Weekly Update Amber Run, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Vermont, Sleep, Equiknoxx, and more...

Headline bursts….

  • Record of the Week: Marvellous J. Dilla-esque hip-hop collages from Mahatma X (also our guest podcast curators).
  • Runner Up: Jesca Hoop and her wonderful pastoral acoustic beauty.

When it’s grey outside and the world has gone to pot at least we can nestle in the warm clutches of our favourite records. And as you can see there are plenty this week to snuggle up to, our warehouse is full of them - all ice cold and waiting for a warm loving home. Also please spare a thought for our staff, gloved, hatted and wearing thermals, risking life and limb to fetch them for you.

On with what passes for the ‘show’.

When our doors decide they can be bothered to open then these get dragged through.

  • Clock Opera singer Guy Connelly has a right voice on him.
  • Lowly make Danish electronic pop. Mmmm danish (pastry).
  • Fuck Yeah are old guys re-living 90’s indie pretty well.
  • Almost ten minutes of new music from doom dads Sleep.
  • Grandiose emotional songs from Amber Run who have become rather massive.
  • Supreme kraut-like excursions on Deep Distance Sula Bassana.
  • Another hand-painted wooden box by Vlimmer.
  • Lovely sounds wrangled out of an electrical guitar by Noveller.
  • I’m almost getting sick of typing the words Brian Jonestown Massacre.
  • “Can I Borrow A Feeling” by Phil Leigh.
  • Really good album from Jesca Hoop for fans of Angel Olsen perhaps.
  • Phil’s Record of the Week: ‘Through Passages of Time’ by the Hardy Tree.
  • Plaintive and melodic beats and hazy hip-hop from Mahatma X.
  • Anthemic alt rock from the German town of Hamm by Giant Rooks.
  • Yet another music for a film that doesn’t exist this time by the Holydrug Couple.

Remember fondly the days before the world was run by total lunatics.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:
Assistant Coach for Golden Cabinet Under 11’s.

  • Essential repress of the classic The Other People Place 2LP on Warp - a real electro-soul treasure from the late, great James Stinson of Drexciya.
  • A proper intense, futuristic head masher from N1L on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label.
  • iDEALISM Vol. 2 LP of rhythmic noise/techno, dark ambient etc. with exclusive tracks from Sewer Election, Varg, Alexandra Atnif and Copley Medal.
  • LP of Rough ass machine trax from L/F/D/M on Not Waving’s Ecstatic imprint.
  • Tidy ‘Sammlung: Elektronische Kassettenmusik, Dusseldorf 1982-1989’ compilation of German electronic post-punk / obscure underground cassette stuff.
  • Fluttering synth worlds and distorted ambient from Heinali - for fans of Abul Mogard / Ben Frost etc.
  • Jlin is back on Planet Mu - expanding her unique vision of Footwork.
  • Second album from Motor City Drum Ensemble’s Danilo Plessow and Innervisions' Marcus Worgull as Vermont on Kompakt.
  • Music for Macmillan Cancer Support ‘Covert II’ mystery artists 12” EP on De:tuned/ Touched. One tune sounds like Luke Vibert on an acid tip, another like old µ-Ziq but who knows?
  • First album from Carsten Jost in like 16 years - darker shades of house music on his co-owned label Dial.
  • Andy Votel returns as Applehead for an LP of twisted plunderphonics / dark sound collage on Pre- Cert Home Entertainment.
  • Coloured wax LPs on Dream Catalogue from R23X and HKE - like pouring Manga into your ears.
  • Back by popular demand: Represses of ENA ‘Binaural’ 2LP on Samurai Horo and Equiknoxx ‘Bird Sound Power 2LP on DDS.


Like our lunch they are over in about five seconds…

And there we go...not too painful was it? We’re off into hiding, See you next week.


Words: Clint (likes bananas), Ant (likes techno).

Work: Phil (likes crying), Kim (likes weird food), Robin’s (likes words), Jamie (likes chaffinches), Laurie (likes wires), Nathon (likes code) and Ian (likes Star Wars).

