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Weekly Update Noumen, Enderby’s Room, Doubler, Russell Haswell / Dungeon Acid, Person Of Interest, and more...

Headline bursts….

Proving that we aren’t in any way perfect we announced in the last update that you could expect a new Real Estate album this week. We we hopelessly wrong. It’s out on the 17th of next month. We are terrible.

Hopefully when you see the amount of treats we’re ready to dish out this week you’ll forgive us. On the week that an astonished world heard that Sleeper had reformed and that Sun Kil Moon had streamed the Worst Album Ever™ we have loads of great releases in that have taken a terrible toll on our reviewing fingers.

Warning: Big update ahead. Lots of good things.


Newer than the New Schmoo.

  • The new Tobin Sprout record contains a song so good I knelt down and wept.
  • Dutch Uncles get their 80’s funk on yet still charm a bit.
  • Enchanting and hypnotic neo-classical ambience from Bing & Ruth on 4AD.
  • 10000 Russos are bleak and from Portugal. The psych rock equivalent of Jose Mourinho,
  • Oh this Monster Rally album. You want something that sounds like Dilla relaxing on a Hawaiian beach don’t you?
  • Ought feller Tim Darcy releases his oddball debut that ranged from the Strokes-ish pop to someone banging an orange into a wall.
  • Wonderful and watery Dilla-ish hip-hop from Botany.
  • The Winter Family play dark and richly textured brand of synth-pop with whispered vox.
  • Tall Tall Trees is a man with a beard and some fingers living in a nice house.
  • Molly Burch sings music for evenings. We haven’t actually tested this.
  • Psych rock at a doomy pace from the Myrrors and Centralstodet.
  • Stoke On Trent’s answer to Guided by Voices Father get their brilliant lo-fi pop re-issued.
  • Beautifully crafted Australian indie from Broadway. For fans of the Goon Sax.
  • Easy going finger picker Joost Dijkema plays Six Organs style folk. Joost brilliant.
  • Deep Throat Choir. Please no sniggering at the back. They are a proper choir you know!
  • Bold and inventive Australians PVT make something to stretch your ears
  • Novella are not Noveller but are a nice krauty pop crew from Brighton….and anyway Noveller released their album last week and Novella this week. No confusion then.
  • The Underground Youth release yet another album. Sometimes I wish I was a fan of theirs rather than Prefab Sprout.
  • Julie’s Haircut make psych rock. So do a lot of people but it’s Julie’s Haircut we are talking about here.
  • Winsome folk people the Paperhead channel the ghosts of Arthur Lee and Van Morrison (the latter not actually dead).
  • Strand of Oaks dream life’s a highway.
  • Off kilter rock and roll from former Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster folks Piano Wire. Simpler name now.
  • Post-apocalypse disorientation from Foudre! (their exclamation mark).
  • Grails disjointed prog jamble will take you on an elevator to the stars.
  • Once they were technicolour. Now just like the world Great Ytene are thoroughly miserable. Like Preoccupations.
  • Parquet Courts finally straddle every musical genre by hooking up with rapper B Bun.
  • Oliver Wilde is a lofi child making surprisingly palatable bedroom pop.
  • BACK IN! More copies of last weeks wonderful and popular Album of the Week from Philly collage-hop crew Mahatma X. On BLACK vinyl.

Label watch: Preserved Sound.

We’ve just taken on a bunch of titles by Hebden Bridge based imprint Preserved Sound. They specialise in handmade CD’s containing a dazzling array of wonderful neo-classical, ambience and electro acoustic from the likes of Visionary Hours, Endless Melancholy, Poppy Nogood and even a Richard Youngs album thrown in there. For fans of similarly minded labels like Hibernate, Home Normal and Sound In Silence.


Old things re-hashed.

  • New Order present a compilation of productions and remixes for the likes of Section 25, A Certain Ratio and Factory Floor.
  • And yes here’s that cherry pie coloured ‘Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me’ soundtrack.
  • Someone spent ten years trying to find all the recordings from Big Star’s harrowing third record.
  • Magnetic Fields early opuses ‘The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees’ are merged and revitalised on vinyl.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

8/10 for Wonderland. 9/10 for Diggerland.


Stick your finger in the middle and spin.

Surely there must be something amongst that you like and if not just listen to the sound of the wind in the trees. Re-issued on tree coloured vinyl next week.


Words: Clint, Ant and a Robin splinter.
Work: ‘Smiler’, Kim, Robin’s remains, Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and the cat man. .
Mastered by Rashad Becker.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“quite nice blokes”

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