Weekly Update Illum Sphere, Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle, Michael Begg, Honeyblood, Black Manual, and more...

Intro babble:

If we worry about anything (and if you are Phil you worry about everything) it’s that in the rush of all these exciting re-issues we don’t push new music at you the way we should. Take this Bayonne album. Well it’s one of the greatest things I’ve heard all year - a kind of mix between Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear and Steve Reich. Highly recommended. There’s other good new stuff too this week from lo-fi oddballs Cube math rockers Broker. And good old Lambchop and Shirley Collins prove that age is no obstacle to creating really good music.

Let’s then take a look at the best bits of what else has arrived this week…...

New records:

These discs contain new music. Be warned.

  • Lambchop prove that old guys do auto tune too. Don’t worry, it’s good.
  • Shall I ever stop banging on about this Bayonne album? I shan’t. Like Animal Collective a Philip Glass a’collabin’.
  • I’ve got their last tape in the footwell of my car. Step forward American Wrestlers.
  • First album in just the 38 years from Shirley Collins.
  • Federale is a dude from the Brian Jonestown Massacre doing Lee Hazlewood type gear.
  • Mazzy Star’s enigmatic front lady Hope Sandoval is back with another batch of her Warm Inventions. Sensuous.
  • Expensive trip hoppers Massive Attack unleash another 12” with guests.
  • Shouty Scottish ladies Honeyblood gift us catchy teen friendly grunge tunes.
  • Ambient hip-hop direct from the kitchenette from Public House starlets Sela.
  • Strobes play noodly math rock perhaps even with key-tar’s.
  • A live album from Sleaford Mods - a great excuse to hear the word ‘f*ck’ uttered 200 times.
  • Pretentious danes Efterklang took a hiatus to ‘re-imagine’ themselves ...and now they are back.
  • Dense sonic tonics from heavy duo Nadja.
  • Xam Duo is a Hookworm and a Deadwall making shimmering kosmische.
  • Cube are weird and lo-fi and make strange but enjoyable noises.
  • Isle of Wight’s finest psych rock band Plastic Mermaids sound like Flaming Lips gone all funny.
  • Clenched-fist, tight-angled post-hardcore from Brighton noisy men Broker.
  • Junk Son are posh kids who on first spin sounded a bit like Notwist.
  • Post rock from Bristol lot Thought Forms on Invada.
  • Strange atmospheric post rock from Tired Tape Machine.
  • Upset veterans The Pop Group are like a really really angry Timmy Mallett.
  • Esben and the Witch make a post halloween blend of goth and atmospheric rock.
  • Palace are not Will Oldham.
  • “Spiritualized playing in an empty swimming baths”. My take on Votaries.
  • Buck Curran plays Fahey-like instrumentals and sometimes sings.

No bullet points for these lads…….

Shining Bird sound like that time in 1988 you went scratting in Knaresborough for a the Triffids 7”, Club AC 30’s latest hopes Is Bliss make baggy shoegaze, Milemarker insert rigid post-hardcore element into synthy New Wave gloop plus melody and mayhem from Unruly Milk.

Soundtracks special!

So many of them this week I’ve been forced to get off my fat arse and do a separate section.

  • Black vinyl pressing of Lost Highway for all you Lynch nuts.
  • Ran OST “should be good” reckons Phil.
  • Thomas Newman’s Shawshank Redemption soundtrack is here on wax.
  • The Forbidden Planet soundtrack was apparently voted number 1 in Mojo’s greatest electronic albums ever. So there.


As reassuring as a plump cat snuggling on a soft cushion.

  • Tuneful Welsh ratbags Super Furry Animals get their ‘Fuzzy Logic’ re-cast.
  • Heavy set lads Tad re-give us big rock.
  • Rare as hens teeth private press Pink Floyd album re-issued.
  • Another pressing for Ruth White’s dark occult masterpiece ‘Flowers of Evil’.
  • Michael Begg. No relation to Kajagoogoo’s Nick Begg(s).
  • Black Grape. Were they any good?
  • Re-issue of the first BBC Radiophonic Orchestra recordings after they bought a pricey 8 bit digital sampling synthesizer.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

His children’s school reports make no mention of early Drexciya influences.

