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Thursday February 2nd 2017

Headline bursts….

  • Down to the last six of our Karen Gwyer LP. Get it now or weep forever.
  • Oh go on more chance for our end of January Sale.

Has anyone noticed that our site has a new font? It’s probably not the biggest news of the week so has perhaps slipped you by but go on, take a look. You may be surprised. Letters of complaint to Thanks. Also we’ve been selling records. Some of them we compiled into a small month- end SALE to help you (and us) out in this bleak time of year. Otherwise it’s business as usual with records being carried up the steps by beaten looking men to be carefully folded into parcels by bored youth and carried to their destination by harassed post people.

All that might be of interest has been typed below:-


Drink them straight out of the spout.

  • Ever ready-psych drone people Moon Duo have worked the same shift as long as Robin.
  • New Zealand legends The Bats jangle and strum like R.E.M on a day off.
  • Enormous-haired druid Julian Cope sings his ‘Drinking Songs’.
  • Canadian serious people the Dears celebrate the time they asked Deers to change their name.
  • Still in recovery from touring with Mac De Marco Homeshake stays chilled.
  • London dream-poppers Coldharbourstores creep back after eight years.
  • Snails sing something whimsical.
  • Folky collective Modern Studies do indeed wear matching outfits.
  • Adorably monikered synth ‘n’ sing experts Cuddle Magic.
  • Soulful experimenter Sampha gets a few things right on his debut.
  • Indie pop pickers Surfer Blood remain cheery despite everything.
  • Peter Gabriel mentioned not once but twice in Robin’s Ed Dowie review.
  • Fufanu. Eranu! Uvavu!
  • Painfully monikered shoegazers Cigarettes After Sex do their Mazzy Star thing.
  • Ten Fe. When Bruce Springsteen failed.
  • Communions are maybe like an X Factor-friendly Placebo.
  • Improv icons the Necks continue their genre mangling.
  • One Eyed Wayne are angry elders sounding like a young Madness.
  • And finally I am contractually obliged to advise you of the existence of a new Elbow album.


Milk, three sugars.

  • English pastoral pop people July Skies get re-issued gracefully.
  • Ghostly mysteriousness from Ectoplasm Girls.
  • Texan noiseniks Lift to Experience re-release post rock’s ultimate behemoth.
  • Dynamic hardcore from Baltimore youths Behind Closed Doors.
  • The Moomins soundtrack made for dads to get emotional and play to their uninterested children.
  • This the Clean re-issue came out ages ago but we forgot to mention it and it’s so good.
  • Grandiose folk poppers Plants and Animals were awarded Band of the Year 2009.
  • BACK IN! More copies of that Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up:

Still unsuccessfully trying to put Necro Deathmort on at Wacky Warehouse.

  • Skull Defekt Joachim Nordwall unleashes some gargantuan, room rattling sounds and records the room rattling. Will twat you up good and proper.
  • If Charles Bronson made techno, it would probably sound like the new Manni Dee 12" on Perc Trax - A right hard bastard of an EP.
  • Heavenly Music Corporation’s mid 90’s ambient odyssey ‘Lunar Phase’ has been vinylized by the ever reliable Astral Industries.
  • Super woozy tape of cinematic soundscapes from Ly Tumnus - like a lost relic from England’s Hidden Reverse.
  • Ghostly electronics, weeping strings and sorrowful choirs from Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra.
  • Egyptrixx get this year’s most brilliantly elaborate bollocks of a press release.
  • Limited to 300 copies hand-stamped white label 12” of sizzling acid and techno crunch from mystery artist Covariant on Poverty Is Paradise.
  • Sweet ambient tape on Low Point from Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet and one from Kleefstra | Bakker | Kleefstra featuring spoken word/poetry from one of the aforementioned brothers.
  • A cracker from Lawrence English that came and went before any review paws could clutch it. More copies on their way though...
  • Lovely ‘Giraffe’ LP On Editions Mego from Simon Fisher Turner, blurring the lines between sound design and song. I love giraffes, me.
  • Limited hand-stamped white label 12" EP on Different Circles. Edition of 400 copies incl. Mumdance & Logos, FiS, Inkke, Sharp Veins, Shapednoise and Yamaneko.
  • Because everything that only ever existed on CD must now exist on vinyl: Eluvium’s ‘Talk Amongst The Trees’ just got bigger.
  • The Soft Moon’s drummer Matteo Vallicelli likes to twiddle knobs when he’s not bangin’ skins.
  • Meatbingo aka Phono Ghosts gets his 2010 sample/mashup-fest digital release ‘Cynically For You’ dubbed onto tape spools in an edition of 50 copies. Like MTV in the 80’s vomiting into your ears.
  • Blackdown’s ‘Keysound Sessions Anthem’ in four different flavours.
  • Intense peaktime techno bangers from Tinfoil aka DeFeKT and Ireland’s finest turntable demon Sunil Sharpe.


