Weekly Update Oval, American Football, ISAN, Cocaine Piss, Folklore, and more...

First up:

Please. We rest now. Like this man.

Before that we must tell you that too many things came out this week. Our fingers are currently near the bone. But it’s worth it as there are some really good round things in in this week so please refer to our reviews or read below for a nippy zip through everything we have in stock.

Just Arrived:

Boxes of things to busy us/please you…….

  • Stereocilia is a man who plays guitar with lots of fingers.
  • Schaus try their darndest to release this year’s weirdest pop.
  • Hen Ogledd are Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies and Dawn Bothwell being weird everywhere.
  • Bright Eyes fringe Conor Oberst went to his other house for winter and came up with this.
  • Mouses. Its mice. The plural of Mouse is mice.
  • Luke Roberts strums and sings. Sales point: Kurt Vile guests.
  • 4AD hope the Lemon Twigs can follow in the footsteps of oh I don’t know Todd Rundgren.
  • Loren Connors gets in ethereal mode with the latest in his 10” series.
  • Punky flair with horns on the Rats on Rafts/De Gift collab.
  • Sweet Williams make brilliant avant rock that sounds like Slint or Shellac or Codeine.
  • Imagine the Caretaker faffing with Fennesz: Botany
  • Axis: Sova make glammy, noisy lo-fi.
  • Oozing Wound are thrashy and bashy.
  • Heavy minimal jams from Oneida folk People of the North.
  • Muffled indie pop stuff from Black Marble straight out of New York City.
  • Barclays Young Eagle of the Month Kate Tempest unleashes more word-spouting.
  • Civil Civic return after several years to make more sweeping
  • New of Deep Distance modular synth fiddling from Slows.
  • Skewed hippie folk psych from the Posh and Becks of pastoral psychedelia MV+ EE.
  • Imagine the Raincoats upside down and you’ve got Opposite Sex.
  • New album from Douglas Dare. What is in his mouth?
  • Thrashing super-speed punk from Cocaine Piss ...which was in fact the original name for the Field Mice.
  • Original odd couple John Cooper Clarke and Hugh Cornwell make singing things.
  • Jools Holland-approved rock band Blackberry Smoke actually topped the US Rock Chart. Wow.
  • Liverpool Psych fest friends bring us another installment of PZYK.


Strange and wispy folky pop from John Southworth joyous pop punk from Terry Malts, classic racket from goat-friendly grinders Wormrot and pop punkers Joyce Manor finally get over not being in high school anymore.

Cheap Corner:

  • Our Daily Deal.
  • Our ongoing Sale with lots of new items added in recent days.


Tarted up and boosted.

  • Very proggy people Mahjun get their 1973 and 1974 albums records re-issued.
  • Big stadium gloomsters Depeche Mode have some of their bleak work re-pressed.
  • Two soundtracks for you ...John Barry’s ‘Raise the Titanic’ and Ramin Djawadi’s ‘Pacific Rim’.
  • Rediscovered Texan country artist Terry Allen gets his second re-issue of the year re-wangled.
  • Ancient synth explorers Silver Apples get ‘The Garden’ revamped.
  • Really beautiful soundtrack to ‘The Hired Hand Of’ by Bruce Langhorn. Haunting.
  • I got upset by a dog story last night so nice to see a the Moondoggies get a re-issue.
  • Flannel-chested Americana lads Richmond Fontaine get more backstory re-jazzed.
  • Much required vinyl re-issue of 60s stoners Kaleidoscope.
  • Loads of Fela Kuti re-issues.
  • Leeds noise poppers Pop Threat celebrate the time they got drunk and split up.
  • Manchester side-hairs Oasis get their twiddle rock monstrosity ‘Be Here Now’ re-imagined.
  • Really Awful Big Group Kings of Leon re-issue the record we once called " the worst debut album of the last 50 years".

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

Talking to the lollipop man about Vatican Shadow…..

