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Right, on with this week’s stuff. We didn’t get quite as much abuse for our Albums of the Year as we feared. We presume you are all list-weary rather than agree with our every utterance. For fans of lists there’s more of the blighters below as we trundle through the stuff that has emerged through the gloom this week.


Actual new records. No oldies.

  • Peter Broderick. He does what he likes.
  • Really laid back folks Woods got it together enough to play at Third Man.
  • Madcap prog/math from clever chaps Qui.
  • Swish your long raincoat to post-punkers Soviet Soviet.
  • ‘Larger than life’ 2 Bears chap Raf Rundell does the solo jive.
  • Wildly inventive funk/new wave/noise pop from New Fries.
  • Flies+Flies are a bit like an orchestrated Thom Yorke.
  • The Hidden Cameras go up country.
  • Are you a fan of Slowdive ‘Pygmalion’? Try Matt Christensen.
  • Bass intertwiners Rothko bring the darkness.
  • Pilote melts folk and alt country into unique electronica.
  • Talented rap lad Jonwayne temporarily ditches the voice and makes a beat tape.
  • Sister of famous lady Solange unleashes her music.
  • Dreamtime. This kind of sleeve art just doesn’t surprise me anymore.


Christmas stocking-ready film accompaniments.


Music sounds better when you’ve heard it before.

  • Public Image Limited’s ‘Metal Box’ in a metal box. Vinyl due next week...also in a metal box.
  • Interminable live set from John Cale.
  • Loads of vinyl re-issues of classics by The Fall.
  • Couple of re-done things by Million Dead chap Frank Turner.
  • Ungoogleable post-rock fellers Feck.
  • Yelpy oddballs Pere Ubu get a couple of items of re-blasted wax.
  • Live tape from noisy experimental post-punkers Biting Tongues.
  • Krauty new agers Expo 70 get re-twiddled.
  • Remember punk? This 4CD Action Time Vision collects together much of it.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

The school dinner lady hadn’t even heard of Prurient.

  • Second helping of Rashad Becker playing traditional music for a species that doesn’t exist in reality. Ace LP on PAN.
  • Ambient snoozer from Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet plucked from SoundCloud to kick off Lobster Theremin's ambient offshoot.
  • Beatrice Dillion masterclass in snaking rhythm.
  • Tape incorporating Generative music, FM synthesis and beyond from NYZ aka Dave Noyze. Includes a colossal longform drone work.
  • Gavin Russom tape archive of late 90’s noise emissions as Paper Eyes. Edition of 50 copies, each with unique cute drawing by the artist.
  • Turntable wrecker/ record breaker Philip Jeck’s ‘Vinyl Coda I-II’ now exists on wax.
  • Ex-Skater Spencer Clark aka Monopoly Child Star Searchers/Fourth World Magazine LP of Australian field recordings transmuted into ambient. Plus 2 tapes from Lieven Martens aka Dolphins Into The Future - all on his Edicoes CN label.
  • Hushed, drifting drones from Sana Obruent.
  • Mighty fine 2LP of techno abstractions from Sendai on Editions Mego aka Boiler Room wrecker Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen.
  • Superb, dream logic following, introverted electronics from the mighty Cindytalk.
  • Vol. 2 of Anthony Child aka Surgeon’s meditative, tropical ambient ‘Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle’.
  • T.R.U. Halloween compilation of 80’s synth horror electro plus a 12” from Bill Converse on Texas Recordings Underground.
  • Third album from Suzanne Kraft -- actually a boy not a girl.
  • Special Request deploys his bass. One tune on a Garage tip, the other a big wobbler.
  • Checked out any of the stunning art editions on Time Released Sound? Latest is from Maurizio Abate & Matteo Uggeri. Ultra pastoral.
  • Celer float away into space.
  • Repress of posh TCF white vinyl 10” with vacuum sealed bag of esoteric tea!
  • Bristol City’s Jabu and Neek fellows O$VMV$M trim the fat and balance brutal darkness with delicate beauty on Idle Hands.
  • Michel Redolfi’s 1988 Musique Concrète work ‘Desert Tracks’ on INA-GRM, now reissued via Sub Rosa.
  • Romans album on The Bunker New York aka Gunnar Haslam and Tin Man.
  • Dark soundscapes from Deaf Center man and ambient doom lord Svarte Greiner.
  • DMX Krew lands on CPU with the ‘Space Cucumbers’ EP. True.
  • Twinkley glitchy electronic pop from Mei on Markus Popp’s UOVOO label. Björk fans are advised to give it a sniff.
  • More Model 500 classic Detroit techno/ electro-funk reissued.
  • Classic 90’s grotty Dutch warehouse techno/acid from Unit Moebius reissued on Bunker.
  • 3LP of much lauded deep house action on Mörk from Grant.
  • Modern coldwave gear from In Aeternam Vale + Anneq on Minimal Wave.
  • Still have a handful of Levon Vincent’s Berlin/NYC 12” on Novel Sound

Small Records:

Loads this week including these. Are they breeding?