They’re round, they cost a few pounds. Play them and you’ll hear sound.

That’s yer lot til next time. Some good cloud promised this weekend so have fun!

Words: Clint, Ant and a Robin segment.

Work: Phil, Kim, the remaining shred of Robin, Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and Ian (Mr Cats).

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Leeds to Paris in three days”.

Sweep our Feefo reviews into a golden bouffant. .

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Clean


9/10 from Clinton

A record so good I want to eat it. When I was younger I liked the Clean but never thought they were quite as good as the Chills or the Verlaines or the other NZ royalty I on »

Moon Duo

Occult Architecture Vol. 1

8/10 from Robin

Ah Moon Duo: we meet again. I’m a little older, you’re a little older… but we’re both working the same dead end jobs. These motorik malcontents have on »

Ed Dowie

The Uncle Sold

8/10 from Robin

So… I don’t know who Ed Dowie is, but he’s fucking going for it. Right here: ‘The Uncle Sold’, snatched up by an understandably eager Lost Map, on »


Our Versions of Their Versions

8/10 from Robin

Not much point in us warbling on about this given that it’s a limited edition cassette by beloved weird guys Raime, but a little slab of detail. This mixtape of on »

Lift To Experience

The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads

8/10 from Robin

I’d love to sit here and listen to ‘The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads’ back to front right now, but considering it takes about twenty days to listen to, I& on »


Fresh Air

8/10 from Clinton

Homeshake’s Peter Sagar was once a member of Mac De Marco’s band and it’s easy to see why he’s now so laid back. I imagine getting off that macabre on »

July Skies

The English Cold

8/10 from Jamie

Classic (limited) reissue alert! This really is a classic of its kind. Originally issued on CD at the tail end of 2004, this vinyl LP edition on Caroline True is one of only on »


Let There Water Air

8/10 from Jamie

Oh yes. Yes, this is ambient. Ambient of the cinematic, cyclically swelling and ebbing variety. Tones and drones shot through with building and receding electronic and on »

The Bats

The Deep Set

8/10 from Clinton

Another classic era New Zealand band reforms. Are there any who haven’t? I for one would kill for a new Marie and the Atom LP but it's not going to happen is it. on »

Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet


8/10 from Clinton

Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet first came to our attention with their marvellous 'Catalina' LP which helped sooth us in the run up to Christmas. That LP had just two tracks on »

Kleefstra | Bakker | Kleefstra


8/10 from Jamie

Well, I’m so excited I’m almost fit to burst. Firstly, this happened yesterday: Phil ordered a new tape gun -- yes, a tape gun -- a deluxe model, no less, sturdy on »

Manni Dee

Throbs of Discontent

8/10 from Clinton

Propulsive righteously angry techno driven along by speed-addled beats which pound into your cranium like another grossly idiotic Nigel Farage statement. Over this are on »

Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra

Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra

8/10 from Robin

Jordan Ireland used to make it happen (“it” being a perfectly fine indie folk) in the Middle East, but as a dude all of his own he makes a lusher and broader on »



8/10 from Laurie

A musician named ELLLL (that’s four Ls) has been making a few waves in the techno scene lately, apparently being featured on mixes by Karen Gwyer and Truss. Big names. on »

Behind Closed Doors

Exit Lines: The Brief History of Behind Closed Doors

8/10 from Robin

I… am not sure I understand. What Temporary Residence are doing. With this one. This record is perfectly good, but I feel I should offer the head-scratcher: a on »

The Necks


8/10 from Robin

Dozing off: it is tough. The worst place to doze off is on a train, where you are most likely to fuck it and end up in somewhere nobody wants to go like Harrogate (I love on »

Ly Tumnus

Tales of Space & Claustrophobia

8/10 from Laurie

Look who’s wandered in. It’s that Tumnus fella from Narnia. You’re a long way from home, buddy, and holy shit you’ve actually got hooves. Who’d on »

Joachim Nordwall

The Ideal Black

8/10 from Ant

Not that I’m a masochist or anything, but I do enjoy the thrill of being physically pummeled by sound. Currently the new LP from Skull Defekt and iDEAL Recordings on »

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