withstand nuclear war. Some good quality discs out this week all ready to ship direct to your homes. UK folk - buy now and get them for your weekend …. CDs ship free too!. Overseas people we can’t be quite as efficient for you but we love you just the same.


These records my friends are blowin’ in the wind.

  • He sounds like he’s from about 1854 but he’s actually from now. It’s Alasdair Roberts - a Scottish man.
  • Annoyingly clever people who sure know their way round a pitch shift button... Dirty Projectors.
  • Really good Froth LP. For fans of 90’s indie rock things.
  • Lo-attention span freak rockers King Gizzard have themselves a sing song.
  • Long running indie crew Los Campesinos give us an album AND a poster. Kind.
  • Ben Chasny and his merry fingers return as Six Organs of Admittance.
  • One man word vomiter Sun Kil Moon reads out things that have formed in his head.
  • Wonderful final missive from David Bowie. CD now. Vinyl later.
  • Pharrell! Lamar! Loggins! McDonald! All guest on the wonderfully smooth new Thundercat.
  • Lovely comforting album by creaking legends the Feelies.
  • New the Brian Jonestown Massacre album Ian described as actually quite good. It is!
  • Dead Gurus grind their way into your bowels.
  • Sludge punk makers Pissed Jeans come up with this week’s most comical sleeve.
  • Broadcast and Ghostbox folk scare as Children of Alice.
  • Entrance makes another one. That one last year wasn’t a one apparently but this one is.
  • Fans of 90’s slacker rockers like the Posies etc open your Eyelids.
  • The Antlers Peter Silberman is like a Jeff Buckley who has put a sock in it.
  • Old ‘97s want to get out of this two horse no good town.
  • Tortoise chaps Brokeback enjoy twiddling their scorched guitars.
  • Bleak yet warming piano pieces from Ian Hawgood.
  • Loads of people played live at our Jack’s Third Man.

Also out but not getting their own bullet point (harsh)…. pantomimic synth pop from Dear Reader, mangled guitar toters PC Worship, sludgy psych rock band with feelings All Them Witches, Shadow Band give a homely listen for your non-committal goth days and there’s always tip-top Sheffield singer songwriter John Shuttleworth.


Blown in from another era....

  • Robin’s favourite guitar feller Mike Cooper delivers a live show.
  • Post Galaxie 500 dreamers Luna have a couple of things rebooted.
  • Long runnin’ indie poppers Comet Gain get a few albums re-badged.
  • Post harcore loopers Lungfish and their ‘96 era ‘Sound In Time’ get re-vinyled.
  • South Korean drone/post rock collective Jambinai have a 10” re-issued.
  • Mad as a sausage. Mad as a lorry. Mad as a hump backed bridge. It’s Madness.
  • One word…..Weller. That’s all.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

Children cover your ears. The IVVVO album is on.

  • Whopping ‘Prescription: Word, Sound & Power’ 6LP box set, from high-fidelity deep house pioneer Ron Trent on Rush Hour.
  • First Sly & Robbie, then Chaka Demus & Pliers... and now... Sherwood & Pinch!
  • Coupla beautifully otherworldly LPs on Sweden’s B.A.A.D.M. imprint from Sewer Election and Leda and Mattias Gustafsson aka Altar of Flies.
  • Third chapter in Hecker’s sound-text trilogy - bizzaro re-synthesized speech drama. Plus Kassel Jaeger & Jim O'Rourke hook up -- both on Editions Mego
  • Benoit Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri team up for some bitter cold winter ambient as Gailes.
  • Andrea Belfi uses stern percussive patterns and wincing synths to depict the architecture of post-war Italy.
  • Xeno & Oaklander fellow Sean McBride's vintage-style coldwave project Martial Canterel has three volumes reissued on Medical Records.
  • Mondkopf bins his digital clobber and sings.
  • The Golden Filter’s second album on Optimo Music skirts around the edges of the dancefloor.
  • Home Normal reissue and expand works from Tobias Hellkvist plus label bossman Ian Hawgood tinkles the old ivories.
  • Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting makes a welcome return, mangling up hip-hop on Type.
  • IVVVO explores the sensual side of rave with an EP on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil.
  • Proper mutant action from NOCHEXXX on Alien Jams.
  • Nico Niquo deconstructs grime into ambient and Loto Retina does gear for fans of vaporwave etc. both on Orange Milk.
  • Limited edition 2LP retrospective of icy Detroit electro from ADULT. / Perspects folks Le Car on Clone Classic Cuts.
  • Grotty techno and acid from Arkitect on Private Selection Records - getting spins from Silent Servant.
  • Drone, processed found sound and modern classical/minimalism from Elegi.
  • Music From Memory dig and compile the ‘Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1978-1992’ 2LP.
  • Flako curates ‘The Electronic Tapes’ LP from Algerian synth explorer Ahmed Malek’s 80’s archives.
  • Sci-fi electro 12" on brokntoys in screen-printed sleeve incl. Morah, Solid Blake, Ivna Ji and Vertical67.
  • Slow moving, Detroit flavoured deep techno from B12 on purple marbled wax.
  • Daniele Ciullini's 'Domestic Exile : Collected Works 82-86' is back - now on coloured wax.
  • Popular floor-shakers from Glasgow’s Denis Sulta.
  • Plus loads of other gear as usual; CVX 12” aka Rupert Clervaux, Gerard Herman LP on Entr'acte, doon kanda 12” on Hyperdub, Sevendeaths album on LuckyMe, Metalized Man LP on Foul-Up, FAY LP on Time No Place, Kymatik / Midwitch Cuckoos LP on Paradigm Discs, Bezier / Fort Romeau split 12, Tuff Sherm EP on Normals Welcome… blah blah blah.


