Weekly Update Mica Levi & Oliver Coates, Porter Ricks, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Terminal Cheesecake, Smersh, and more...

Intro prattle:

This is the week we got so cold that we had to resort to this to at least pretend to keep warm. Also we don’t currently have telephonic communication with the outside world so apologies to anyone who has dialed….please don’t panic as I’m sure we’ll be re-attached soon. In the world of music there has been some new records out so perhaps we should think about telling you about them so here goes….

If you are still interested then read on…...

New Things:

Just stepped out of the pressing plant....

  • Here comes power pop’s busiest granddad R.Pollard with yet another incarnation. This time it’s ESP Ohio.
  • One for the underground hip-hop nodders from L’Orange and Mr Lif.
  • Lovely songs for voice and guitar from Gareth Dickson.
  • My Morning Jacket chap Carl Broemel gets his big chance to do his solo thing.
  • Post punk funk swirly types Ravioli Me Away always know how to look good.
  • Feral Ohms (+ beard) played live in San Francisco. Someone taped it.
  • Fahey-esque guitar tamperings from Dylan Golden Aycock.
  • Former Giant Sand feller Howe Gelb with some smooth jazz.
  • Sadly passed Sharon Jones with the soundtrack to the documentary of her life and work.
  • Pleasant Icelandic people Amiina.
  • We were just about to sell you the Kate Bush live extravaganza but it’s not back in ‘til January. Drat.
  • Nouvelle Vague are still doing bossa nova takes on post punk classics.
  • Psych rock and more from Argentinian lot Kill West.
  • First album in a billion years from loud noise makers Terminal Cheesecake.
  • Dean Ween has shed his Gene Ween.
  • Dreamy instrumental music by Test Card. Once of Preston, now of Vancouver. How?
  • Oddly-monikered emotional types Immanu El channel their inner the National.
  • Oooh... get that Immersion on.
  • Mica Levi hooks up with Oliver Coates for a curious blend of cello sound sorcery.
  • Jam Money are two chaps from other things messing about with home made and broken instruments.
  • Really noisy kraut blastings from Sex Swing. They also win most horrible sleeve of the week.
  • Ah now this is good. Surface to Air Missive make another album of really twisty pop.
  • Also good is Ex Confusion, like the history of ambient music in miniature.
  • Being in Leeds we know how to be gloomy. So do nu post punk types Fehm.
  • Strum and drum C86 indie pop from Real Numbers.
  • Matthew and Me make grandiose proggy pop in the tradition of Mew.
  • Early Warpaint/Sleater Kinney tightly controlled rock from the Wharves.

Also: Cate Le Bon pal Alex Dingley, spindly post-punkers Gurr, acoustic heartwarmers Peculiar Blue and lots more...check the New In page.

Children’s Corner:

For people even smaller than Phil…...


As satisfying as clinking shut a really reassuring car door.

Daily Deal

Here’s a cheap thing just for today that most special of days.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

Cats don’t like techno.

  • Whopping 180g vinyl, 25-track 6x12" ‘Brainbox’ box set. Edition of 300 numbered copies Incl. µ-Ziq, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mike Dred, Deepchord, Locust, Scanner, Plaid remix, Heinrich Mueller remix, Mika Vainio, FSOL and tons more.
  • Demdike Stare take a more colourful, playful approach, warping electronic templates on ‘Wonderland’. Deluxe first edition 3CD set includes the ‘Testpressing’ series on CD for the first time.
  • Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig return as Porter Ricks after 17 years, with aquatic, experimental, dubby techno with advanced sound design.
  • Pop Ambient 2017 The year Arnie flick The Running Man was set in. My God, we’re in the future!
  • Les Graciés aka Afrikan Sciences and Gaël Segalan album on Firecracker with tasty screen printed artwork.
  • Zeitkratzer man Reinhold Friedl takes on John Cage’s Songbooks with help from Rashad Becker
  • Spacey ambient from HOLOVR and lovely shimmering, cosmic electronica from Jonathan Fitoussi both on Further Records.
  • Tortoise’s John McEntire compiles a bunch of Cluster tracks. Nice of him.
  • Debut album of Detroit house from Jay Daniel -- check if you’re into Moodymann, Theo Parrish etc.
  • Experimental techno from Lawson Benn, with Moire and Best Available Technology mixes.
  • TOMAGA & Orlando do video game noises.
  • Industrial/musique concrete/computer music from RLW (Ralf Wehowsky) on Dirter.
  • Letherette’s album on Ninja Tune’s a bit of a mixed bag. But has “some really enjoyable moments” according to Clint. (true - Clint)
  • Raw electro/acid filth from Smersh on Dark Entries. Don’t let that title fool ya.
  • Avalon Emerson on Spectral, GIL on Danse Noire, Lawson Benn, Ellen Allien on BPitch, Big Miz on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Anthony Naples repress on Proibito, Cottam 1 repress, Kit Grill on Primary Colours, Shan on Beats in Space, Deadboy on Ten Thousand Yen, Boot & Tax on Optimo Trax.


