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Weekly Update Levon Vincent, Lutto Lento, Head Technician, AshTreJinkins / Ko Saito, Andy Stott, and more...

Christmas Message:

Well that’s it then. Thank you for all your custom this year. And thank you for not losing your temper with us. In return, we hope we’ve brought you prompt(ish) delivery of good music. Good swap?

Sadly this is the final update of the year, but the site will be operational even while we're away eating stuff. A skeleton staff will be in place next week to fulfill as many of your orders as possible, but please bear with us. If we don’t answer emails as quickly as normal you’ll know why.

Before we plough into this week’s update here is a heartfelt message from our leader and our lord Phil.

“Happy Holidays, and thank you for being nice and supporting our shop” - Phil


It’s hard to not feel emotionally shattered after that.

80 of the Best New Year Pre-orders:

It’s not even Christmas yet and we are already bothering you with upcoming stuff for 2017...but it’s really exciting! Here are 80 (eighty!) things to look forward to in 2017.


A few things in this week. Let’s not give up on 2016 too soon...

  • Thigh Master make ragged Australian indie rock.
  • Fatma who absolutely don’t contain any members of a band who we sell records by.
  • Hidden Charms. Riffs and fuzz. Riffs and fuzz.
  • His Name Is Alive put out what is apparently their 100th release. We don’t believe them.
  • Gideon Wolf makes elaborately packaged neo-classical and ambience.
  • Flying Hair make this year’s final psych rock album.


The warm glow of records past.

Ant’s Bumper Christmas Electronic Roundup:

Mince pie crumbs tumbling down his box-fresh Russell Haswell shirt.

  • echospace [detroit] deep, spacey ambient/dub techno nine CD motherlode from A601-2 (aka Rod Modell), Variant (aka Steve Hitchell), cv313 (the pair of ‘em).
  • Nurse With Wound at the peak of their powers with ‘The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt’ containing tracks from ultra limited vinyl releases. Lovers of ‘Soliloquy for Lilith’ should check!
  • Jungle/ D&B/ IDM mini-album from Gareth Clarke in fine Aphex/ Squarepusher tradition.
  • Orange wax 12” of blue jungle on Brooklyn’s Exotic Dance Records from Deejay Xanax (Brian Piñeyro aka Luis, DJ Wey, DJ Python).
  • Rutger Zuydervelt soundtracks videogame ‘Astroneer’.
  • Schlachthofbronx 12” featuring none other than the mighty Riko Dan and Warrior Queen.
  • Tasty electro action from Versalife aka Boris Bunnik/ Conforce. Limited 12” on brokntoys in screen-printed sleeve.
  • Dale Cornish ‘Clap’ 12” on Where To Now? (insert pasty/ S.T.I gag here).
  • Icy, celestial, sci-fi electro/pop from INKAMERA aka Victoria Lukas whom was half of Zerkalo with Drexciya/Dopplereffekt's Gerald Donald.
  • Melodic analog electro on Toronto's Suction from June / Lowfish. 300 copies on orange wax.
  • Woozy avant-house from Krakow’s Lutto Lento on FTD.
  • Dancefloor house/techno/acid bombs from Fear-E on Glasgow’s Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.
  • Levon Vincent back on form.
  • 60mins of raw, low-fi jams from L.A’s AshTreJinkins and Tokyo’s Ko Saito. Limited tape on NCA.
  • Superb metallic, clanking chiming techno from Kamikaze Space Programme. Recommended!
  • 1080p keep ‘em comin’ with some electro, IDM, breaks and house from Riohv.
  • Limited edition of 250 copies 7” of melodic electronica from The Home Current (aka Second Language bossman Martin Jensen) on Polytechnic Youth.
  • Bunch of limited to 50 copies ambient/drone CD’s in handmade packaging on Shimmering Moods from; Embers Below Zero, Viewfound, The Lost Trail Orchestra, and π∆ππ.
  • Chakra pleasing New Age ‘(The Microcosm): Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986’ compilation feat. Vangelis, Popol Vuh, Peter Michael Hamel, Ariel Kalma, Gigi Masin, Ash Ra Tempel etc.
  • Coloured vinyl represses of waxes from Andy Stott, Shinichi Atobe, Head Technician, and Equiknoxx.