Short records for anyone in a rush....

  • Cinematic darkly twanging lot Holy Motors.
  • Weeeee Scottish indie people with lots of hair…..Strawberry Switchblade.
  • Welsh spacey psych poppers Gulp met at a Christmas psych party. Festive!

We’d better go away now. Thanks for your attention span. Remember we’re on Twitter in all the dark times if you need us and our website is open 24/7.


Words: Clint, Ant and a Robin sliver.

Work: Phil (hatless), Kim, Robin’s remains, Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and Ian the man with the big telly.

Produced by John Congleton.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“seem like a fun bunch”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

David Bowie

No Plan EP

9/10 from Clinton

When 'Blackstar' came out you have to remember that this was before he died. In no way am I trying to justify my 7/10 review of an album I later got rather obsessed about. How...read on »

Andrea Belfi


8/10 from Robin

Following on from their entirely lovely first release by music box droner Danny Clay, the bookish record label IIKKI have finally secured a second edition for us to gather our...read on »

Los Campesinos!

Sick Scenes

8/10 from Robin

I love the idea of being in a pop-punk band for a decade. You’d think the feelings would start to fade and the songs about EDM-induced vomit would cease to be as age rep...read on »

King Woman

Created In The Image Of Suffering

8/10 from Robin

King Woman are standing at the state borders of shoegaze and doom, linking arms. Led by vocalist Kristina Esfandiari, their heavy, gutted low-end is given a surreal imaginary ...read on »

Alasdair Roberts


8/10 from Jamie

Ah, Alasdair Roberts. For my money, nobody does beautifully crafted, gently-lulling folk in a deep-rooted Scottish tradition any better. Now I’m treated to his latest lo...read on »

Ales Tsurko


8/10 from Jamie

Preserved Sound once more come up with the compositional goods, this time introducing me to the work of Ales Tsurko. Tsurko is a self-taught composer from Minsk, wonderful, he...read on »

Earthen Sea

An Act Of Love

8/10 from Jamie

Big, sweeping, ebbing and flowing waves of sound emanating from the machines of Earthen Sea; my current treat and offering from the nice people at Kranky. Jacob Long’s a...read on »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Don’t Get Lost

8/10 from Clinton

"If I hear this bass line one more time..." growls Robin and I have every sympathy. Psych/kraut rock is everywhere.  We can't move for it here at the towers. Good, bad, i...read on »

Children Of Alice

Children Of Alice

8/10 from Jamie

Previously to be found on Folklore Tapes, the fables of Children of Alice are what remains of [revered… hushed tones..] Broadcast, with James Cargill and Roj Stevens in...read on »

PC Worship

Buried Wish

8/10 from Robin

PC Worship is my favourite type of devotion after O. C. worship, which went downhill after season three anyway. It was my understanding that these folks were a straight-up gui...read on »



8/10 from Robin

This record is going to take you apart a bit. A record of non-stop rock intensity from Tunisian songwriter Emel Mathlouthi, it is loud and ferocious and full of cliff-end face...read on »

Ian Hawgood

Love Retained

8/10 from Clinton

I'm always concerned about reviewing a record in which an artist opens up in a press release about their previous struggles in that I may take pity on the record and glowingly...read on »