  • Shifted album of intricately layered, deep and dark techno on Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions.
  • Powell’s ‘Sport’ album for mind and Body on XL enlists help from Loke Rahbek, Traxx, HTRK’s Jonnine Standish, Dale Cornish etc.
  • Wacky and wonky rave music from N.M.O. on Diagonal.
  • Kuedo album of futuristic sound design with trap and Ghost In The Shell influences.
  • Avant house, techno, EBM mutations on Not Waving’s Ecstatic label from Novo Lines, conjured on a bunch of olde hardware.
  • Pangaea’s finally got round to an album for Hessle Audio.
  • Album of previously unreleased library music from Bernard Fevre aka Black Devil Disco Club.
  • Celebrate 15 Years With Echocord with dub techno action from Arovane, Mikkel Metal, Deadbeat, Fluxion, STL, Mike Dehnert, Luke Hess, Beat Pharmacy, XDB and Resoe.
  • The Lost Tracks 3 12" on Dial inc. RNDM, Efdemin and Pigon.
  • Albums from The Orb, Oval, and ISAN. Think I’m having a 90’s flashback!
  • New 12” EP of pummelers from Surgeon.
  • More synthy soundtracks for films that don’t exist on Spun Out Of Control from Bryce Miller and Orgasmo Sonore.
  • There’s a Bruce, a loose aboot this hoose. New 12” on Timedance from Idle Hands/Hessle Audio/Livity Sound lad. Apparently his real name is Larry.
  • Gnarly pair of party assured floor bangers from Laksa on Beneath’s Mistry imprint.
  • Marcel Dettmann’s done a DJ Kicks with a bunch of unreleased remixes/edits chucked in.
  • Cyberdelic techno/house from NYC’s Image Man on 1080p.
  • Bwana / Lor split 12”. Yep, one of ‘em is the bloke that did that Akira record.
  • Tasty EP of Helena Hauff approved cold electronics from one of the guys from Clouds as Folklore.
  • EP from RAMZi that’s like wandering through a space jungle on acid.
  • 4th World musical visions from Jon Keliehor.

Next week please get in the mood for American Football, Weyes Blood, Clint’s Birthday etc. Until then we bid you a happy weekend. We are here if you need us so don’t panic.

Words by Clint and Ant with the distant fug of Robin.

The Normanites this week were Phil, Laurie, Kim, Nathon, Jamie and the Russell Harty of shoegaze Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“they drew Shaun the Sheep on the package as requested”

Read our Feefo reviews to see how generally good we are.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Robin

Look: it’s Wormrot. They’re a classic fucking band in a genre where classic bands don’t often just start Not Being Good. They’re not suddenly gonna on »

Snoqualmie Falls

Dream Sequence

9/10 from Jamie

Snoqualmie Falls are Jeff Stonehouse (Listening Mirror) and Alicia Merz (Birds Of Passage). He is from Sussex, surrounded by the ancient chalky hills of the South Downs and on »

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Stranger Things: Season 1 - Volume 1

9/10 from Laurie

It’s hard to avoid the much-hyped '80s fetish fest that is Stranger Things. Born from a hoard of cash from deep in the Netflix vaults, it is a stylistic gem that would on »

Bryen Telko

Find any tape header

9/10 from Ant

UK underground cassette imprint Feral Tapes (responsible for output from Ekoplekz, Aqua Dentata, Skeksi, Spolis & Relics, CHXFX, Roro Perrot, Hacker Farm etc.) serve up a on »


Deepak Verbera

9/10 from Robin

If Dilla had droned, he might have been Botany. An artist who collates fractures of euphoria from an open beta astral plane, Spencer Stephenson’s music is busy with on »



9/10 from Robin

“Tary I”, the opener to this self-titled record by Resina, is incredibly sad -- also, I reckon I could go sledging to it. Winter coats its held cello phrases, on »

Maggie8 / Ceiling Demons

Connected / Lost The Way

8/10 from Clinton

I'm not sure why this is so late coming in. I think it might be something to do with me accidentally deleting one of Phil's emails while he was away.  Anyway we have it on »

Joyce Manor


8/10 from Robin

Have Joyce Manor grown up? No, not really. It’d be all well and good if we could elect the pop-punk growing pains cliche to describe their fourth record, ‘Cody& on »

Benoît Pioulard

The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter

8/10 from Clinton

Perfect for the onset of Autumn is the latest missive from Portland based multi-genre explorer Beniout Pioulard (aka Tom Meluch) . I imagine where he lives the the Pacific on »

