Weekly Update clipping., M/R, Karen Gwyer, Twin Atlantic, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and more...

First up:

Well we’ve spent most of the week running our little feet into the ground whilst simultaneously packing up your Twin Peaks vinyl which is out tomorrow. The first pressing is now sold out but never fear more are due in October. Secure your copy here.

Otherwise there’s been plenty of good records arriving down the release chute so let’s stop these bleatings and take a look at what has been getting us through the heat haze….....

New as pins…..

Fresh out of the big record oven…..

  • If you like your Velvet Underground with added Joe Mangel then try Scott and Charlene’s Wedding.
  • Fellow Australian man Nick Cave is back. Interesting fact: he’s the only artist in our stockroom filed under his first name. Weird but true…. Oh and here he is again with scruffy violin pal Warren Ellis
  • Wilco tried really hard to name their new album.
  • Robin’s Okkervil River are back with some of their best work yet.
  • Ear-splintering hippity hop group clipping bring the racket to our stereo.
  • Shapeshifting polyrhythm lovers Tomaga might make your feet spin.
  • Sunflower Bean offer covers from the usual lot ..i.e Neil Young, Spiritualized, Modern Lovers and T-Rex.
  • The Monochrome Set have another new album out. Their eyebrows are still firmly arched.
  • Downbeat and cinematic synth scapes from Shield Patterns.
  • Veteran plucker Michael Hurley makes lo-fi but affecting folk.
  • Spacey psych drones from Writhing Squares.
  • Refrigerator dude Dennis Callaci still has the lo-fi bug.
  • ‘70s soft rock vibes from Drugdealer. Let the Andrew Gold revival commence!
  • Glass Candy, Chromatics, Desire, and Symmetry all star in the Lost River soundtrack.
  • Echolocation sorta come across as a Leicester answer to the Fall… with horns?
  • Lung Dart sound the way you feel when you see really big, lumbering animals doing something sad on Youtube.
  • This week’s must-hear: The Veldt. Soulful shoegaze from misunderstood veterans.
  • Really pleasant men Teenage Fanclub release really pleasant LP.
  • Mild High Club exert a knowledge of ‘70s AM radio and lo-fi recording techniques.
  • Another set of horizontally composed ‘60s sounds from LA laid-backs the Allah Las.
  • Slinking polished synth songs from Scotland’s very own Pictish Trail.
  • Berlin’s Vlimmer is planning on releasing 18 EPs. We’re currently at number 5.
  • All New Order singles both good and atrocious have been issued on one big box set.
  • Fudge are Prefuse 73 and the magnificently named Michael Christmas in collaboration.
  • Daniel Lanois has gone ambient. Who knew?

No bullet points for popular Scottish rock band Twin Atlantic who have a new one out. Nots play noisy indie punk not from Nottingham, J. Churcher run with big weepy indie. Local Natives have gone for big synth pop and Pulp-ish never-weres Spearmint are back with more intelligent Brit Pop tunes.

Old as sausages……

Old as a manky old sausage but now rebranded as fresh as your latest Walls.

  • At last! All known Brotherhood of Lizards (Cleaner From Venus Martin Newell and pal) tunes have been collected together in one place. I have already bought.
  • More Pearl Jam re-issues this week. Excitement.
  • The Cosmic Jokers were an acid friend kraut rock supergroup when Robin was minus 42 years old.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

Trimming the hedge to the strains of Prurient….


Stick it in yer telly.

A Very Heavy Agenda - Robbie Martin’s terrifying documentary series on the post 9/11 war on terror.

That’s it. Thank you for reading to the end. It means a lot to the poor sod who writes all this. Next week taster: Preoccupations. Dare you?

Words by Clint and Ant with some Robin pilfering going on.
The Normanites this week were Phil, Laurie, Nathon, Jamie and chief chatterer Ian.