  • Papernut Cambridge do a bit of ‘Nutsplainin’’. Mansplaining but about nuts.
  • The Strokes bassist and an all-star cast make some pretty lively melancholy funk pop as Summer Moon
  • The XX new single is ready just in time for the next season of ‘Songs Make You Laugh Out Loud’
  • ...and there’s also sleazy rock band Shame.

That’s it for the week. If bored on Saturday perhaps listen to Phil and Clint on the Norman Records Radio Show. 4pm-6pm on KMAH. Festivities, songs old and new and awkward passive aggressive chat.

See you next week.

80s synth pop line up:

Words: Clint.

Bleeps: Ant.

Backing vox: Kim, Phil, Benn, Jamie, Laurie, Nathon and Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“no evidence of owl pellets in the parcel”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet


9/10 from Clinton

Have you ever felt totally relaxed? Perhaps you are in a holiday cottage in an attic space with a skylight. Through it you can see the clouds moving across the sky...the odd on »

Model 500

Sound Of Stereo / Off To Battle

9/10 from Ant

Following new pressings of early Model 500 classics ‘Night Drive’ and ‘The Chase’, the Metroplex reissue campaign continues with this 4-track EP, on »



9/10 from Clinton

I'm not sure exactly how many records on in here but I'm suspecting three. That's a lot of music. I'd like to sit here all afternoon listening to it but I can't as I'm really on »

Rashad Becker

Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol II

9/10 from Ant

Almost three and a half years after Rashad Becker unleashed his debut album ‘Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I’ on PAN, now, finally the second volume on »

Sean McCann

Music for Public Ensemble

9/10 from Laurie

Heads up everybody, chill experimental composer man Sean McCann is taking his fragmented acoustic (ish) music out of the drawing rooms of King Recital III and into the places on »



9/10 from Ant

David Burraston’s (Dave Noyze / Noyzelab / Bryen Telko) release schedule has gathered momentum and accelerated through 2016 with a slew of cassette releases on .meds, on »

Beatrice Dillon

Can I Change My Mind?

8/10 from Ant

Beatrice Dillion has been making waves in the last few years with collaborations with Rupert Clervaux, a show on NTS Radio, a split 12” with Karen Gwyer, records on on »

New Fries


8/10 from Clinton

Gosh. What is this? It's lively and most likely soon to be loved if people still have ears in 2017.  They are all over the shop creating bursts of energetic indie that on »


How To Get Ideas

8/10 from Clinton

Prog. Not normally my forte but the young man who likes lots of notes is away recovering so let's see how I get on shall we? Well it's not that prog, more progressive on »

Sana Obruent

Prince Of The Air

8/10 from Clinton

Me stressed. Me need ambience.....and luckily this week there is a fair smattering of drifty things to calm me down and while Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet would win on »


Discover the Lost

8/10 from Clinton

This long running collective headed up by Mark Beazley are one of the few bands who I can think of (Hugo Largo, Morphine spring to mind) who use on »

Shinoby vs Hypnobeat

All Things Pass Into The Night

8/10 from Ant

‘All Things Pass Into The Night’ clocks in at just over nine minutes on this limited edition single-sided 12” on Verona based DJ and producer Omar Contri on »

Matt Christensen


8/10 from Clinton

Ah the world is too busy. Especially where I sit in my work chair. There's the bell, the other bell, the work phone, my personal phone, the people shouting and running. on »

Levon Vincent

Berlin / NYC

8/10 from Clinton

Oh don't make me become the Norman Records house music expert. This two tracker from New York house legend Levon Vincent is a fabbo minimalist skip through repetitive, on »

Svarte Greiner

Moss Garden

8/10 from Laurie

It’s always hard to approach a soundtrack to an installation. No, not just because they’re all spooky, abstract or downright dirgey - there’s the problem of on »


Songs For Healing

8/10 from Laurie

Songs for Healing is a certain Mr Kosmonaut Man asking the stars for some help in healing his daughter, who recently got leukemia and is being saved by the best dad in the on »

Michel Redolfi

Desert Tracks

8/10 from Laurie

The brilliantly-titled Desert Tracks tracks French-born composer Michel Redolfi’s journey through several desert landscapes with his portable mic and a thirst for on »

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