‘Pretend’ records…..

  • Deerhoof thought we were friends. No, not when your 7” costs £11.99.
  • TVAM play good kraut rock with a KGB mix on if you flip it over.
  • ‘Funny’ York lad Mark Wynn will do it himself for a tenner.
  • Children Girl Ray release a lovely plaintive pop song instead of doing their homework.
  • Clean Cut Kid try to be joyous in a vain attempt to dint this year’s ongoing bleak despair.

NEXT WEEK! We will be unveiling our Albums of the Year and there is a very exciting record due which we have been begged by the authorities not to tell you about. Oh and also: Brown Monday.

Words by Clint with a piece of Robin pie. Bleeps/bloops handler: Ant.

The Normanites this week were: Kim, Phil, Jamie, Nathon and ‘big’ Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Nothing to complain about”.

Browse our Feefo reviews in future desperate moments.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Ex Confusion


9/10 from Clinton

So this is a Japanese guy who has collaborated with Bibio and it's easy to hear from this selection of ambient vignettes why the Warp man rates him so highly. on »

Bowery Electric


9/10 from Clinton

Let's face it, we're inundated with re-issues. 'Lost Classic' albums that have been unearthed to be given a new lease of life many years after the release date. Some good, on »

Porter Ricks

Shadow Boat EP

9/10 from Ant

Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig return as Porter Ricks, following a seventeen year retreat. The duo’s mid-late 90’s productions on Basic Channel’s Chain on »


Into The Night Blue

8/10 from Jamie

Directorsound is the project of multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Palmer. He went to Sweden to record with a group of local jazz school graduates, and the set of instrumental on »

Mica Levi & Oliver Coates

Remain Calm

8/10 from Jamie

Miniatures, then: if they should be do anything they should beguile. And possibly lead you down the garden path. Which is the main strategy Mica Levi and Oliver Coates take on »

Test Card

Start Up Close Down

8/10 from Jamie

Former singer with Preston indie-poppers Formula One, Lee Nicholson has moved to Vancouver and now records dreamy instrumental music in his new Canadian home. It seems to on »


Circadian Life

8/10 from Clinton

It's hard to be anything but gloomy living in Leeds. God it's bleak. That's why all the bands are so miserable and Fehm are the latest lot to transfer their misery onto on »

Surface To Air Missive


8/10 from Clinton

I was very impressed by the previous Surface to Air Missive record 'Third Missive' which had the unusual sound of a Southern rock obsessed Pavement chasing their tails circa ' on »

Eric Frye

On Small Differences In Sensation

8/10 from Ant

Here’s a fine slab of wax from Minneapolis based artist Eric Frye - a record for the resolutely fearless, dauntless sonic explorers among you. This LP has been on »



8/10 from Ant

Ambient bliss from Mirko Vogel, his debut full length, following a live CDr and digital EP for Room40. Apparently created as an antidote to the monotony of life on the road on »

Dylan Golden Aycock

Church of Level track

8/10 from Clinton

The first pressing of Dylan Golden Aycock's first LP was limited to 14 hand numbered lathe cut X-Rays housed in laser cut jackets with letter-pressed Inserts cut onto the on »

Kate Bush

Before The Dawn

8/10 from Clinton

First of all the box looks amazing. Four slabs of vinyl in a super sturdy outer box and wonderfully lavish booklet with photos, lyrics and words on the events from Kate Bush on »


Analogue Creatures Living on An Island

8/10 from Clinton

"Oooh get the Immersion on"... "Turn the Immersion off will you"... "I was just turning the immersion on when the phone rang".  There -- that's my impersonation of my on »


Deafening Chaos Serenity

8/10 from Ant

Here comes Nino Pedone aka Shapednoise -- co-owner of labels Cosmo Rhythmatic and Repitch, and half of duo Violetshaped, alongside Francesco Baudazzi aka Violetpoison. The on »

Gareth Dickson

Orwell Court

8/10 from Clinton

Gareth Dickson is an unusual proposition as he is primarily a singer songwriter who releases on 12K a label known more for ambient composition. His songs though are so drifty on »

Demdike Stare


8/10 from Ant

In the four years that have elapsed since Demdike Stare’s last album ‘Elements’, the Lancastrian duo of Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty released a series of on »

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