Customer Compliment of the Week:
“Awesome…. and with candy”

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Heorge Garrison

Shortridge EP

9/10 from Ant

We scored a killer package from Robbie Martin’s (aka Fluorescent Grey) always on point Record Label Records. There’s tapes from OtRoM, Identity Theft aka Michael on »


Grey Scale

9/10 from Ant

I'm not gonna lie; when I read sentences like “evoking thoughts of a more textural Conrad Schnitzler or some sort of lost Cabaret Voltaire bedroom recording” my on »


DJ Ultra Greatsword

9/10 from Ant

A few years ago I was on a dancefloor, Dave Clarke was spinning and this tune came on that blew my mind. To make sure it’s actually, genuinely a cracker of a tune, you on »


The Shape Of The Dance

8/10 from Robin

There’s no shape -- only shifts. Over a slew of different chemically reactive releases, Tomaga have toyed with noises free and beats disciplined, changing the course of on »


Splendor & Misery

8/10 from Robin

Abrasive noise hip-hop, etc: you know the gimmick by now, so we can rest assured that clipping. are worth their hype, make pulse-altering and occasionally ear-splintering on »

Ancestral Voices

Night Of Visions Remixed Part 2 (Samuel Kerridge / Pact Infernal)

8/10 from Ant

Ancestral Voices (aka Akkord’s Liam Blackburn) ayahuasca trip inspired ambient techno album ‘Night of Visions’ on Samuari Horo has already had the remix on »

Akira Kosemura

One Day

8/10 from Clinton

Exquisite composer Akira Kosemura sat down one afternoon in his childhood home and composed the ten pieces that make up this latest album. He then set about recording them on »

Karen Gwyer

Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

8/10 from Laurie

New Karen Gwyer already? Excellent. We’ve been served a tasty heap of beaty treats from KG recently, from the new age tripouts of Kiki the Wormhole on Public House to on »

Da Goblinn

Deejay Fou A L'extereur

8/10 from Laurie

“The DJ gets crazy when he goes outside” proclaims Da Goblinn, master of the nocturnal underworld, cave dweller, green-skinned drug mule extraordinaire. It’ on »



8/10 from Ant

Young Echo Crew member Daniel Davies aka DJ Oa$is (FuckPunk) follows up his ‘Red X’ 12” for Blackest Ever Black with a limited edition double-pack for on »

Burma Camp

Burma Camp

8/10 from Ant

The KVB premiered their Burma Camp guise back in 2013 with a 10-inch on Shifted’s Avian sister label Mira… and then nothing. I couldn’t be happier to have on »

Spit Mask


8/10 from Ant

Oooh yeah get in! I’ll have some of this! The work of Bryan and Rachel Jackson. Where did these guys come from? They’re the real deal, alright. ‘Black Sheet& on »

Vatican Shadow

Media In The Service Of Terror

8/10 from Ant

Originally issued as a cassette in an edition of 175 copies, this vinyl issue will be welcomed by folks who either missed out and don’t wanna feed the Discogs flippers, on »

DSR Lines

Analogie van de Dageraad

8/10 from Ant

Originally issued on cassette in 2015 on Belgian label Jj Funhouse and now available on vinyl through Ultra Eczema. Edition 300 copies in duotone offset-printed cover by on »

Cop Envy

Total End

8/10 from Ant

Three funk fueled, highly percussive techno tracks from Melbourne producer Cop Envy backed by a Manse (Lobster Theremin, Opal Tapes) refix. ‘BGFT’ goes first, on »


Housebound Demigod

8/10 from Ant

Debut solo album from Northern England dwelling fellow that was part of Pendle Coven and HATE alongside Miles Whittaker and Andy Stott. The tranquillized guitar chug of on »

Ian Hicks


7/10 from Ant

I’m not gonna lie; I’ve never paid much attention to Soft Metals but this here tape by Ian Hicks straight blew the lid off my dome. I realise swearing ain't big on »

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