Few Bits

Big Sparks

8/10 from Clinton

If I could play guitar and write songs I’d like to think that I’d be able to write something like the opening track ’Summer Sun’ on this the second LP& on »

Nicolas Jaar


8/10 from Robin

Inventive is the Jaar. He’s made an esoteric dance opus, gone on to make what my friend once described as “dad house” in Darkside, released a gorgeous on »

Swet Shop Boys


8/10 from Robin

Wherein ex-Das Racist MC Heems and Riz MC team up for a new, fairly substantial LP as Swet Shop Boys. There’s the topic sentence, but Heems has been doing plenty in a on »


Collapsing Horizons

8/10 from Jamie

Dutch electronic types Tangent have crafted here, for our listening pleasure, their third album of swirling glitchtronica probably unlike anything your mama used to make, but on »


Waver The Absolute

8/10 from Jamie

Sybarite aka Xian Hawkins is back after a full decade. Yes, it’s true. How did we manage without him all that time? The album opens with a wall of noise and static, but on »

Sweet Williams

Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight

8/10 from Clinton

Robin, oh Robin. Sometimes I worry for my young review friend. This is a shoe-in for his own personal enjoyment and he dismisses it. Swats it away like a fly. But there's no on »


Mandarinaduck EP

8/10 from Clinton

Mandarinaduck isn't the sort of name that you can imagine being recalled in twenty years time when talking about classic bands from 2016. This Ukrainian outfit however have a on »

Sleaford Mods


8/10 from Clinton

Like whatever it is that unblocks sinks, Sleaford Mods are pretty reliable. You purchase the records and you know what you are going to get.  This is generally a good on »



8/10 from Clinton

New album from the magnificently named Markus Popp - a man with a surname so good that he’s used it for the title of his new LP. It also serves to describe the sounds on »


Appropriation Stories

8/10 from Clinton

A few words on Shifted’s new bleak work on Prurient’s Hospital Productions imprint. Just got a couple of tracks at my disposal but this sort of monochrome techno on »

Billy Gomberg

Slight At That Contact

8/10 from Clinton

I keep on getting whined at for giving staff weird and difficult ambient music to review so...hey...the boot is on the other foot now. See if I like it. Billy Gomberg is on »

Bruce Langhorne

Soundtrack To The Hired Hand Of

8/10 from Clinton

Oh this is lovely. I've never seen Peter Honda's 'The Hired Hand' but listening to this soundtrack I can imagine it. Bruce Langhorne was a Laurel Canyon regular and one time on »


Root / Void

8/10 from Clinton

Right, pals I've just opened a record to review as I thought it was going to be brilliant but not only was the record not as good as I'd hoped but I ruined the sleeve taking on »

Bernard Fevre

Orbit Ceremony 77

8/10 from Laurie

By now, the 70s and all it’s synthetic contents are surely well known by the record-collecting community, with more soundtracks and lost tapes from forgotten on »


66 Rebels

8/10 from Ant

Laksa returns to Beneath’s Mistry imprint, following up the ‘Draw For The’ 12” from last year with a pair of party assured floor bangers.‘66 on »

Matthew Atkins + Harvey Sharman-Dunn

Quiet Buildings

8/10 from Ant

Minimal Resource Manipulation bossman Matthew Atkins joins forces with composer, producer, film-maker and a lecturer Harvey Sharman-Dunn on this C30 cassette.The pair shared on »

Hen Ogledd


8/10 from Robin

Scraped smashed and forgotten, these sounds between silence belong to a most holy trinity of Richard Dawson, of singing picking and telling jokes fame, old-time collaborator on »

People of the North

The Caul

8/10 from Robin

The North? Never heard of it. Sounds bleak. I have, however, heard of Oneida, a psychedelic darling amongst those who like cacophonies in every which direction -- their side on »

Cocaine Piss

The Dancer

8/10 from Robin

Never done cocaine; occasionally I’ve pissed. That makes me half qualified for this one, and while I’m getting pleasantries out of the way I’ll quickly on »

Novo Line


8/10 from Ant

Thoroughly enjoyable record of slow stomping, sludgy, mechanical EBM, darker house, and New Beat infected tracks from Novo Line aka Nat Fowler -- who according to Discogs was on »

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