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Weekly Update Hey Colossus, Vakula, Tomonari Nozaki, The Flaming Lips, Delroy Edwards, and more...

Well we’ve had our first busy week of the new year at the towers and now we are really tired. Massive releases from the XX, Bonobo and Flaming Lips have arrived in stock, our label Public House unleashed their latest vinyl treat in the shape of a re-press of Memory Drawings beguiling and unique debut ‘Music For Another Loss’. But that is not all. By jiminy no. Look below and you’ll find many more treats.


Take them home and stroke their hair…..

  • Weep-friendly trio The XX get marginally cheerier. Deluxe box version still available.
  • Sensual and evocative folk songcraft from Julie Byrne.
  • Running on empty psychsters Flaming Lips splutter another one out.
  • 655465th ‘beach’ band Beach Heads make punky power pop for Replacements fans.
  • The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol sold by The Record Store Whose Name Is A Man.
  • Silver Linings are more than just an Anita Baker tribute act you know.
  • Mike Cooper. Worth buying just so you can touch the sleeve.
  • 655466th ‘beach’ band Heart Beach play quality indie pop.
  • Hills show off their rhythmic prowess on their latest thing on Cardinal Fuzz.
  • Squeaky punk rock and satire from Uranium Club.
  • Soon-to-be-popular strummers the Molochs marry the music style of Jonathan Richman with the look of a young Sleaford Mods.
  • Slowcoaches are a torrential noise rock band. What a bloody racket.
  • Experimental psych guy Dan Melchior with yet another album.
  • Beck -ish American lo-fi from Brandon Can’t Dance.
  • Curious art pranks from Anal Magic makes Robin hate his nice editor.
  • Robin describes Candy Bomber’s goofy psych rock tweedom as ‘krautrageous’.
  • Inspired modern folk patterns from the always good the Memory Band.
  • Herman Dude dude Stanley Brinks collabs with banjo and fiddle duo for pub-friendly singsongs.
  • Neo-classical super duo A Winged Victory For the Sullen.
  • Nerd rock veterans Half Japanese still have the capacity to thrill.
  • Al Lover presents ‘Neuicide’. No prize for guessing what it sounds like.
  • Really good songs performed dreadfully by New Zealand chanteuse Bic Runga.
  • Sohn. like a weirder Sam Smith. But better than that.
  • Smooth electronic king Bonobo unleashes some more cinematic prettiness.
  • Gruesome GBV styled clankers Chavez return.
  • Dryjacket sound rather unnervingly like Death Cab For Cutie.
  • Personal and the Pizzas play like the Ramones, enjoy pizzas.


Re-brushed and ready to be re-caressed.

  • Out on our very own Public House imprint is this 2012 era delight from dulcimer-led cinematic troupe Memory Drawings. First time on wax.
  • Phil likes Funkadelic quite a lot. True.
  • Is a compilation a re-issue? Well synth/indie pop lot Girl One and the Grease Guns are going here whether they like it or not.
  • Tim Gane’s Cavern of Anti Matter re-issue ‘Blood Drums’. Vinyl sold out though.
  • Hey Colossus have collected all their best bits into one catch-all LP.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

Gone sledging with Surgeon.

And that’s yer lot. We’re off for a walk in the sleet. See you next week when more things will happen (maybe).

Words: Clint, Ant and a soupcon of Robin.

Work: Phil, Kim, Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and big ol’ bear Ian.


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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Memory Drawings

Music For Another Loss.

9/10 from Robin

Public House gets sadder and lonelier with a repress of Memory Drawings ‘Music For Another Loss’. An album for empty rooms, creaking floorboards and sad ceilings, ...read on »

Interstellar Funk

Caves Of Steel

8/10 from Jamie

Olf Van Elden’s latest 12” outing as Interstellar Funk comes packed with stellar, twinkling classic Detroitisms with a contemporary flavour -- *and* a bonus remix ...read on »

Model Man

Pieces for Prepared Piano and Percussion

8/10 from Jamie

Music to get 2017 off to a good start, here at Norman Towers. Music from two brothers, no less, who amongst their impressive credentials have worked with greats such as Damon ...read on »

Half Japanese

Hear The Lions Roar

8/10 from Clinton

I've never really 'got' Jad Fair. I once saw him 'perform' on stage at the Duchess of York in Leeds in one of the most hideous performances since the Krankies played Glastonbu...read on »

Girl One And The Grease Guns

The Strange Little Lines That Humans Draw In The Dust

8/10 from Clinton

Girl One and the Grease Guns are a 'mysterious' fuzzy indie pop band from the North of England. We know who they are of course as the bloke is always popping in dropping their...read on »

The Memory Band

A Fair Field

8/10 from Clinton

Almost impossible to review a record as delicate as this with a bloody Sleater Kinney live album blasting in the background...but I can but try. Pump up the headphones and pre...read on »

Nicole Sabouné


8/10 from Robin

Gothic doom pop with industrial beats, sweeping synths and a vocal performance as heavy as Leeds’ current onslaught of wind. Sounds better listening to this than falling...read on »


Nothing Gives

8/10 from Robin

Slowcoaches are the kinda noise rock band I wouldn’t mind living downstairs from: they’re not actually that loud, they mostly favour hooks and their thrash is rela...read on »

Mike Cooper

Blue Guitar

8/10 from Robin

Lopsider Mike Cooper makes some of the most infuriating virtuoso acoustic guitar music  we’ve ever heard, which means it’s all things good, of course: having ...read on »

Julie Byrne

Not Even Happiness

8/10 from Clinton

First up: full disclosure. I once said 'hello' to Julie Byrne. I'll try not to affect my judgment of her new record but I just thought I'd throw it in there in the intere...read on »

A Winged Victory For The Sullen


8/10 from Robin

The boss-approved Winged Victory brigade produce their latest sequel of cinematic bliss, continuing a victory lap of film scores for “frontman” (in so far as drone...read on »

Typhonian Highlife

The World of Shells

8/10 from Laurie

Here is a man called Spencer Clark, of the Skaters and Tarzana (?) semi-fame, revisiting the Typhonian Highlife project in order to paint some seaside images onto your mindspa...read on »

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