Weekly Update Tycho, David Greenberger, Glenn Jones, Chris Corsano, Deadbeat, The Big Moon, Kate Bush, and more...

Headline babbling….

A really good week for great releases has cancelled out the really bad week for sun so we’ve been sat under the thick cloud and drizzle listening to great new stuff by Piano Magic, bvdub, William Basinski, Age Coin and lots more. Also we should take this opportunity to wish a Happy Birthday to our Phil who on Saturday is another year closer to his inevitable death. Without him we’d be nothing/a lot less harassed (delete where applicable).

On then with the ‘show’......


Fresh like newly chopped parsley.


As wizened as the modfather’s ragged face.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

Playing on the car stereo on the family trip to the seaside: “The Death of Rave”..... all of it.

  • Tape loop wizard William Basinski makes a welcome return. Sounds like a Rothko painting melting to a soundtrack of opiated saxophone.
  • Whopping 6CD box set of avant Illinoise on Sonoris from Kevin Drumm.
  • Deep, dark and dubby rattling percussion driven tracks and gloomy soundscapes from Age Coin on Posh Isolation. Like if Burial was a Danish techno goth or something.
  • Naaahhh darkside 12” on Blackest Ever Black. Yaaahhh.
  • Clutch of CDs on US electronica imprint Sun Sea Sky Productions from the likes of Northcape, Signal Hill, SineRider, Melorman, Boy Is Fiction and Boc Scadet.
  • Jazzy ambient/postrock/ ivory tinkling from FJORDNE & stabilo and lush ambient melters from bvdub on Sound In Silence.
  • Throwing Snow -- single handedly transforming the sound of County Durham into Fabric compatible dancefloor groovers.
  • Deadbeat 12” on Echocord Colour. Dubby techno? Correct.
  • A Dave Phillips live show featuring videos of beautiful animals getting squished by evil humans still gives me nightmares. His new LP on iDEAL Recordings is a cracker.
  • LP of decomposed sound and rotting radio transmissions from Jim Haynes.
  • Album of glorious racket from Black Mecha on Profound Lore aka Fortress Crookedjaw from Saskatchewan’s amazing black metal/ noise duo Wold.
  • Orior LP on DDS repressed on gold wax.
  • Repress of Benedek’s in demand sun-drenched ‘Test pressing’ LP of modern electro-funk on Peoples Potential Unlimited.
  • New Tycho album. Meat and potatoes.
  • One-sided 12” of minimal and pretty deep house from You Speak What I Feel (DJ Sprinkles & SND).
  • Previously unreleased heat from ‘91-’92 courtesy of Swedish electro-freakers Frak. Raw and lethal as an uncooked sausage.
  • Chinese lady Pan Daijing makes techno on United Arab Emirates based label. You couldn’t make it up.
  • Tough electro-hardcore-rave nailers from Prostitutes on Diagonal. As filthy and hard as your gran.
  • Mark Fell Gabor Lazar LP on Shelter Press. For fans of Mark Fell.
  • Hessle Audio represses from Joe, Objekt and Pev & Kowton.


Round enough to eat.

  • Warpaint release a new single. Well spidery.
  • Also sounding a but like Warpaint are tuneful and sad London nippers the Big Moon.

That’s your lot. We’re off to see if we can cobble a band together to play at the Trump inauguration. See you next week if the world is still here.

Words: Clint, Ant and a slither of Robin.
Work: Phil, Kim, the remains of Robin, Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and Ian the man with the new telly.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“the package didn't smell funny”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Piano Magic


9/10 from Clinton

The neatly box tied closing of twenty years of Piano Magic is almost the total opposite of their sprawling career which has seen the band go through several line ups, a on »


Yours Are Stories Of Sadness

9/10 from Clinton

Over the past few years San Franciscan producer bvdub has managed to partially destroy the legacy he had earlier created slopping out a series of records that seemed on »



9/10 from Laurie

Right, so Clint asks me “reckon you could review this?” And I was like……. "Yes". He also asked me to make a really funny joke, and I went, naaahhh. on »

Romeo Poirier

Plage Arrière

9/10 from Robin

Kit Records have this excruciating habit of releasing phenomenal records on tape, as if slipping the best sugar into your drab coffee. Is that a thing? Probably not: on their on »

Proper Ornaments


8/10 from Clinton

Well I'm enjoying this but I'm cold where I am sat so I'm going to have to whip through it before I freeze to death. Proper Ornaments are duo of people from Veronica Falls on »

FJORDNE & stabilo


8/10 from Jamie

Well, what have we here then… more loveliness from the Sound in Silence stable with the latest of their hand-stamped and handmade series of cds. This time it’s on »


Exploration and Ascent

8/10 from Jamie

Lovely, calming electronica that ‘takes you somewhere...’ That’s Clint’s take on things as those words hang in the air and he drifts off… I on »

Johannes Malfatti


8/10 from Jamie

Well, there’s a thing. Johannes Malfatti is a composer and sound designer, based in Berlin. With me so far? Good, ‘cause this is going to be a good ‘un. on »

William Basinski

A Shadow In Time

8/10 from Laurie

It turns out that William ‘crumbler’ Basinski loves David Bowie. I mean it’s not that surprising that a consistently great pop star is loved by someone who on »

Age Coin


8/10 from Laurie

First of all, what is going on with that artist name. Second of all, Robin says “Oh yeaaah listening to muUUuuuaahsic”, so it must be clear that I’m having on »

Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche

Pas pire pop, I Love You So Much

8/10 from Robin

New Constellation so it’s obviously very good 10/10 let’s do this. Or, I guess I have to deliver at least as much impartiality as listening to the damn thing, so on »

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Feed The Rats

8/10 from Robin

Opening their new EP with a haughty heavy rock yelp of “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhh!” or something similar over crunchy ‘n’ thick riffs and on »

Stef Ketteringham

Guitar Arrangements

8/10 from Robin

Shield Your Eyes’ Stef Ketteringham temporarily steps out of his band’s math rock calculations for a record of super technical but highly emotional guitar thrills on »

Jim Haynes

Flammable Materials From Foreign Lands

8/10 from Ant

More tracks from Jim Haynes, mostly recorded during his Estonian ‘Active Crossover’ residency. I’ve previously written about some of Jim’s work from on »

Run The Jewels


8/10 from Robin

Much grumbling has been made in office about how we’ve never managed to review a record in the Run The Jewels discog until now. Me, making excuses, I think that on »

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Stef Ketteringham
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Black Mecha
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Boy Is Fiction
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Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche
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