G Perico

Shit Don't Stop

8/10 from Robin

Last year West Coast rapper G Perico threw out ‘Shit Don’t Stop’ as a mixtape and this year it gets the LP treatment via Omerta. It is an unstoppable record ...read on »


Remote Sympathy

8/10 from Jamie

The LuckyMe stable continues its agenda to turn left with the occasional meandering surprise. This here aforementioned ‘meandering surprise’ -- (c) (lucky) me -- j...read on »

Les Marquises

A Night Full Of Collapses

8/10 from Clinton

With an enormous cast featuring Matt Elliott and the cream of France's neo-classical community in tow, Jean-Sébastien Nouveau has here concocted the sort of n...read on »


Captured From Static

8/10 from Clinton

Who wants an ear soothe? Well my hand is in the year. Northcape provides a wonderful brand of soft and loving electronica that evokes snow capped peaks and grand drives across...read on »

Visionary Hours

Footfalls Echo

8/10 from Clinton

All these Preserved Sound releases to choose from and I get the album by the label boss. Well luckily I don't have to pretend to like it as it's a lovely varied work of ambien...read on »


Illinois River Valley Blues

8/10 from Clinton

All the gang is here. Brokeback is the long term project of Doug McCombs (Tortoise) but also includes James Elkington (Steve Gunn/Tweedy), is produced by John McEntire (Tortoi...read on »


Volume Uno

8/10 from Ant

‘Volume Uno’ marks the first vinyl outing of Nico Pasquini’s (of His Clancyness) Stromboli project, following a now sold out self-titled cassette, also relea...read on »

Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting

Undone Harmony Following

8/10 from Ant

If my one remaining brain cell serves me correctly, I seem to recall that upon it’s release - back in 2010, that Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting’s ‘Bubblethug&rsquo...read on »


Good, Bad, Baby, Horny

8/10 from Ant

Good lord! The opening sexual panting of a lady on the opening titular track here has me blushing. Like when I hear the dirty groaning bit in Lil’ Louis house classic &l...read on »

Mattias Gustafsson


8/10 from Ant

‘Nattmusic’ is an Incredibly beautiful, profound and quietly arresting work from Mattias Gustafsson, whom is possibly best known as noise maker Altar of Flies and ...read on »

Strawberry Switchblade

1982 4-Piece Demo

8/10 from Clinton

I’ve been looking forward to this. So much so that I’ve bothered to get off my chair and stagger to the record player....a first.    We all remember St...read on »

Sewer Election and Leda


8/10 from Ant

To inspire this work, the label presented Dan Johansson and Sofie Herner (aka Sewer Election and Leda), with Giorgio Sommer’s iconic photograph of a cast of a dog killed...read on »

Sherwood & Pinch

Man Vs. Sofa

8/10 from Laurie

These two just can’t keep away from each other, huh. Brother dubsters separated at birth they may be, but considering how far apart their initial fame is in time, it&rsq...read on »


No Future

8/10 from Laurie

So I’m late to the party, and have no idea what Moire’s music sounds like. Sorry, world. I remember that Shelter was a big deal when it came out, and here’s ...read on »


Hyper Flux

8/10 from Laurie

Fuck this is weird. Here was me thinking that Planet Mu’s signings were all Autechre clones, but here we are, something fresh. Herva is a new name and sound to my ears b...read on »


Search For Your Love

8/10 from Clinton

Right you can press the button below and find out for yourselves but this is a brilliant pop song that has this morning raised my excitement levels from yellow to amber. Gulp...read on »

Featured albums

Shadow Band
Kassel Jaeger & Jim O'Rourke
Ahmed Malek & Flako
Gerard Herman
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting
Mattias Gustafsson
Sewer Election and Leda
Dead Gurus
David Bowie
Andrea Belfi
The Golden Filter
Bezier / Fort Romeau
Tuff Sherm
Holy Motors
Sun Kil Moon
Old 97's
doon kanda
Kymatik : Midwitch Cuckoos
Metalized Man
Dirty Projectors
Ian Hawgood
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Mike Cooper
Children Of Alice
Loto Retina
Nico Niquo
Sherwood & Pinch
The Feelies
John Shuttleworth
Ron Trent presents
Six Organs of Admittance
Alasdair Roberts
Strawberry Switchblade
Peter Silberman
Dear Reader
All Them Witches
Pissed Jeans
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Los Campesinos!
Denis Sulta
Le Car
Daniele Ciullini