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Weekly Update Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Nicole Sabouné, Charlie Ulyatt, Mai Mai Mai, Zaïmph, and more...

Thursday January 5th 2017

We’ve been having a couple of little sales to help you get musical cheapness during the post-Christmas scrimping period. There’s nearly 200 recent titles with 25% off until tomorrow so be quick if you want to take advantage. Also there’s some cheap Home Normal goodness if you want a wallet-friendly way of procuring new music for the new year.

This week we edge into January with a smattering of joyful new discs. Let us peruse…..


A few new things to tear open….


Roughly the size of a small flan.

  • The latest exquisitely packaged from Box Bedroom Rebels by Horse Beach sorts Field Route.
  • A new year singalong from popular Scottish laddie C.Duncan.
  • Half Japanese-esque mayhem from Quilt Boy.
  • Debut single from really popular new London people Shame.

Ant’s Electronic Round-Up

Introducing Sleeparchive to the cub scout leader.

  • Brian Eno’s back at the olde ambient game with new album ‘Reflection’ complete with low-res selfie sleeve art.
  • Third and final installment in Mai Mai Mai’s Greek alphabet trilogy. Powerful electronics like the apocalypse of an ancient civilization.
  • Stellar foreboding/ pure bliss LP from ZAIMPH aka Marcia Bassett. 300 copies on her own Yew imprint.
  • Not new as such but we just discovered this glorious album by Barnaby Carter. Evocative glacial electronics for fans or Arovane, Burial and Durutti Column.
  • Reissue of Frank Dommert weirdo obscurity from 1990 on Spencer Clark’s Pacific City Sound Visions label.
  • Ace, gnarly, electro-acid squelcher EP from Ekman on Bedouin.
  • Bunch of 80’s horror soundtrack type action on Lunaris Records from Repeated Viewing, Sorcery and Vercetti Technicolor.
  • Max Graef & Glenn Astro 12” on Ninja Tune with Byron The Aquarius, Greg Beato and IMYRMiND remixes.

Next Week:

Lots of exciting things due next week including new the XX, Flaming Lips, Bonobo, Cavern of Anti Matter and an exclusive new Public House release. Stay tuned.

That's it for now. See you when things happen.

Words: Clint and Ant

Work: Phil, Kim, Robin, Laurie, the birdman, Nathon and a Star War.


Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Service with a smile!”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Barnaby Carter

While It Still Blooms

9/10 from Clinton

Please strike us. Go on, strike us.  This record came out in October and must have got lost somewhere under the piles of tat we have to wade through but thank the lord i...read on »


Between The Infinite And The Finite

9/10 from Ant

ZAIMPH aka Marcia Bassett (Hototogisu/GHQ/Double Leopards) takes us through the haunted corridors of our dreams on her simultaneously ominous and beautiful ‘Between The ...read on »

Brian Eno


8/10 from Laurie

Who could have predicted that Brian Eno would still be having a good time in the ‘10s. Possibly everyone, because he is borderline omnipresent, probably omniscient and m...read on »


End of World Rave

8/10 from Laurie

I had no idea that vaporwaves could become real, physical waves, but here we are with a slab of yellow wax containing such vaporious sounds. wosX is the most recent alias of M...read on »

So Beast


8/10 from Laurie

Let me introduce to you the Croatian-Italian pairing of Katarina Poklepović and Michele Quadri, a beautiful pianist meets guitarist story in which a frenzied and weird group ...read on »

Frank Dommert


8/10 from Ant

Spencer Clark (Skaters, Black Joker, Fourth World Magazine, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Typhonian Highlife etc.) has resurrected this deliciously far out obscurity for a ne...read on »

Mai Mai Mai

Φ (Phi)

8/10 from Ant

'Φ' (Phi) is the third and final instalment in Roman artist Toni Cutrone’s Greek alphabet trilogy. The previous volumes have somehow managed to evade my radar, but I...read on »



8/10 from Robin

You spend all day trying to reach your daily quota of water in a thankless attempt to stay hydrated, and then get all worked up to a sweat listening to weirdo rock. It’s...read on »

Expo '70

America Here & Now Sessions

8/10 from Robin

Amidst the slew of Expo ‘70 releases psychedelic troubador Justin Wright throws our way, this one is a keeper, for unto it was done a blessed thing we wish was being don...read on »

Field Route

Field Route EP

8/10 from Clinton

If we were fearing that 2017 was the year that Box Bedroom Rebels would release a bad record then this one sure isn't it. Featuring members of wonderful Manchester janglers Ho...read on »

Featured albums

Field Route
C Duncan
Girl One And The Grease Guns
Charlie Ulyatt
Frank Dommert
Mai Mai Mai
Quilt Boy
Expo '70
Nicole Sabouné
Repeated Viewing
Vercetti Technicolor
Max Graef & Glenn Astro
A Tribe Called Quest
Neil Young
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Brian Eno
The xx
The Moonlandingz
The Honey Pot
The Flaming Lips
Barnaby Carter
Babes In Toyland
You Me At Six
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