  • Gargantuan, relationship/ marriage terminating GAS vinyl/CD box set plus a new EP from Wolfgang Voigt on Kompakt.
  • Lucy / Rrose join forces for some eerie, futurist techno/ drone.
  • Andrew Broder aka Fog plugs his clobber in and dishes out some beats for Lex.
  • Joel Grind does the 80’s horror synth thing on Death Waltz Originals.
  • Christian Löffler album of organic sounding, light electronica.
  • Dreamy/hazy electronics from Opal Tapes type 1991.
  • Bunch of vinyl reissues fro 70’s French duo Space Art.
  • Black Manual 12” on Portals Editions including remixes from KETEV and that There Cut Hands.
  • LP of “synthetic exotica, pseudo-ethnographic music and unreal field recordings” from Andrew Pekler.
  • Tangerine Schnauser.
  • Electro/techno/house mutations from Illum Sphere with his second album for Ninja Tune.
  • Lush, mesmeric ethereal ambient techno from Rod Modell aka DeepChord.
  • Modern garage/grime tunes from Okzharp & Manthe Ribane on Hyperdub and DJ Sinclair on Keysound.
  • Revelatory, unearthed tapes from HI-NRG man dem Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle.
  • Bastian Void 5” lathe cut on Polytechnic Youth… going… going… maybe gone. Don’t kip.
  • Rave-tastic Altern 8 3LP reissue.
  • Archival, ye olde electronics unearthed from Malcolm Pointon on Public Information.
  • Akitsa fellow Contrepoison trades in the black metal for some cold wave action on Hospital Productions.
  • Head-splitting, Split EP from Patiño (half of N.M.O.) and No God Ritual.
  • Bleeping, squelching electro jams from Design A Wave.
  • Will Long (Celer) - Long Trax 2CD on Comatonse Recordings. Includes disc of DJ Sprinkles Overdubs. Been flying out the door like doo-doo off a stick.

Mountain of 12”s coming up the stairwell: Joy Orbison & Boddika white label on SunkLo, Luis on 1080p, Omar S on FXHE, Max Graef on Apron, Via App on BANK, Komarken Electronics on brokntoys, Cottam 6 (already sold out at source), EMG (255 copies with handmade artwork), WOLF DEM on Great Circles, Quentin aka John Talabot and Marc Pinol on Hivern, Abstract Division on incl. Milton Bradley and Albert Van Abbe mixes, Jose Manuel 12” on Optimo Trax, Naum Gabo (featuring Optimo chap) on Rubadub, pair of EPs from Moon Temple on WT Records aka man from The Rapture.


Put a little fishy on a little dishy…...

  • A cross between lush pop and manic prog from that London’s Mass Datura.
  • Laid back strumming guy Tony Molina has drifted out a new single.
  • Churning Nick Cave-ish rock from Abbatoir Blues. Mmmm. Atmospheric.

That’s it. We’re outta here. We’re off to a ‘charidee’ gig this Saturday. You can come too.
Enjoy whatever it is that gets you through the murk.

Words by Clint and a smidge of Robin. Bleeps by Ant.

The Normanites this week were ‘little’ Laurie, Kim, Phil, Jamie, Benn, Nathon and ‘big’ Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
"Amazing not Amaz*n!"

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Best records this week

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Rod Modell


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8/10 from Jamie

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Design A Wave

International Journey of Applied Music

8/10 from Jamie

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Patiño / No God Ritual

Split EP

8/10 from Jamie

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Shirley Collins


8/10 from Clinton

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Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions

Until The Hunter

8/10 from Clinton

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8/10 from Robin

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My Cube

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8/10 from Robin

Really glad this one fell on my plate because I get to use the singular form of Hookworms, which I love doing. This kosmische duo contains a Hookworm, okay, we’re done, on »

Unruly Milk


8/10 from Robin

A noisy song excursion farmed from the collective heads of Joe Thompson (of psych stoners Hey Colossus) and the should-be-famous Kek, who used to be part of electronic on »

Sleaford Mods

Live at SO36

8/10 from Laurie

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In Arboreal Whispering

8/10 from Robin

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Epoch Sinus

8/10 from Laurie

PYUR is not the calm utterance of a mutant cat, it is a relatively new project from an elusive singer-songwriter who hung up her guitar for the synths and the beats. on »


Fantastic Garden

8/10 from Robin

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Stuart Chalmers

In the Heart of Solitude

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Christian Löffler


8/10 from Jamie

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Lucy / Rrose

The Lotus Eaters

8/10 from Ant

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David August

The Spell / A Golden Rush

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Tired Tape Machine
Unruly Milk
Joy Orbison & Boddika
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Plastic Mermaids
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Patiño / No God Ritual
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Andrew Broder
Design A Wave
Naum Gabo
Black Grape
Black Manual
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American Wrestlers
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