Also read: The best introductions to Ant’s Round-Up.

Worst Records of the Year:

Here’s our usual pre-Christmas romp through the very worst of this year’s releases. Please don’t be too offended ...it’s just for fun, and we do truly appreciate anyone who tries to make music rather than just sitting staring at their phones moaning at the internet.

And that’s yer lot for 2016. 2017 has to be better doesn’t it? Has to.

In the meantime, to all our customers - have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Team Norman…who at various times this year have been...Phil, Ant, Clint, Robin, Jamie, Nathon, Laurie, Kim, Benn, Ian and not forgetting all our wonderful freelancers out there in the digital galaxy.

Customer Compliment of the Week:


Check our Feefo reviews during the Queen’s speech.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Gideon Wolf

Year Zero

9/10 from Jamie

Fluid Audio label maestro Dan Crossley has masterminded the latest collection of affectingly warm and fuzzy drone from Gideon Wolf, with a package that our Tom has already des...read on »

Kamikaze Space Programme

Numbers Stations / Duga 3

9/10 from Ant

Here's a belter for ya... superb clanging metallic/ mechanical/ chiming techno from Christopher Jarman formerly known as drum & Bass producer Raiden. This follow...read on »


Thru The Cosmos [perigee / apogee]

8/10 from Clinton

I'm not sure what you are planning over the festive period but I'm thinking about getting lost on a big hill. I did it last year and had a whale of a time. I always think that...read on »


Shibuya Hypnagogia

8/10 from Clinton

Unbelievably this is also Rod Modell of Deepchord. The man basically runs deep dub techno on his own these days under a series of monikers including . There are loads of these...read on »

Deejay Xanax


8/10 from Clinton

On the most lustrous orange vinyl this side of an actual orange, this stellar 6 tracker is by Brian Pineyro, who also trades under DJ Wey and DJ Python neither of wh...read on »

Rutger Zuydervelt


8/10 from Jamie

In which Machinefabriek guy Rutger Zuydervelt lets loose in his sonic sandbox to soundtrack an American indie video game. The sounds are squishy and malleable to match the res...read on »

Elmo Crumb

I'm Still Dizzy

8/10 from Laurie

So Ian tells me that this Elmo Crumb is actually Call Super and someone else called Ondo Fudd doing a little collab thing. See, what he doesn’t get is that Ondo Fudd is ...read on »

Anthony Child

Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 2

8/10 from Laurie

Well this is a long album. 1 hour and 10 minutes of Anthony Child wandering the jungle, getting distracted by extravagantly coloured bugs and tripping on roots and probably ju...read on »

t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者


8/10 from Laurie

After reading the press release, scoffing loudly, and turning to the trusty NR staff for some real information, I’ve been told that this t e l e p a t h folk is a vaporw...read on »

The Underground Youth

A Lo-Fi Cinematic Landscape

8/10 from Robin

Brand new swirl from premiums swirlers the Underground Youth, who produce lovely, crisp psychedelia the way a combination of your washing machine, tumble dryer and ironing boa...read on »

Helena Celle

If I Can't Handle Me At My Best, You Don't Deserve You At Your Worst

8/10 from Robin

A dramatic switch in scenery for Kay Logan, who plays bass for Glasgow's psych-tinged hardcore outfit Anxiety -- responsible for releasing one of my favourite records of ...read on »

Henry Caravan

Tongue Order

8/10 from Robin

Louis Johnstone of WANDA GROUP/caps lock fame spins off with a tape less about recording the world, the universe and everything in favour of improvised songcraft. As Henry Car...read on »

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