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“they don't appreciate Guided By Voices” ...(but we do, we do!)

Impeach our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Mahatma X

A Mobtown Suite Vol 1

9/10 from Andy

Pretty much any half decent hip-hop producer who has a way with a stoned beat and adds a stutter to a loop gets comparisons with Dilla. It is simultaneously a tribute to the on »

The Hardy Tree

Through Passages of Time

9/10 from Robin

You know that big important work conference where they announced that the hauntology department and the violin department would have to share offices from now on? Yeah, I on »


A Pink Sunset For No One

9/10 from Jamie

So excited was I, a month ago on hearing of a new Noveller album, that I actually asked Clint in advance if I could review this one. I’m so glad I did. Filmmaker and on »


Fake Train

9/10 from Robin

This is the record seminal noise rock uber-darlings made when they were toddlers -- kicking and screaming they went against the world, making angular punk music like kids on »



9/10 from Laurie

So apparently I’m the Norman Records resident vaporwave expert. How did this happen? Two reviews to do this week and I’ve been given two records of on »


Covert II

8/10 from Clinton

Right then, remember that Covert CD a few months back when all the artists were anonymous but it was very good and all proceeds went to MacMillan Cancer? Well here is the on »

Jesca Hoop

Memories Are Now

8/10 from Robin

Hot off the heels of a collaborative record with Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam -- which our entire staff roster, one by one, failed to listen to -- the longtime on »

Molly Nilsson

Follow The Light

8/10 from Robin

Each and every Molly Nilsson record to date has been presented with an album cover of sparse and curious shapes shaded only in black and white. Not to get all on »


Life & Livin’ It

8/10 from Jamie

Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab / Jason Trammell has been a busy boy of late, what with touring his band Sinkane in 20 countries, and if that wasn’t enough he also led The on »



8/10 from Jamie

Darkly evocative, rich slabs of ambient sound from the machines and processed guitar of Kiev’s own Oleg Shpudeiko now, on his record Anthem. Pulses and rumbling, on »

Sula Bassana

Organ Accumulator

8/10 from Jamie

The… estimable Deep Distance crew emerge once more from the low-level wisps of fog enshrouding the many and wildly varied fronds of that thing we call… on »



8/10 from Ant

That there ‘Gqom Oh! The Sound of Durban Vol. 1’ compilation was bloody great wasn’t it eh?!?! I proper loved it, me. No doubt it’s soundtracked the on »


iDEALISM Volume Two

8/10 from Ant

Tidy wee 5-track LP on Joachim Nordwall’s reliable iDEAL Recordings, kicking off with Sweden’s noise-monger Dan Johansson appearing as Sewer Election with ‘ on »


Outside (Briefly)

8/10 from Clinton

Titled after the story of my lunch on a sunny day, with this album initially Froth are yet another band who offer kraut-ish electronic pop that pulsates on opener ‘ on »


Ikea Zen EP

8/10 from Ant

Martins Rokis follows up his ‘Wrong Headspace” 12” for Lee Gamble’s UIQ label with a six track EP entitled ‘Ikea Zen’. Opening with the on »


Dark Lotus

8/10 from Robin

Jlin continues to skirt around the corners of her new LP, which will likely do a hell of a lot in a brave attempt to beat the footwork frenetics of her brilliant ‘Dark on »



8/10 from Robin

The story goes that Tinariwen “went electric”, as they say, after years of performing as an acoustic group at a host of ceremonies. Listening to their music, you on »



8/10 from Clinton

If Chris Rea made chill out he'd sound somewhat like Vermont. These two synth whisperers from Motor City Drum Ensemble excel in balearic almost beatless soundtracks with on »



8/10 from Robin

We're stoked to have scored exclusive copies of this awesome tape on Sivilised - the label that previously released now sold-out tapes from Mirror Gaze and Atlantikwall -- on »



8/10 from Laurie

VHS junkie and anime appropriator R23X is another member of the Dream Catalogue post-vapor-cyber-blah crew who strings together beat-y miniatures into slightly surreal on »

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Micah P. Hinson And The Opera Circuit
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Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Other People Place
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